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Damien Evans
« on: September 01, 2006, 06:26:35 AM »
Do not for ever with thy vailed lids
Seek for thy noble father in the dust:
Thou know'st 'tis common; all that lives must die,
Passing through nature to eternity.
- Hamlet, I. II. 70-73.

Name: Guillaume deToulouse
Alias: Damien William Evans
Age [appearance]: Late teens, early twenties
Age [actual]: 938
Date of Birth: December 15th, 1081
Gender Expressed: Man
Gender Orientation: Cisgender Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual, heteroromantic, monogamous
Occupation/Job: Owner and CEO of Aquillia Industries, professor at The Kerr Galvin Academy for Supernaturals
Nationality: Mediterranean French
Race: White
Species: Vampire
Clan: N/A (Infusco)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Sire: Lucretia Aquillia [DECEASED]
Fledges: Pierre DuSang

Permissions Given During Reasonable RP
Feeding: Yes
Wounding: Yes
Killing: Yes

Hair: Damien has thick, luxurious brown hair cut into a modern, textured style. The top is on the longer side, with shorter lengths on the sides. The hair is tapered in the back to the natural neckline. Due to the thickness of the strands, it tends to have a moderate amount of volume. More often than not his hair is worn without product, unless he has some kind of meeting. At special events, it is often styled into a side part or slicked back completely with pomade or gel. He always wears it clear of his eyes.
Eyes: Set deep under a heavy brow structure, his eyes give off the general impression of heaviness. There is an impression of seriousness and distance there, as if he lacked the ability to relate to humanity. Damien has blue-grey eyes, like unpolished steel, which were a much dimmer shade in his human life. They are lined with fine black lashes.
Skin: Fair, though with an undertone which gives the impression he used to tan well. It is dotted with scars and marks of battle.
Face: Rectangular with a pointed prominent nose and chin. His jawline is quite angled due to the length of his face, creating a sharp, well defined profile. His jaw is set forward which creates the impression that his face is longer than it actually is. His forehead is on the large side of average which makes his eyes seem smaller, accompanied by a square hairline. It is typically hidden by his hair. Clean shaven face.
Nose: Just shy of awkwardly long. The tip has a very slight hook to it and the nostrils have an average flare, though seem high due to the length.
Mouth: Pouty, wide lips that are on the thin side of average, but well shaped and defined. They sit above a jaw that is slightly too forward. It gives the onlooker the impression that he is not amused, even in neutral situations. Has very prominent, long dimples when smiling, bigger on the right side.
Glasses or Contacts?: No
Frame: 5' 11'' (180.5 cm), 175 lbs. (65.9 Kg). Damien looks healthy; being high nobility for the human years has given him an attractive advantage. Wide, sloping shoulders with smaller, square hips. An average athletic build without intense muscular definition. His weight is evenly distributed throughout his frame. While he would be considered him attractive, there is the impression that he had not reached the peak of his beauty when he was claimed. He appears young at first glance, but there is something much older about his aura.
Hands: Prominent, square knuckles and strong structures with calloused skin.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Distinguishing Marks:
  • Forehead, left - Light pink half-circle scar
  • Lower legs - A scattering of small slashes and old scratches from running in armor
  • Ribcage - Deeper scars due to armor gaps
  • Chest/Back - Occasional scar from an impact wound on his chest and back.
  • Neck, Ribs, Hips - Faded silvery bite and claw marks. Only noticeable up close.
  • Mid-back - Deep scars of claw marks, a faded pink color. Start from spine and leads out angled down towards outside of body. End about bottom of ribcage.

