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Damien Evans
« on: September 01, 2006, 06:26:35 AM »
    No matter what they say, I am still the King.


    Legal Name: Damien William Evans
    Alias: Guillaume (GHEE – awm)
    Age [appearance]: Late teens – early twenties (He was 19 when he was claimed)
    Age [actual]: 938
    Date of Birth: December 15th, 1081
    Birthplace: Dukedom of Toulouse (a city in modern France)
    Death: August 7th, 1101
    Place of Death: Mersivan, Anatolia (modern day Merzifon, Turkey)
    Gender Expressed: Man
    Gender Orientation: Cisgender Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual, heteroromantic, monogamous
    Occupation/Job: Owner of Aquillia Industries.
    Nationality: French
    Race: White
    Species: Vampire
    Clan: N/A (Infusco)
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Sire: Lucretia Aquillia [DECEASED]
    Fledges: Pierre DuSang (

    Glasses or Contacts?:
    Distinguishing Marks:

    Around the house:
    Doing errands:
    To bed:
    To work:
    To an interview:
    On a date:
    Daily accessories:
    Special accessories:

    Philosophy of Life:
    Strongest positive trait:
    Strongest negative trait:
    Weaknesses / Flaws:
    Emotion or Logic?:
    Introvert or Extrovert?:
    Generous or STingy?:
    Polite or Rude?:

    Bad Habits / Vices:

    Sense of humor:
    Pet Peeves:
    Major Hangups:

    Food & Drinks:
    MOvies & TV shows:
    Books & Magazines:

    Attitude towards religion:
    Stand Up Citizen or Law Breaker:
    Last Good Deed Performed (If Any):
    Last Time They Broke the Law (If Any):


    Intelligence Level:

    Speech Patterns:
    Eye Contact:
    Gestures, Quirks or Eccentricities:

    Commonly Seen Holding:
    Common Stance 1:
    Common Stance 2:
    Common Stance 3:

    Current Occupation:
    Previous Occupations:
    Socioeconomic Level as a child:
    Socioeconomic Level as an adult:
    Current Residence:
    Type of home/ neighborhood:

    History and Relationships
    City History:

    Relationship status:
    Current family:
    Family background:
    Birth Order:
    Maternal Grandparents:
    Paternal Grandparents:
    Other Relatives:

    Best Friend(s):
    Other Associates:
    Other relationships:

    Sexual Background:
    Turn ons:
    Sexual interests:
    Turn offs:

    Typical Attire: He has always had a very conservative air about him and his clothing choice is a definite indicator of this. Fitted and consistently buttoned up to the throat, his shirts, ties, and laces are always without a hair out of place. While he wouldn’t look bad in a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt, this outfit isn’t his first choice. Instead, Damien tends to lean towards a more well-kept appearance, one that gives the impression of professionalism. He feels that he looks best this way and often times his confidence level reflects this. While it is obvious he takes good care of himself, it is not to a conceited degree. He is also painfully aware of his youthful appearance and does everything that he can to make people (especially those who can’t peg him as a vampire) think he is older than twenty years old.

    Damien was never one to wear a large variety of colors or styles – his closet is full of mostly darks and neutral colors. He is not a fan of bright or saturated colors so to see him wear something like this is not only rare but usually means that he was coerced into doing so. Over the past few centuries, he has become accustomed to dressing to the weather; therefore it is actually quite common to see Damien wearing a coat in the cold or a lighter fabric in the summer.

    He is painfully aware of his youthful appearance and does everything that he can to make people (especially those who can’t peg him as a vampire) think he is older than twenty years old. When he is alone or with those closest to him, his appearance tends to be a little less formal. It is only at this time when he will trade his slacks in for a pair of jeans, his infamous button-ups for a non-descript tee-shirt.

    Always kept around his neck and beneath his clothing is a long golden chain with Lucretia's crest on it. This is the one article that he never takes off unless to fix. It is not often that this article of jewelry will be seen outside of his clothing – when it is, he will put it back immediately. He doesn’t talk about it and will not answer any questions about it. Besides this, he wears no other jewelry.

    Hair: Damien has relatively short medium-brown hair which is worn messy. It is thick, luxurious hair that has often been complimented, but of course Damien thinks nothing of it. It has a gentle wave, one that gives him a very attractive look. It is many times unruly and he tends to wear it a bit messier than he should, especially around his fledglings. He always wears it clear of his face.

