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ShadowHaven Estate
« on: April 13, 2006, 12:25:36 PM »
Dark woodlands and sprawling lawns cover a lush 1200 acres, with a deep glistening lake from which on a occasional star filled night, a thick broiling mist can be seen to arise. The front of the property is hidden from view by a thick eight meter brick wall, and a double, wrought iron, arched, gothic style gate across the driveway. Atop the wall and flanking the gate are a pair of two meter, marble angel statues, with their black wings outstretched and each with a raven perched on a shoulder. In the center of the gate is a celtic knot with a circle of flying ravens around it.

The house itself is an immense three story  mansion made from stone and metal giving it a modern day look with an old world feel, large arched and bay windows, and sweeping terraces and balconies. The cobbled brick driveway leads from the gate and winds its way through some woods, hiding the Mansion from anyone trying to see it from the gate then opens into a circled cul de sac in front of the entrance. In the center of the cul de sac  you can see a landscaped fish pond with a smokey quartz crystal sculpture of a half sleeping dragon. The walkway from the drive leads to large double arched antique wooden doors with gold knockers. A doorbell is hidden amongst the claws of a motif raven.

Starting from the back stone stairs is the beginning of an old garden, complete with rose bushes , willow and oak trees, fragrant herbs and flowers, small and medium fountains, benches, table settings and a winding pathway which leads to the bridge across the lake.

The Lake-
Following the  pathway you will eventually come to a large deep lake, which has a sandy, rock strewn bottom and is extremely clear. The shore bank facing the Manor is shallow and has a collection of brightly flowering water lilies bobbing on its surface.. the shore slants out for about fifty meters, deepening  until it drops away, leaving you in the lake's depths. The clear water and sandy bottom gives an illusion of shallowness, when in fact it is over 20 feet deep. Scattered throughout the water are large rock monoliths, their pointed tops protruding out through the surface. These monoliths have strange runes and scripts carved into them and are the cause of the lake's clarity. In the center of the lake is a small island, which can be reached either by boat or by following the garden path and walking across the long, wide stone bridge.

The Island
 The island in the center of the lake is a large grassy piece of land with ancient willow trees down near the water line and oak trees near the center. In the middle of the island is a circle of standing, rune carved stones with a  low marble altar in the center. The bridge to the island is fashioned from large carved stones resting upon stone pillars built into the lake bottom itself.   


Interior design-
The design that is consistent throughout the entire mansion is rich, polished  hard wood flooring, large wide arched and bay windows, vaulted ceilings, antique and rare pictures, sculptures furnishings and rugs. The terraces and balconies are enchanted to keep out bad weather and direct sunlight, allowing access at anytime

Main Hall-
 Overhead is an enchanted unbreakable crystal domed ceiling, and at the sides of the room are wide, spiraled, sweeping, old style staircases. To the left and right are halls that lead to other rooms on the lower floor of the house as well as the gardens outside.

::List of all the rooms in the house::

- 6 bedrooms each containing its own bathroom with walk in tubs and large glass showers and walk in wardrobes
-  stairs leading to the attic
- 2 small private libraries containing Shae's and Saraekiel's collection of books, both mystical and antique
-Retreat with bar, fireplace  and modern furnishings.

-The Library
-Dinning room
-Main living room
-indoor pool
-2 bathrooms
-Bar and games room
-Two guest rooms, each with their own bathroom
- Large underground wine cellar

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Re: ShadowHaven Estate Description
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 Saraekiel (Owner)                                                                                                                                                             
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Shae NicFahgean (Owner)

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