General style: Conservative, fitted, well-kept, neat. Generally neutral in color. Will dress according to the weather to hold up the Masquerade.
Around the house: Basic tee shirts or sweaters with either dark sweatpants or looser fitted jeans.
Doing errands: A presentably nice shirt with nice jeans fitted to his legs, potentially khakis.
To bed: The occasional pair of undershorts, if anything at all
To work: Creased slacks or nice denim with plain button up shirts with open collar, casual jackets and dress shoes.
To an interview: Business casual or business formal - creased slacks fitted appropriately with plain button up shirts, closed collar, pressed jackets that worn closed, dress shoes
On a date: Nice slacks with a cashmere sweater or button up. Dress shoes
Daily accessories: A watch on his left wrist, usually black steel with large face.
Special accessories: A necklace with Lucretia's crest on it. No longer wears this, and now keeps this crest in his top drawer.

Personality: On the surface, he appears reserved, private, and thoughtful to the point of being distant. He always unobtrusive, though he does tend to impress upon others with his age as a way to make up for his youthful appearance - both consciously and unconsciously. He is very skilled in formal social situations - always professional, polite, and charming to the point of being attractive. This tends to make business transactions easier. He is known for being very responsible, fair, and honorable. In situations of distress, he will be commanding, firm, and unwavering in his conviction.

He struggles with interpersonal social situations - he tends to be quiet, self-critical, and resistant to change. He is an over-thinker and tends to come off as uptight and elitist. His struggle to adapt to the new century often leads him into awkward situations. Those who know him best see him as cunning, responsible, albeit lonely and cold.

Those closest to him know him to be constantly stressed and weighed down with worry. His behaviors tend to betray his experiences with loneliness, trauma, and grief. These are not things he has come to terms with and end up being expressed in various ways.

Philosophy of Life: Be patient.
Strongest positive trait: Dauntless in all pursuits
Strongest negative trait: Sullenness

Character Strengths: Accepting of social differences,  affectionate lover, altruistic, attentive to details, autonomous, keen awareness of observable patterns, benevolent, extremely cautious, dauntless in most pursuits, dependable, strong belief in equity, loves learning, always level-headed and fair, honest, hospitable, humble, idealistic, impartial to opinions, industrious, insightful, judicious, knowledgeable in political and business affairs, loyal, merciful, has very strong morals, patient, punctilious, respectful, shows restraint in all vices, self-disciplined, tactful, thoughtful. Willingness to learn.

Character Weaknesses / Flaws:
  • Sometimes struggles to adapt to modernity.
  • Workaholic.
  • Tends to remain detached from his social environment.
  • His personal reservations makes it very difficult for people to connect with him.
  • Relies on sarcasm in casual situations and it can be very annoying to those who have to deal with him.
  • Prone to perfectionism.
  • Prone to obsessive thinking when stressed.
  • Often overprotective of things and people he deems as his, to the point of being controlling and inflexible.
  • When left to his own devices, he tends to delve into depressive behavioral patterns.

Emotion or Logic?: Logic
Introvert or Extrovert?: Introvert
Generous or Stingy?: Generous
Polite or Rude?: Polite
  • His past is a sore point and doesn’t like to talk about it in casual conversation.
  • Speaks or understands several languages, including (but not limited to): Latin, Provencal, Old French, French (modern), English (modern), German, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Spanish (Spain), Portuguese, Basque, Turkish, Hebrew, Greek, and others.
  • Keeps himself extremely busy in order to not think or remember his personal existential crises.
  • Tends to stare a bit too long at people, especially in conversation.
  • Was celibate for almost four hundred years before beginning a relationship with Rachel.
  • He uses age as a guide for behavior.
  • Observes the old traditions of offering respect to elder immortals based on age, especially to vampires.
  • Feels very old.
  • Has several fake identities that he manages in order to maintain the Masquerade.
  • When dealing with humans, he will often claim that he is a relative of Damien Evans (usually a son) to excuse his youthful appearance and dodge questions.
  • If feeding from someone who isn't Rachel, he will keep the bite formal. Prefers a zen bite only.
  • He still has the impulse to pray, even though he doesn't affiliate with any spirituality. Old habits and all that.
  • Has a husky named Delilah who lives in his house.
  • Enjoys taking on home improvement problems.
  • Often spends the day awake in order to accomplish his more human tasks.