    Eyes: Damien has gray/silver eyes, which were a much dimmer shade in his human life. For his entire life (human and vampire) they had bordered a silver color, and he actually finds them very obnoxious sometimes. His eyes rest strikingly on his straight face, rather deeply set, easily the most dominant feature. They are lined with thin black lashes.

    Frame: Being high nobility for the human years of his life has given him a few perks. Damien looks healthy, standing about 5’10 at 65.9 KG, or about 180 pounds. While his build his primarily average, his muscle mass tends to be slightly more fixed in his upper body and torso than in his abdomen and legs. This doesn’t mean that Damien looks bulky in any concept of the word; his weight is evenly distributed throughout his frame. He is moderately attractive, though upon looking at him, there is the impression that he had not reached the peak of his beauty when he was claimed. While Damien has no extreme tone or build, he is very much aware of his own attractiveness. Though he may appear at a glance young, there is something much older about his aura which can often be told simply by paying attention. He acts very much like an older, more mature man in a boy’s body. Damien moves with a straight poise, the sense of maturity and reclusiveness present in every action that he makes. Anyone would see that he is very formal in his actions, though it is not to a conceited degree.

    Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Damien was a Christian soldier in the first Crusade in 1096. His forearms and lower legs are covered in slashes and scratches from running, pillaging, or simply from lack of protective armor. Because of the gaps in his armor, there are deeper scars in the flesh of his ribs and lower stomach and the occasional scar from an impact wound on his chest and back. These marks are only flesh wounds, but caused him quite a bit of pain when inflicted. Marks include, but are not limited to: stab wounds, slashes, blunt impacts with various weapons (lances, swords, axes, maces). From the weeks before his fledging, he has faded silvery bite and claw marks on his neck near the left side on his jawbone, both wrists, very low on his hips and other exciting areas of his body. Across his back are deep scars of claw marks where Lucretia dug her nails in during intercourse while Damien was human. He is especially self-conscious about these scars, a faded red color – as if the skin wasn’t allowed to heal correctly or given enough time before he was claimed -- and will quickly hide them if the need arises.

    Personality: Damien is a very difficult person to get to know. He is most notably reclusive and quiet. It is rare for the average person to get insight into his thoughts and motivations, therefore when he needs to explain anything to anyone he doesn’t know, he makes his statements and purposes as general as possible. On the surface, he is never hot-tempered or emotional about anything. Only those who know him best know what can affect him on a personal level, and he only feels comfortable reacting around these people.

    Preferring to watch and plan rather than act boldly in nearly any situation, it is easy to lose him in a crowd or forget that he is there – he never stands out or purposely draws attention to himself among strangers for any reason. Among his fledglings, however, Damien is completely different than on a non-personal level. Among his children, he tends to take the air of the leader and command with honor, respect, and determination much like his Sire before him. He is fair and smart about his responsibility over his family. Damien is extremely responsible and professional, despite remaining nineteen-years-old forever. His age allows him the ability and experience to command his gathering of about thirty vampires within the city, all of whom trust and respect him. It is for this reason that his “army” has remained under the radar of the Oligarchy for the better part of ten years.

    When one does get to know Damien, one sees that he is not as serious as he is on the surface. While it is uncommon for Damien to laugh or smile, it is not unnatural for him. He enjoys using sarcasm and joking around with those who know him best. His true emotions cycle much like anyone’s would, but he does seem to have this tragic air about him, as if he has some self-imposed rain cloud following him. He tends not to enjoy life, but just prefers to keep on going and going, as if he were searching for something because it was the only thing that kept him going. It tends to make him a bit tunnel-visioned.

    At heart, he is a complete gentleman. He was raised to be polite, to respect his elders and care for the women in his life. He tends to speak very formally to people he doesn’t know or isn’t close to. When he tries he is charming and very attractive. Women tend to look upon him positively and lovingly due to his youthful appearance, whereas men often look down upon his youthful appearance, despite his years. Due to the age gap between himself and the way he was raised compared to modern society, he often comes off as strange or creepy, though this is never his intention. It frustrates him to no end when he can’t easily adjust to the changing of times, customs, and fads as well as his fledglings can.

