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The Brazilian Quarter
« on: December 04, 2006, 06:37:10 PM »


  Four blocks on the eastern side of City Central are almost devoid of authority presence. Police do not dare to travel through this area. Not only does the Quarter belong to various combatting crimelords, who each believes themselves as ruler of this small piece of the city, but there have always been reports of violent crimes and sightings of strangely large and rabid wolf-dogs.
 The poorer community live here in the slowly festering buildings with run down and rusting fire escapes, graffiti covered walls and argumentative families who are just as likely to hear gunshots as well as screams and babies cry. Every grey and dirty city street could be a scene for arthouse movies looking for natural impact to film here, on this section of four blocks.
 The Brazilian Quarter became known locally as such by the number of ethnic latino races that rent here, unable to afford any better and condemned for doing such. Not politically correct perhaps, but the locals don\'t care who they offend when it comes to a violent place such as this, for it is something they live with every day, both before and after the Apocalypse.