Hobbies: Planning out something, thinking of new things to research, reading psychological dramas or classic texts, learning (or perfecting) a new language, learning and using new words in context.
Pastimes: Reading the newspaper, being with Rachel, playing with his dog, finding something to fix, staying up-to-date with political events.
Likes: Dogs, going on dates, feeling nostalgic, learning, leading his lineage, planning projects, reading, learning new languages, having control, blood, dancing (especially Medieval/Renaissance, though he is interested in modern dance as well).
Dislikes: Cats, peanut butter, the scent of most modern beauty products, being only partially wet, a messy room, having attention drawn to him without consent, killing needlessly, fictional vampires, being rushed, waiting around.
Bad Habits / Vices: Worrying, overthinking, pushing himself past his limits, ignoring his own needs for the sake of others.
Disabilities: None to speak of.

Sense of humor: Dark and observational, with sarcastic saturation.
Temper: Tends to turn aloof and commanding, dropping all warmth and personal nature. Will never be outright rude. Reasonable anger makes him blunt and unforgiving. When pushed too far, explosive and violent. Note: it is very difficult to get him to this place.
Pet Peeves: Being called young, doors left slightly ajar, tasks not finished to completion, violations of personal space.
Major Hangups: Disobedience, disloyalty, needless killing or violence, attention seeking behaviors in others.

Sports: Tolerates watching football (soccer). Will watch the Olympics with mild enthusiasm.
Food & Drinks: Enjoys crab rangoon and teriyaki beef, thanks to Rachel. Also enjoys ketchup.
Music: Modern classical
Movies & TV shows: Game of Thrones, Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown,
Books & Magazines: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson (Millennium series), Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, The Tommyknockers by Stephen King.
Sayings: References to being old and dead.

Religion: Formerly Christian, now Atheist
Attitude towards religion: Neutral
Morality/Ethics: Based on strict Christian teachings, though they have evolved with time.
Stand Up Citizen or Law Breaker: stand up citizen, though with a desire to change the laws which don't serve.
Last Good Deed Performed (If Any): Last Week
Last Time They Broke the Law (If Any): Within the last year

  • Polite in every reasonable situations
  • Has enormous amount of cultural capital while also relating to working class experiences.
  • Gifted and experienced in political and business affairs and can hold his own in a conversation.
  • Can speak about a dozen or more languages, mostly from the European continent.
  • Presents a natural air of command at all public times
  • Leads a lineage of 30 or so vampires.
  • Capable of picking up thrice his body weight.
  • Heals from most minor wounds within ten minutes (gashes, scraps, pulled muscles and ligaments, bruises, etc.).
  • Heals from most major wounds within several hours (broken bones, bullet wounds, dislocated tendons and ligaments, etc.).
  • Capable of going a fortnight without blood before experiencing negative side effects such as mood change, etc.
  • Extremely heightened acuity of all senses.
  • Keeps himself well fed.
  • Capable of resisting the pull of the sun and commonly stays awake during the day.
  • Capable of withstanding 3 seconds in the sun before burning to death.
  • Capable of all basic telepathic communications (offering, receiving, and projecting messages) for extended periods of time.
  • Capable of forming psychic walls to prevent most attacks, invasions, or readings for extended periods of time.
  • Capable of performing memory searches upon others for moderate periods of time (no more than a couple of hours).
  • Capable of psychically controlling another vampire - expectations vary and are often costly.
  • Capable of producing a dark and intimidating auric pressure - often costly.
  • Capable of producing a seductive auric pressure, causing human or lesser vampire to succumb.
  • Capable of very basic telekinesis (closing doors, moving objects, etc.) for very short bursts of time - costly after first few attempts.

Education: Private lessons in his human youth: arithmetic, Latin, languages, diplomacy, horseback riding, etc. Much of his knowledge is now experience-based.
Intelligence Level: Highly intelligent, though slightly socially naive.