    He is known for using his age and experience as a badge of honor of sorts. He is very traditional with his thinking about power. He always believes that the hierarchy of the vampire world depends upon age and ability, not about placement or knowing the right people. Because of his own age, he feels more empowered sitting atop a “regime” of about thirty vampires.

    History in brief:
    Guillaume deToulouse was born the fourth child of Michel and Marie deToulouse. His family was high nobility, his uncle being the duke of the region of Toulouse in what is now southern France. While Guillaume’s father was last in line for the throne, the family did have the fortune of having money.

    While growing up, Guillaume showed extraordinary interest in Christianity and would often read passages from the Bible aloud to the rest of his family. His uncle, the famous and influential Raymond deToulouse, took notice of the boy’s studies and suggested to his brother, Guillaume’s father, that the boy should be sent off to a monastery to study and become a clergyman. And so, at the age of twelve, the boy left home for an abbot in the nearby region of Tarn.

    Not long after, however, the pope of the time, Clermont, made a declaration to take back the Holy Lands from the invading Muslims. Raymond deToulouse, being a devout Christian and a supporter of the ideas of the Pope, gathered his own sizeable army of crusaders, including his fifteen year old nephew Guillaume, and headed out to Constantinople, or modern day Istanbul, Turkey. For four years, Guillaume fought at his uncle’s side and killed many men in the name of God.

    In 1101, when Guillaume was on the verge of his twentieth birthday, Guillaume was felled in battle and nearly killed. When he awoke, he found himself in a luxurious tent of a beautiful woman who took care of him for a few days. But Guillaume was never returned to full health. This woman, Lucretia, kept Guillaume as a slave for his blood and his sex, breaking his mind and nearly killing him. About three weeks or so after he was found on the battlefield, Lucretia claimed Guillaume as a fledgling. She is responsible for renaming him Damien.

    Damien was kept nearly secluded from the rest of Lucretia’s encampment – a small gathering of vampires and a few other immortals. He was reliant solely upon her and kept as her pet, her intentions for him never clear. He hated her but slowly became accustomed to laying next to her at night. As the years passed, he developed feelings for the woman and became defensive over her, jealous of the men she bedded. It appears as if she as well had feelings for her fledgling.

    Nearly twelve years or so after his fledgling, Lucretia announced their union. While the union was in no way the conventional sense, Damien felt himself in love with her. Years later, Damien would understand the politics of their union – Damien was, after all, quite skilled as a soldier, as well as a talented linguist and strategic captain of the regime that Lucretia ran. He was also a man in a world where Lucretia was still, though extremely old, a woman.

    The years passed and the two grew closer and farther apart with the continuance of time. In 1353, Damien successfully fledged his first son, Pierre duSang, despite Lucretia’s desires not to. Damien changed his name to Damien the same night that he fledged his son. Lucretia said nothing.

    Still time passed and the couple grew as couples do, closer and farther, ebbing and flowing in their feelings. Pierre grew close to the couple and proved to be a terrific addition to the growing army. The younger remained the couple’s personal confidante, though he remained closer to his direct Sire, rather than Lucretia.

    The army wandered all around the Middle East and Europe during the centuries after Damien’s fledging in order to remain unseen and unnoticed by the humans, who clearly outnumbered them. While Lucretia wanted a utopia of sorts for immortals, Damien knew the idea to be foolish, but could not oppose his Sire or convince her otherwise. In 1641, the army, twenty-one in number, was captured by a radical group of humans who were the equivalent of witch hunters in southern Germany. Lucretia, along with the majority of her lineage, was burned at the stake in front of Damien. In a last ditch effort to escape, Damien broke through his binds and killed a majority of the humans, freeing Pierre in his fury. The two ran off into the night.

    Damien and Pierre wandered for a few years, Damien in a state of denial and grief that was unreachable even to Pierre. In 1649, the pair lived in Paris, meeting a mirroring pair of vampires who had suffered a familiar fate, Odessa Turkevich and Nadia Dominik. After a brief time living with the women, the pair left to wander Europe. Eventually the pair split up in the late 1600’s, needing space. Damien went to ground, Pierre continuing his wandering around Europe until the pair met up in the 1870’s again. From there, they remained together, moving around from big city to city in order to remain anonymous - Montreal, Quebec, New York, Detroit, Portland, Seattle, etc -  Pierre found the nameless city in the late 1990’s, and the two moved into it, feeling it the perfect placement for such a utopia.

