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Westward Apartments Description
« on: June 05, 2006, 08:08:37 PM »
Westward Apartments.

The building itself is a four storey high creation, with one grand entrance leading directly to the street and roman inspired pillars bordering the massive looking door. The building is white, or used to be as it now has a more cream like colour, cracks visible in the pale stone surface. Time has left its traces on it, and decorations such as small statue roses and a few small stone cherubs adoring its surface only add to it. Most likely looking older then it really is.

The hallway is spacey, marble floor reflecting the light cast from the lamps screwed up in the ceiling. There’s no elevator but large stairs leading up and down, down to the store area for those who live there. The storage areas are at one end of the basement parking area - every apartment is allotted one space. The building is maintained, clean and polished but still looking a little used as there have been no recent renovations. A single plastic flower creation is present at the entrance.

At Westward Apartments you can get anything from a large two room apartment to a six room one. They grow larger the higher up you go and on the last floor there are only four doors. The apartments themselves are large and spacious, a high ceiling and large windows letting in a large amount of light. Floor is often wooden, bathroom tiled and almost every apartment has an old stove/fireplace in one room. The colours are often bright and simple, nothing awe-inspiring. The kitchens are small, almost tight and not meant to spend much time in. There’s a tub in every bathroom, ancient looking and yet white and maintained.

Apartments have no furniture, except lamps. They are charming, they are characteristic and they can be yours for a reasonable rent per month.