Speech Patterns: Conservative, tinted with a very slight accent that can be best described as Mediterranean French. Tends not to have the perfect or most descriptive words.
Words/Slang/Jargon: Very little slang, though he is fond of finding new words to use in context.
Eye Contact: Always
Gait: Long even strides which tend to be fast with a surprisingly heavy footfall.
Posture: Straight and tall
Gestures, Quirks or Eccentricities: Uncomfortably long eye contact during conversations;  speaks with partially closed lips to hide his canine teeth.
Mannerisms: Resists smiling fully, will always hide his facial expressions in manners of business, hardly ever leans against/on surfaces, fidgets with cufflinks and buttons.

Commonly Seen Holding: A brief case, folder, or newspaper folded.
Common Stance 1: Sitting slightly reclined, his right ankle crossed over his left knee, one hand draped over his ankle, the other up near his face, fingers touching his mouth, chin, or jaw.
Common Stance 2: Standing straight with hands behind his back, one arm clasping opposite wrist.
Common Stance 3: Staring pensively out into a space with his hand covering his mouth in some way.

Current Occupation: Owner and CEO of Aquillia Industries, Inc., professor at the Kerr Galvin Academy for Supernaturals
Salary: $743,000 yearly
Previous Occupations: Monk, Soldier, Knight, Emperor.
Socioeconomic Level as a child: High Nobility - a count
Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Extremely wealthy
Hometown: Dukedom of Toulouse (Toulouse, France)
Current Residence: 3106 Alcott Road
Type of home/ neighborhood: 2.5 floor Plantation/Georgia house, East District

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        Re: Damien Evans
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        History and Relationships

        Human Years (1081 A.D. - 1101 A.D.)
        Guillaume was the third son of Comte Michel de Toulouse, born into moderate wealth in what is now the city of Toulouse, France. The family was of noble ancestry; Comte Michel de Toulouse was seventh in line for the throne. The family nonetheless did have the good fortune of having wealth, land, and vassals.

        Young Guillaume deToulouse was a quiet, albeit restless, child. He took interest in religion from a very early age, and could often be found in the family chapel. Guillaume showed extraordinary interest in Christianity and would often recite passages from the Bible aloud to the rest of his family. His uncle, the famous and influential Raymond, Duc de Toulouse, took notice of the boy’s studies and suggested to his brother, Guillaume’s father, that the boy should be sent off to study and become a clergyman. And so, at the age of twelve, the boy left home for an abbot in the nearby region of Tarn.

        Not long after, however, Pope Urban II made a declaration to take back the Holy Lands from the invading Muslims. Raymond deToulouse, being a devout Christian and a supporter of the ideas of the Pope, gathered his own sizeable army of crusaders, including his then-fifteen year old nephew Guillaume, and headed out to Constantinople, or modern day Istanbul, Turkey. For four years, Guillaume fought at his uncle’s side and killed many men in the name of God. Regret replaced his zeal for God and a young Guillaume vowed to return home and leave the church.

        Fledgling Years (1101 A.D. - 1350 A.D.)
        After the capture of Jerusalem, Guillaume was part of the entourage that was to return to Christendom. In 1101, Guillaume was a commander of the Battle of Merzifon (Crusade of the Faint-Hearted). During the battle, Guillaume was knocked from his horse and felled by arrows which would have killed him. When he awoke, he found himself in a luxurious tent of a beautiful woman who promised to bring him back to health and return him to Toulouse.

        Within days of his capture, Guillaume learned the true nature of Lucretia Aquillia. Against his will, he became her personal pet, victim to her whims, using mental domination to manipulate his thoughts of her and keeping him too weak to fight or escape. After a few weeks of initial torture, she gave him the option to drink or die. Guillaume decided to drink. The night he awakened, she named her reclamation Damien.

