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Declan Carey
« on: January 28, 2006, 08:32:30 AM »
Name: Declan Cian Flann Carey
Age [appearance]: He appears to be twenty two years old the majority of the time except the few times when he chooses to dress younger. It is during these times that he can easily pass for an eighteen year old sometimes a little bit younger. It is a game that he likes to play in order to toy with the innocent youths of the city for no other reason other then he can
Age [actual]: 275
Gender: male
Species: vampire
Hair: It is dark red, not at all orangey like most natural reds tend to be. It is barely ear length and has an annoying tendency to like to stick up in all different directions, basically giving him a look like he had just come from a sorrid affair or had just woken up. The only way of that seemed to appease it\'s mind of it\'s own nature is for him to spike it a little. There are still times that he that he does even bother with that and simply slicks it back
Eyes: Declan\'s eyes are a pale shade of aquamarine that have a few visible flecks of green interspersed within them.They can appear brighter then they actually are when he is happy about something. More times then nought it is because he is plotting. Other then that they tend to be hard to read, emotions wise. It is simply because one calm look could mean that he is about to stab someone in the back or kiss them.
Frame: Declan\'s frame is very slight and slender. He is a fiery five feet and five inches tall. His size gives off the impression that he could be easily picked up should he actually let anyone do so. Even so he is much stronger than he looks as evidenced by what happened to those who were stupid enough to try picking him up with his permission; numerous broken bones and cuts on the bodies. He also has a love of different styles of clothing for both times that he either wanted to look younger or simply look his age. For the former it was skin tight party clothing. It usually consisted of something similiar to a black tank and a pair of red pvc pants. For the former it was a nicely form fitting regular clothing with the exception of an occasional pair of leather pants. It usually consisted of a longsleeve dark green shirt and his favorite pair of black leather pants.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He has a single tattoo of two roses stems intertwined, one black and the other red, running along the upper part of his spine. It is a leftover mark from his previous life as a human. An additional tattoo was added on the back of his neck, the standard small black dragon to show his membership in the Oligarchy. This same tattoo that was once a badge of honor and privilege on the back of his neck from the oligarchy was burned off leaving a rather nasty scar in it's place by his maker's master.
Personality: If there was one word to describe Declan. It would have to be clever. He is very aware of this part of himself. Still, he does not rub it in at all. For he is very aware of just how annoying it can be, not to mention how it would likely piss off those who are stronger than he is. Declan is also a well-spoken person, knowing when to speak and when to just keep his mouth shut. It was ingrained his personality at a young age, something that he thanked his first and now dead master for. He has a fiery temper underneath all of those smooth airs, slowly to be stirred up but once it has, look out because it is just as slow to cool. It was the last mistake that his master had made.
History: Declan was born in 1730 to a protitute. And from the time that he could walk on, he started to help his mother anyway he could. It began with taking her customers hat and jacket. It then progressed to keeping her schedule as the years went by. By the time he reached the age of thirteen, he lost his virginity the night of his birthday to a couple of his mother\'s customers. The only reason why he had consented initially was that they needed the money badly. Slowly over next five years he had gained his fair share of customers as his mother\'s health started to decline. There was no other choice for him at the time but to pick up the slack and hope for the best. This was how he met the man who he would later call his master in another five years. A couple days after his twenty second birthday the man turned him into the devilishly seductive red head vampire that we know today. Over the next fifty-one years, he learned all the ways of their people from his master. It was around this time that his master\'s eye had started to wander and Declan had caught him in their bed with someone else. Declan ,upon seeing this, had had enough and successfully plotted his master\'s demise by simply framing him for the murder of the twin daughters of the local magistrate while he, himself hid and with no small amount of pleasure watched as he was beheaded.
Occupation/Job: Ex-Oligarch for Vampires
Interesting Facts / Quirks: He is very possessive over anyone who he sees as a true lover to the point of killing if the need arose inside of his mind. Even so it is doubly hard in order to get seen that way in the first place because of the defenses that he put up in his heart. The majority of the time he tends to see others who he invites to his bed as meaningless sex, just a way to get rid of tension. It is sort of ironic because of his first profession.
Strength: His keen mind and the strength of his body.
Weakness/Flaw: His small frame that someone who is older then him not to mention stronger could probably snap him like a twig. It is a fact that he does his damnest to hide.
"It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways." -Siddhartha Buddha
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