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« on: August 05, 2006, 07:24:19 AM »
Name: Reed Piper Archer
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Permissions Given in reasonable Roleplay:
(Yes = you don\'t have to ask before acting in RP, No = you ask first)
Siring/Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: Yes


Hair: Brown; short back and sides but slightly longer on top so he can gel it to go every which way, as fashionably messy as possible. He\'s extremely vain about his hair and doesn\'t like anybody touching it (unless he finds them attractive, then he will allow it but he won\'t like it being messed with).

Eyes: Brown, with hooded lids and full of expression. Very dark upper lashes frame them beautifully, but he has tendencies to use eye liner to darken the line of lashes underneath
Nose: Straight, narrow and what he refers to as \'cultured\'. As he is protective about his hair, he\'s also protective of his nose, he does not wish it to be broken so backs down from many fights in order to protect it. (This does not mean he\'s not been in fights however)
Lips: Rose coloured lips that many women would be envious of as well as term them \'kissable\'. There is not a single chap to them even in the middle of icy winter, for he keeps them moisturised with the proper product. He knows how to pout with them exceptionally well.

Height: 183cm (6ft)

Weight: 76kg (168lbs)

Frame: Lightly muscled, he has an athlete\'s body and frame. Broad shoulders, strong arms and legs of someone who performs a lot of physical activities.

Complexion: Tan, from being outside more often than being inside, though he uses sunblock to not burn and often smells of it moreso than any aftershave or cologne.
Voice: Ordinary, not a singing voice though he can sing, a little husky from smoking too many cigarettes. Australian accent.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He has a tongue piercing in the centre of his tongue roughly an inch from the front and ebony in colour, two silver studs in his upper left ear and a tattoo on his lower right hand hip with two short columns of chinese characters that are meant to be read together. The first says: Big trees have rotten branches and the second: large clans have beggars.
Usually seen wearing: Low hipped cargo shorts with half an inch of underwear showing, wifebeaters (singlet) or clinging t-shirts that don\'t hide his muscles. V-necked shirts without buttons and hoodies. Ratty or faded jeans, sneakers of various brand names and uncommonly bright colours or unique designs (usually the most expensive brand).
Usually seen holding: A cellphone. On rare occassions you can see him with drumsticks or a motorcycle helmet.
Body Language

Common stance 1: Hostile and anti-social; shoulders brought up a little and his gaze cast downward, hands balled into fists but when wearing his hoodie he\'ll have those fists thrust into the front pocket.
Common stance 2: Open; Standing with the correct posture, straight spine and shoulders back a little, most of his weight on his left foot and his right out slightly, his arms at his sides.

Visual habits: Will single a person out and stare at them intently, whether he has their attention or not he\'ll look at them until he gets bored with staring at them - which usually takes quite a long while. When he\'s in conversation he has this same technique of staring rather intensely, which most find unsettling. Attentive, it is easy to see that when he focuses on something, his concentration is fully on that and nothing else seems to invade his awareness.
Occupation: Thrillseeker. He hangs out with the same group of six men - though they might be separated for months at a time... until one of them finds a new adventure to pursue and summons the rest from every corner of the globe. One of them is Tom.
Personality: Adventurous, adrenalin-junkie, low morals, selfish, petulant, irresponsible, mistrusting, suspicious, cynical, slave to his own desires, only cares about the present moment.
History: Born into a very rich and very spoiled lifestyle, he came into his money early at the tender age of 15 due to the unexpected deaths of his parents who had a car accident. An investigation occured when it was found the brakeline was cut, and he became a suspect, but nothing could be proven either to eradicate him or convict him. He didn\'t get full use of his wealth until he was 18 regardless, due to a guardian placed by the accountant corporation that his father owned. Despite his constant accusations that he was being cheated, all they did with his money was invest it and make more. Even though he\'s a spendthrift, the large cheques keep coming to keep him in the lifestyle he\'s familiar and comfortable with, or out of trouble when he goes slumming. He would have to spend a million dollars every week to be able to go through his fortune, and luckily he can\'t quite achieve it, though he\'s tried his best on multiple occassions. There was an avalanch a year ago that should\'ve wiped out his friend Tom, and another of his adventuring buddies, but when Tom appeared unscathed, a constant barrage of questions and accusations revealed that Tom was in fact a vampire. Reed finds this immensely interesting, so has started hanging out with him instead of travelling to his own part of the world (Australia) and allows himself to be drunk from (but won\'t admit he enjoys it though it is obvious he does).
Hobby/Hobbies: Extreme sports. Motorbikes. Tae Kwon Do. Base jumping off bridges and buildings (how he met Tom). Drummer. Visiting nightclubs - he has a goal to dance in them all.
Likes: Shocking people, intimidating others, doing illegal things and getting away with it after almost getting caught.

Dislikes: Authority, being denied what he desires.
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