        During his first few months as a fledgling, Damien was kept nearly secluded from the rest of Lucretia’s encampment – a small gathering of vampires and a few other immortals. He was reliant solely upon her for several months, feeding only once a night from the privacy of the tent. Her original intentions for him have never been clear. Coupled with isolation, the sire bond kept him mostly submissive to her, even as he was enveloped into the community that had travelled with her. Damien came to understand that Lucretia's encampment was made up of a small group of vampires whom were all kindred of Lucretia and obeyed her as their sire. She would move several miles outside of high trafficked areas in order to pick off humans to feed upon. When she had picked up Damien, she was stalking the Crusader's army back from Constantinople. He later learned that she had chosen Damien specifically for his youth and prowess in battle.

        Each night Damien was summoned to her bed to sleep through the day and slowly became accustomed to laying next to her in the day. As the years passed, he developed feelings for the woman and became defensive over her, jealous of the men she bedded. After some years, it appeared as if she had grown feelings for her fledgling also, as other men stayed clear of her bed. Nearly twelve years or so after his fledgling, Lucretia announced their union. Years later, Damien would understand the politics of their union – Damien was, after all, a skilled commander, linguist, and strategist of the regime that Lucretia ran.

        The two lived in relative peace with each other for many years, though Lucretia remained the dominant and controlling power in the relationship. Damien, along with his fledge brothers, was not allowed to fledge, speak another language beside Latin unless translating, take on a pet, or anything the inspired a sense of independence. In 1340, Damien left the encampment with no intention of returning. He made his way back across Europe to his ancestral home to see what had become of his family. Shocked by the changes in political climate and region, Damien's feelings of dissonance led him to leave Toulouse. He made his way to Paris and up to the French Atlantic coast in search of a community of his own.

        Building an Empire (1353 A.D. - 1640 A.D.)
        Interested in fledging for the first time, Damien made two unsuccessful attempts in 1351 before stumbling into Calais, France. Lucretia, who had traced Damien through the blood bond on her own, appeared at his side one night and promised to help him fledge his first. The pair stumbled across a handsome blacksmith named Jean-Luc who would become Damien's first successful fledgling, despite Lucretia's discomfort. The night Jean-Luc was claimed, Damien changed his name to Pierre. Damien and Pierre grew close, despite Lucretia's concern that Pierre was a thin-blood who couldn't mentally speak. The two were permitted to speak their common tongue together and Pierre always remained at Damien's side. Eventually the three of them returned to the encampment in the Balkans and the same allowances were granted to Damien's fledge siblings. The encampment grew from about eight vampires to about twenty-five in two hundred years time. Damien made four more fledglings in his time with Lucretia.

        The encampment became cumbersome and large, forcing Lucretia to stay further from villages or risk detection, to move slower through the countryside, drawing unwanted attention. The group of them would occasionally descend upon small, rural villages and wipe them out. Damien warned that this tactic would bring trouble eventually, though no one heeded his words.

        Ruin and Paris (1640 A.D. - 1660 A.D.)
        The family wandered all around eastern Europe during the centuries after Damien’s fledging in order to remain unseen and unnoticed by the humans, who clearly outnumbered them. Due to their size and wanton destruction, they had unknowingly attracted the attention of hunters. In 1641, the army, thirty-one in number, was captured by a radical group of humans who were the equivalent of witch hunters in what is now central Germany (Hesse). Lucretia, along with the majority of her lineage, was burned at the stake in front of Damien. A young Damien was able to pull himself free of his bindings and make attempts to save his family. He was only able to free Pierre due to proximity before being pursued by hunters. The two ran off into the night.

        Grieving and partly insane, a wild Damien wandered around towards western Europe for years with Pierre in tow. Pierre made it his prime responsibility to monitor and care for Damien. The pair landed in Paris in 1649, meeting a pair of vampires who had suffered a similar fate. Odessa Turkevich and Nadia Dominik became fast friends with the pair. After a brief time living with the women, Damien and Pierre agreed it was time to put distance between themselves and the madness that followed Odessa, despite Pierre's love for Nadia.

