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Name: Nanashi
Age [appearance]: somewhere in his early 20\'s though he\'s been mistaken for 19 as well.
Age [actual]: He doesn\'t know for certain, but he\'s been awakened from the dreaming since 1489 A.D.
Gender: Male
Species: Makai Neko-jin (Cat Demon)/Fae Incubus


Hair: Spilling down in a curtain of maroon mingled crimson Nanashi\'s hair reaches about to his lower back. With a few off color strands, looking to be silver, one might wonder if the deep red is natural, but if one were to ask he\'d say that he\'s never known it to be any other color. From time to time the silken strands can be seen in a plait, sometimes with a bell tied upon the end of it.

Eyes: Normally seen as a shocking sapphire, an angry amethyst has been known to bleed through and take over on occasion.

Frame: Slight of build and with a sparsely, but well, muscled frame it could be said that Nanashi has the look of an acrobat around him. Standing no taller than 5\'4", his height adds to such an assessment. With a slightly rounded face and minutely upturned nose, he could almost paint a picture of innocence…

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks:
When not guised in glamour, as he usually is, Nanashi bears three distinguishing features.. sometimes four depending on whether or not he glamours his \'tattoos\'. The said tattoos are two navy blue stripes that pull down either side of his face, both starting beneath the eye and trailing the collar bone. The second feature would be a pair of electric blue cat ears coupled with the third feature an electric blue tail. Completing his distinguishing \'marks\', more like appendages, is a large pair of black leathery wings.

Another fact on the wings is that while he can glamour them he\'s devised a method to pull them into his back and prefers to do this instead (mainly due to the fact that his glamour guises do not always deceive both sight and touch). Due to his demonic blood the power behind the glamour can be exhausted and he must feed off another\'s \'glamour\' or life force even to replace it.

Due to his dual heritage, Nanashi doesn\'t exactly have one set pattern of personality. He often times holds himself emotionally aloof to those around him not bothering to draw himself near, for fear of someone becoming dependent on him thus hindering his own independence. He\'ll question and poke about for curiosity\'s sake, a strong influence of the neko-jin blood, but usually there\'s little else beyond that. Usually he\'s mild tempered, if a bit sharp tongued, sarcastic, and biting every now and again. Ah, but there are two sides to every coin and several facets to any gem. Dear \'Nashi is much like a gem and to discover much more one would have to meet him.

History: He isn\'t entirely certain about his entire history, as he doesn\'t seem to know his origin. And while he never talks about it he feels sometimes that he merely came into existence around the year 1489. His first memories are of a gala, one held to honor… someone. The details are a blur for he had felt furious then and the event hadn\'t survived that fury. Nor had the village only a few miles away from the host\'s chateau. A slaughter had been his birth into the world, or so he believes. Odd for a birth though, for it hadn\'t born a babe.

After that he wandered around, nameless and lost, in an attempt to discover himself. Around the 1800\'s he stumbled towards the eastern most parts of the world and it was there that he found the word Nanashi. No-name.. It was the perfect title. Adopting it he continued on with his \'travels\' still trying to understand what exactly he was.

Now, in present day \'Nashi has a full-awareness of who and what he is. Well omitting anything before his first memories.. he has still yet to figure all of that out, but over time he has decided that such wasn\'t important.

Occupation/Job: Hired hand... for a hand can be hired for many things (Usually only takes jobs that\'ll prove entertaining, or guaranty him a few meals, he\'s rather picky)

Interesting Facts / Quirks:
Sado/masochist (the latter not usually revealed until a person actually hurts him.)
Rather enjoys water and tends to skinny dip often in the lakes of the forest.
During the early hours of dawn he gains an extremely kitten like persona nearly becoming incapable of human speech.
Can not stand feeling confined.

Chasing minnows
Fishing (sans boat, pole, bait ect.)
Tormenting a variety of beings
Frustrating a variety of beings
Sexing a variety of beings…

General likes and dislikes can both change on a whim, so one must meet him to find out.

Picture: Curious
† Mishca - Mild Miscreant
†Nanashi - Cat. Boy.
† Keide - I see what lies beneath.