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Name: Ichabod Conners
Age [actual]: 26
Age [appearance]: Early twenties
Age [when sired]: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire. Sired by Kerr Galvin.

Permissions Given in reasonable Roleplay:
(Yes = you don\'t have to ask before acting in RP, No = you ask first)
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: No

Mousey brown. Normally spiked up with a little wax. Usually kept to a few inches long and he\'ll run his hands through it when he\'s nervous or feels like he\'s being judged.

Eyes: Dark brown. Fairly large eyes. Ichabod is fairly blind without his glasses or contacts. He always used to wear his glasses, but now he wears contacts more often, but when he\'s not leaving the house he\'ll wear glasses.

OtherIchabod’s nose has a noticeable scar on it over a lump, caused by being smacked in the face by a hockey ball.

Over the past few years Ichabod\'s grown into his looks, although he can still look quite young when he gets shy.

Frame: Medium build, Ichabod stands at about 5 foot 10. His muscles are toned, he played hockey at school and recently he\'s been working out more. After leaving school he let himself go a little, but now he\'s got back into the swing of being healthier and he\'s joined the field hockey team at university.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Scar on his nose, nothing else really.


Ichabod is more of a follower than a leader. He likes having fun, but also appreciates quiet and can spend hours trying to find somewhere peaceful to read. He enjoys going out with his mates, but can get very claustrophobic in crowded clubs if there are too many people or if he\'s cornered and sees no way out.

He’s fairly honest and polite unless something has really pissed him off. It has to be quite serious to annoy him that much though, Ichabod is fairly good humoured most of the time, with a name like that you have to be. Most often he\'ll back down from an argument unless he is really worked up or feels passionately about something, then he might come out with a comment he\'ll regret moments later.

He\'s come out of his shell a little and become more confident at university and is more comfortable meeting new people, but he\'d still rather go along with what other people would like to do.

Occupation/Job: Student
Likes: Reading, hanging out with friends, going along with what others want to do - as long as it’s fun and not going to get them in trouble. He likes being fed from by vampires.

Dislikes: Small or crowded places, being trapped or feeling it, being forced to make choices for other people. He hates people looking down on him and tries to please people.

Habits Ichabod used to smoke, but he\'s quit now. He\'ll run his hand through his hair when he\'s nervous. He spends a lot of his time now studying or going to the gym, but still finds time to socialise.


Ichabod had a fairly normal upbringing, he was the only child and got average grades at school. He fitted in with the crowd and loved to play hockey on the school sports team.

It wasn\'t long after Ichabod had left school that he met Nikki, and they had a whirlwind romance when Ichabod finally worked out that he was bi-sexual, a fact he didn\'t want to let any of his friends know because he knew they would make fun of him for it.

When Nikki disappeared with no explanation Ichabod was frantic with worry and spent a month trying to find the blonde, searching places he never would have looked otherwise. And that was how he ended up in Risk. Ichabod was Ben\'s first victim, and Ben was the first vampire who had fed from Ichabod, under the watchful eye of Kerr. But Ben was reluctant to answer many of the questions Ichabod had and so when Ichabod ran into Lazarus he was more than happy to go along with what the ancient wanted and get the information and attention he craved, becoming Lazarus\' pet.

When Lazarus\' attention began to waver Ichabod got upset and slept with Kerr, letting him drink from him as well, neither of which Lazarus was happy about and after being taken to the Oligarchy by Lazarus to be made his official pet, Lazarus dumped Ichabod on Kerr\'s doorstep, after almost draining him completely.

After being questioned by a vampire hunter Ichabod went home to his parents, not wanting to lead the hunter to Kerr. He discovered that Mandy and Kerr knew each other and asked the pink haired young woman to give Kerr a message. After managing to tell Kerr what had happened Ichabod moved out of his home with his parents and into a hotel until he could find a place of his own, but after a drunken night out he ended up at Mandy\'s once more, who offered him a place to stay. Ichabod lived with Mandy for a while, until she found out that Ben had been bullying him and feeding from him secretly. They fought and Ichabod moved out, going to live with his parents again.

He\'s recently left the city to go to a university which is about a two hour drive away. Before he left he ran into Ben and Kerr and found out what had been happening with them, catching up briefly before Kerr fed from him and then they parted ways.



Lost Thread - Ichabod meets Nikki after not seeing each other since school.
Acting Out - Ichabod meets up with Nikki again after a night out, a night of work for Nikki
Study Break - Ichabod and Nikki chat and become closer
Trying Something New - Ichabod and Nikki meet up at Fantastika. Nikki kisses Ichabod.
Late Night in Apt 3B - The date goes on. Ichabod and Nikki sleep together.
Tiny Dancer - Ichabod goes to watch Nikki at work.
Fledgling Cherry - Ichabod goes to Risk looking for Nikki. He finds out about vampires and he and Ben are each other’s firsts.
No Smoking - Ichabod meets Lazarus, they have sex in the art gallery.
Spontaneity and Good Grace - Lazarus takes Ichabod home.
A New Connection - Lazarus brings Kerr home and Lazarus pushes Ichabod into being drunk from by Kerr.
Ichabod’s Fancy - Lazarus asks Ichabod to be his pet.
Ichabod’s Realm - Ichabod and Lazarus walk to Risk
Walkies - Ichabod runs into Kerr at Risk and goes home with him, leaving Lazarus
Discoveries - Ichabod and Kerr have sex, Ben walks in on them.
The Dance - Lazarus punishes Ichabod for being unfaithful
Entitlement - Lazarus takes Ichabod to the Oligarchy to make him his official pet.
Entitlement II - Ichabod is left at Kerr’s by Lazarus, a gift.
A Suitcase and An Explanation - Lazarus brings Ichabod’s things to Capital Building and the three talk.
When All Is Said and Done - Ben comes to Capital Building to talk to Kerr. After he leaves Kerr turns down Ichabod’s offer of sex.
Silent Musings - Ichabod goes out alone, upset about Kerr’s rejection. He meets Liam, a vampire hunter. Not wanting to lead him to Kerr, Ichabod goes home to his parents.
Lost and Found - Ichabod goes to Mandy’s to ask her to give Kerr a message. Kerr comes over and they decide to part ways permanently
Picking Up Strays - Ichabod turns up on Mandy’s doorstep drunk and she takes care of him.
Sow Tears, Reap Joy - Ben and Kerr go to Mandy’s to visit. Ichabod and Ben argue.
Cornered - Ben corners Ichabod on the city streets
In The Wake of Dispair - Ichabod and Mandy discuss their pasts.
Trouble Distinctly - Ichabod meets Ben after the vampires’ holiday.
Secrets - Ichabod tells Mandy he has a crush on her after she gets upset about him not telling her what’s wrong.
Unknown Motivation - Ben hunts Ichabod at home. They talk about Lazarus. Ben leaves and Mandy returns, they talk then almost have sex.
 - Ben goes to Ichabod’s again, Ichabod asks him to stay.
Truth and Lies - Ichabod goes home and lies to Mandy about where he’s been. They discuss her wanting to be sired.
Obsession and Aggression - Ben pays Ichabod another visit. The Oligarchy demons come to take them to trial.
Consequences - Ichabod and Ben go to trial and face Kerr.
The Whole Truth - Ichabod tells Mandy about him and Ben. They part ways.
Hidden Past, Unknown Future - Ichabod runs into Ben, who doesn’t remember him, at Risk. Kerr drinks from Ichabod.
Long Weekend - Ichabod visits Kerr, meets Ash.
Rebound - Ichabod meets Cole
Questioning Desires - Ichabod, Kerr and Ben discuss his siring.