        Wandering (1660 A.D. - 1700 A.D.)
        The years spent together strained the relationship between Pierre and Damien, the latter unable to recover from Lucretia's death. He shut people out and maintained a professional, polite front in public while going on murder sprees every time he needed to feed. Tired of picking up the pieces after so many years, the pair split up. Damien returned to Hesse to try to find those who had killed his lineage and Pierre moved on to Portugal. The two kept in constant contact through letters. Damien wandered aimlessly south on his own through what is now Germany and Switzerland, into northern Italy. He would stalk villages and penetrate major cities for a few years at a time, trying to find a place to be immortal safely. It was in these searches that he began to dream of a place where vampires could be safe from hunters. He spent time in Zurich, Nuremberg, Geneva, and Milan, before finding his way back into the Alps.

        To Ground (1700 A.D. - 1870 A.D.)
        Unable to recover from the loss, Damien set himself to Ground in a cave deep in the Italian Alps. To this day he remembers very little of his time spent in the cave except for the Thirst. He stayed there, undisturbed for nearly one hundred and seventy years, awakening when Pierre had finally tracked him down. The pair came to an understanding of what had happened between them.

        Aquillia Lineage (1880 A.D. - 1960 A.D.)
        When Damien awoke, he found that Pierre had begun to build his own lineage with four young fledges. He convinced Damien to return with him as the lead of the family, named in Lucretia's honor. Pierre's travels throughout the Iberian peninsula and England provided him with knowledge of the New World. The small lineage lived together in cities like humans, wandering across Europe until the end of World War II, Damien preferring to stay close to war zones for ease of feeding.

        American Empire (1970 A.D. - Present)
        After the second World War, the lineage made their way over to the New World, beginning in Montreal and Quebec. From there, they remained together, moving around from big city to city in order to remain anonymous - New York, Detroit, Portland, Seattle, etc -  Pierre found the nameless city in the late 1980’s. Damien moved to the city in 1989. Damien viewed the city as the utopia that he and Lucretia had dreamt of and decided to finally put down some roots. In 1991 he launched Aquillia Industries, Inc., a company designed to research biological vampirism and consumable protective products. In 1995, the first medical building was built in the North district of the city. In 1998, Aquillia Industries acquired the major company responsible for the creation of light-blocking shutters and other technologies. By 2001, Aquillia Industries was worth over $8 million. By 2015, Aquillia Industries was worth $200 million, divided amongst six child companies. The profits produced by Aquillia Industries Inc. are distributed equally amongst fledges in the Aquillia Lineage, though most of the money is locked in private accounts to prevent any one fledge from going bankrupt. Damien has not made another fledge, but instead buries himself in work to ensure that his lineage remains growing and prosperous.

        Sire: Damien knows only very limited information about the history of his sire. While he had asked her many times for details about herself, she would often re-route the subject away from her history. Damien suspects that she was at least around 800 when he was claimed. She would speak only Latin and relied heavily on Damien for translations between parties, humans, and fledges. He also suspected that she was from Rome based on how she spoke about it. She called herself Lucretia Aquillia, though occasionally much older fledglings would refer to her in hushed tones as Camilla.

        She was destroyed by exposure to fire by humans on the night of November 29, 1641 (when Damien was 541 years old) in what is now central Germany (Hesse). Her relationship with Damien is extremely complicated. Damien believes to this day that he was in love with her, though he secretly doubts that she felt the same way. This is something that he doesn’t even admit to himself many days.