    Sire: Known to her fledglings as Lucretia, she was destroyed by exposure to fire by humans on the night of November 29, 1641 (when Damien was 541 years old) in southwest Germany. Her relationship with Damien is extremely complicated. Lucretia had found young Guillaume deToulouse severely injured on the battlefield in modern-day Turkey, and brought him back to a functioning health. He remained as her pet for nearly three weeks before she decided to claim him as a vampire.

    In the time that he spent with her as a human, Lucretia robbed him of his virginity, faith, and understanding of the way the world worked. His feelings for her in the beginning were strictly of hatred and disgust, but she was smart about the way that she fledged him. He was cut off from all contact expect for her and was comforted as he died. She became the one thing that he held onto for sanity and life. Their marriage in later years was mostly political, though there was the echo of love from Lucretia. His feeling for her remained mainly protective and caring, though loving is still arguable. They relied on each other for understanding, emotional and sexual release, and political power. Damien believes to this day that he was madly in love with her because of this, though he secretly doubts that she felt the same way. This is something that he doesn’t even admit to himself many days.

    Interesting Facts / Quirks:
    •   Damien can speak/understand several different languages, including (but not limited to): Latin, Provencal, Old French, French (modern), English (modern), German, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Spanish (Spain), Portuguese, Basque, Turkish, Hebrew, Greek, and others.
    •   He has a hard time understanding technology
    •   He has been chaste since Lucretia, the idea of committing intercourse too sickening to him.
    •   He has no actual plans to “take over” the Oligarchy in the city, only of penetrating the system and being a part of it.
    •   He uses his age as a badge of honor
    •   He admires a nice pair of legs on a woman.
    •   He will allow only Pierre to call him Guillaume.
    •   When it comes to the relationship between Damien and Pierre, Pierre can do just about anything to/or in front of Damien and lose no respect, give or take a few things.
    •   Damien is hopelessly straight, and is a bit of a homophobe, especially towards men.
    •   He still has the tendency to pray, even though he honestly believes it does no good and that there is no God.
    •   Though he can Charm his victims and is very good at it, he hardly uses this ability anymore, unless he absolutely needs to.[/list]

    Hobby/Hobbies: One will often find Damien on duty. Often times he is thinking about Lucretia, or working some plan out in his mind. He has the habit of pondering the meaning of his existence. From time to time, Damien enjoys penetrating throngs of people for no purpose whatsoever and blending in. He tends to lose himself in memory often.

    Likes: Thinking and remembering, governing, planning, respect, reading, learning new languages, securing his legacy, being in control, blood, dancing (believe it or not).

    Dislikes: Disobedience, disruptions to his plans, money, attention, eternity, waiting, being rushed, killing without purpose, technology.

    Domicile: 3106 Alcott Road

    Albums of Association:
    Brand New "The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me", "Daisy"
    Death Cab for Cutie "Plans"
    Against Me! "New Wave"

    •   He has strong telepathic abilities and fair projective abilities.
    •   He can move extremely fast and accurately (celerity).
    •   He can communicate fluently in several different languages with nearly perfect accents
    •   He has the wonderful ability to cover up his tracks
    •   The number of fledglings Damien rules over is often helpful in situations where muscle and numbers are needed.
    •   He always thinks his decisions through. Damien is always level-headed.
    •   He is experienced in democracy and tends to give people the chance if they prove that they have a point.

    •   His telepathic abilities can be draining if used in excess, which leaves him vulnerable to any mental attack.
    •   His past is an extremely sore point and doesn’t like for anyone, save Pierre, to talk about it.
    •   Occasionally Damien becomes too enrapt in his obsessions to the point that he notices little else around him.
    •   His fledglings/allies can become unruly at times and can cause him much distress.
    •   He worries about everything
    •   He can be too controlling
    •   He is extremely sarcastic and it can be very annoying to those who have to deal with him.
    •   He is prone to tunnel-vision when he thinks too much about the past.

    above credited to zooeyrye

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