        Fledgling History:
        • Pierre duSang, nee Jean-Luc LaForgeron (1353 AD - Present)
        • Julius Aquillia, nee László Halász (1422 AD - 1641 AD)
        • Matthias Aquillia, nee András Kovács (1497 AD - 1641 AD)
        • Augusto Aquillia, nee Cyril Cermák (1509 AD - 1641 AD)
        • Galina Aquillia, Katka Václav (1574 AD - 1641 AD)
        • Silas Aquillia, Seitz Krüger (1611 AD - 1641 AD)

        City History:
        Damien moved from New Orleans to the city in 1989. Damien viewed the city as the utopia that he and Lucretia had dreamt of and decided to finally put down some roots. In 1991 he launched Aquillia Industries, Inc., a company designed to research biological vampirism and consumable protective products. In 1995, the first medical building was built in the North district of the city. Upon arrival to the city he lived in a small apartment in Central (which has since become a safe house for the lineage). During the mid/late 90's, members of the Aquillia lineage trickle into and establish lives in the city. In 1998, Aquillia Industries acquired the major company responsible for the creation of light-blocking shutters and other technologies. By 2001, Aquillia Industries was worth over $8 million. By 2015, Aquillia Industries was worth $200 million, divided amongst six child companies. The profits produced by Aquillia Industries Inc. are distributed equally amongst fledges in the Aquillia Lineage, though most of the money is locked in private accounts to prevent any one fledge from going bankrupt.

        While hunting one night with Pierre, a frantic and terrified young woman ran into them and asked for help. Damien helped her, first intending on tending to her immediate needs and injuries. Soon Damien learned that Rachel Miller was a victim of a kidnapping and sex trafficking operation outside of the city, a highly organized ring orchestrated by a man named Laurent Craiton. Rachel informed him that Laurent would be intent on getting Rachel back.

        That night Damien hid Rachel and began gathering resources to set her up on her own somewhere in the city or elsewhere. Rachel came to temporarily live with Damien while awaiting a more permanent situation. The two lived in a two bedroom apartment with much awkwardness between them. Damien assigned a guard detail for her at all times for Rachel's safety.

        While trying to protect her, Damien is betrayed by a lesser vampire who assists the Aquillia lineage from time to time, Nikolai Armani, a good friend of Pierre's. Due to a coercive infiltration of the Aquillia's circle through Nikolai, Laurent finds out where Damien is keeping Rachel and tries to get her while Damien is moving her into a new home. Fortunately, they evade the demon but Laurent meets Pierre instead. The two fight; after almost killing the demon, Pierre is burned horrifically and Laurent gets away. Realizing the danger of Laurent for the first time, Damien and Rachel get chased by Laurent for a couple of days before heading back to the city. Damien determines that Rachel will live with him, guarding Rachel with an escort at all times. Damien tries to hunt the demon with his own resources.

        The relationship between Damien and Rachel is tense and awkward, but eventually turns cordial. As Rachel is enveloped more into Damien's life, he begins to feel conflicting feelings towards her and refuses to recognize his own feelings towards her due to his years of lingering grief. Eventually, during a serious conversation he kisses her. Realizing that he has made a mistake, he apologized and left her.

        After living together for almost three years, they both begin to acknowledge a mutual attraction and discuss these feelings. Eventually (during the 18 months) the establish themselves in a relationship. They begin to unpack some of the traumas of their pasts together, helping each other grow and heal. Damien begins showing more signs of openness, trust, and desire for connection to other people. There is not a sighting of Laurent for years and the couple begins to wonder if the demon is still pursuing Rachel.

        Rachel begins to want to go outside during the day again, but they both understand it is a dangerous prospect. At first Damien is resistant to the idea as he had been the entire duration of Rachel's time in the city. But as his feelings towards her have changed and more time passes since Laurent's last sighting, Damien warms to the idea. They begin to inquire about a daytime bodyguard for Rachel.

        About a year into their relationship, about 4.5 years after meeting Rachel, Damien becomes a professor at the newly-built Kerr Galvin Academy for Supernaturals. On opening night, he learns that Ben Samson, his employer, is challenging current Central District Leader Jake McCloud for the position of Central. Damien thinks little about this event until Jake McCloud approaches Damien to ask him to be the campaign manager for McCloud's party. After discussing it with his lineage and Rachel, Damien agrees to take the job. Damien now needs to find a more suitable bodyguard for her daylight hours in an attempt to transition Rachel back to a human life.

        Relationship status: In a relationship with Rachel Miller
        Current family: Pierre DuSang et al.
        Family background: Mediterranean French with Western French and Spanish heritage.
        Mother: Vicomtesse Marie deToulouse, nee Marie de Bergerac
        Father:  Vicomte Michel deToulouse
        Birth Order: Fourth
        Siblings: Michel(8+), Julian(5+), Charlotte(3+), Armelle(2-), Raymond(5-), Odile(5-)
        Maternal Grandparents:
        Paternal Grandparents:
        Other Relatives: Duc Raymond de Toulouse et de Narbonne

        Best Friend(s): Pierre duSang
        Other Associates: Jenella Vadim, Phineas Kavanaugh, Nadia Serafima, Sonya (Odessa) Turkevich, Quinn Patenaude
        Other relationships: Rachel Miller
        Allies: Jake McCloud, Ben Samson
        Enemies: Nikolai Armani, Laurent Craiton

        Sexual Background: Only 2 sexual partners, both women. Before Rachel, Damien was celibate for almost 400 years (378).
        Turn ons: Lots. Imagine a teenager. You're welcome.
        Sexual interests: Women, just about anything with the right person and amount of coaxing...
        Turn offs: Sexual violence, disrespect.

        Threads with Damien Evans
        *indicates Plotline Thread
        indicates I had no idea wtf I was doing
 What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost? (Thessar) - an awkward conversation at the Lighthouse. Hollow (Rachel) In a Rush (Writmo, Scorpid) Adam and Eve (Rachel) New Wave (Rachel, Nikolai, Laurent) Coming Undone (Rachel, Laurent) Breaking Dawn (Rachel) Silver and Cold (Rachel) Might (Rachel) Twenty-One Candles (Rachel, Pierre) Burning Bright (Rachel) Ties (Nikolai, Rachel, Pierre) Restless (Rachel, Laurent) Closer (Rachel) Security (Rachel) Precious [FILLER THREAD] Passing Time (Rachel) Tied Hands [FILLER THREAD] Defining Loyalties (Sonya) A Business Meeting (Jonathon) (PARALLEL) Staying Out of Trouble (Rachel, Pierre)

        TWO YEAR JUMP The Elephant in the Room (Rachel) Drawing Parallels (Rachel) The Masquerade Ball (Pierre, Sonya, Nadia, etc) The (After) Life of the Party (Pierre, Sonya, Nadia, Rachel) The Hardest of Hearts (Rachel) Momentum (Rachel) Transition (Rachel, Pierre)

        -- 18 Months in Vignettes (Rachel) Stepping Lightly (Pierre, Sonya, Nadia) Rehabilitation (Pierre, Sonya, Nadia) The Return (Sonya) A Grand Entrance (Pierre, Jenella, Jake, Ari, Sam, et al. ) A Trial for the Centuries (Jake, Charon, Ben, Zoheret, Maria, et al. ) Cabin Fever (Rachel) Old Friends (Quinn, Rachel) Making Up for Lost Time (Rachel) Hamlet Meets Macbeth (Jake) Breaking the Ice (Jake, Rachel, Lisa-Joe, Pierre) Second Time's the Charm? (Jake, Rachel, Tyler) First Official District Leader Meeting (Jake, Saraekiel, et al.) Post Game Coverage (Jake) Questions? (Kerr) Catching Up (Sonya) Sizing Up (Decker, Rachel) Afterwards (Rachel) A Minute of Your Time (Chtahzus'aak) Back Again (Rachel, Jake) Waiting (Rachel, Pierre, Lisa-Joe, Quinn) Safe (Rachel) A Demon Walks Into a Bar (Jake, Pierre, Lisa-Joe, Laurent) The Conundrum (Jake, Pierre, Lisa-Joe)