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Nikolai Armani
« on: December 16, 2006, 01:51:46 PM »

    Name: Nikolai Armani
    Nicknames: Judas, Nick, Doxy
    Age [appearance]: 25
    Age [Actual]: 97
    Date of Birth: August 15th, 1921
    Gender Expressed: Masculine
    Gender Orientation: Man
    Sexuality: Ambiguous in orientation and practice (Queer), Aromantic
    Occupation: Narcotics Dealer; Information Gatherer
    Nationality: American - Greek and mixed American heritage
    Race: White
    Species: Vampire
    Clan: Assamite Bloodline - Caitiff (Infusco)
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Sire: Micheletto Bansai
    Fledges: N/A

    Permissions Given During Reasonable RP
    Feeding: Yes
    Wounding: Yes
    Killing: No

    Hair: Nikolai wears his hair parted on the left with uneven layers. The hair on left of part is short and choppy, the longest strands reaching the to middle of his jawbone. The right side of the part is considerably longer, reaching down to the middle of his shoulder at its longest point. By nature it is dark brown, perfectly straight and soft.
    Eyes: The eyes are a fiery emerald green and lined with plenty of thick lashes. They sit above a long nose, deep under his manicured brow. Natural discoloration around his eyes can often make him seem tired. He has recently given up much of his makeup tendencies, preferring only eyeliner now. When he smiles (or anything of that sort) the skin at the corners of his eyes wrinkles, giving him a very intense look.
    Skin: Pale, but with the understanding that it used to tan well in the sun. Smooth and covered with fine, medium-dark hairs where applicable.
    Shape of Face: Rectangular with sharp, prominent structures.
    Nose: Just past average into the longish side. Slightly hawkish.
    Mouth: Thin, pale lips with a slight pouty jowl. Clean shaven.
    Glasses or Contacts?: No
    Frame: 5’ 11’’ (180.5 cm) 150 lbs. (68 kg). Body is triangular with wide, masculine shoulders and a narrow waist. His body is nearly perfect with toned with tight, fair skin. He is of medium height with a natural athletic build. He does have a fabulous ass, which he considers one of his best features. Most people find Nikolai extremely attractive. He walks with a confidence that borders - and occasionally crosses into - conceit.
    Hands: Long and thin, more rectangular than square with agile fingers. Nails are kept slightly long and rounded, presenting a more feminine appearance. Tattooed (see below).

    • Both arms - full sleeves (from top of shoulders to wrists) dark, intricate images of his own design.
    • Mid-back - A dagger piercing a realistically-detailed heart.
    • Neck, back - "chaos.", a plain font.
    • Fingers, both hands - "ORTH ODOX", Old English-esque font.
    • Ribcage, left side - "Monsieur", a delicate script.
    • Ribcage, right side - "AntiChrist", a delicate script.
    • Chest, center of sternum - a diamond-shaped patch of ink, with eyes looking out.

    • Ear lobes (gauged)
    • Ears (industrial)
    • Eyebrow, left
    • Lip, double labret rings (Snake Bite)
    • Nipples (barbells)

    Distinguishing Marks:
    Under the tattoos on his left shoulder there is a significant patch of severely burned skin which he acquired about twelve years ago. It is not noticeable due to the tattoos, but is texturally different. At the insides of his elbows (especially the left one) his skin is rigid and scarred from years of injecting morphine and heroin into himself. He doesn't like this area being touched at all. What skin is exposed is perfectly smooth otherwise.

    Around the house: Jeans or pants only. Very occasionally sweatpants.
    Doing errands: Always neat. Fitted pants or jeans with a plain long tee, brand name sneakers (Puma, Adidas, Nike, etc).
    To bed: Nothing
    To work: Always neat. Fitted pants or jeans with a plain, long tee, brand name sneakers (Puma, Adidas, Nike, etc).
    To an interview: N/A
    Out with friends: Always neat; free of fur, dirt, or anything of the sort. His clothes are generally well-fitted: anything from jeans to dress slacks, always worn low and tight around hips. His clothing trends towards darker palettes: blacks, reds, greys. Considerate of changing fashions, he is always fashionable, seemingly without effort. It is common to see him in black or dark denim with multiple layers of clothing - shirts, coats, jackets, etc.
    On a date: N/A
    Daily Accessories: The occasional watch or ring.
    Special Accessories: None.
    Personality: It is important to note that Nikolai has a dissociative identity that is referred to - never out loud - as Judas. This identity will surface in moments and days of intense stress, anxiety, or discomfort. It is a self-preserving mechanism. Like with many dissociative identities, Nikolai is not aware of the things that happen when Judas is in play.

    Emotionally unstable, lacking in empathy, extremely self-centered. Oppositionally defiant, he is only controlled through violences or other severe consequences. He is drawn to intensity and instability. He often comes off very superficial. Instead, he is selective with how he spends his energy. Manipulative, stubborn, arrogant, and proud. Defiant to any authority - even if it will eventually hurt him. Calculating and street-smart. Often cold and unsympathetic. Expects none in return. He has a very high opinion of himself. Rarely, if ever, let’s anyone into his life.

    Does only the things that matter to him. Expresses himself better through art than through words. Occasionally compromises his own values for the sake of getting what he wants.

    Violent, cruel, self-preserving. Impulsive, instinctual, constantly in survival mode when present.
    Philosophy of life: Chaos rules. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Strongest positive personality trait: Resilient
    Strongest negative personality trait: Wildness

    Strengths: Acuity, assiduousness, attentive to detail, autonomous, keen environmental awareness, creativity, curiosity, dauntless, diligent, endurance, intense focus, moderate foresight, humorous, independent, insightful, perceptive to details and patterns, resilient, self-awareness, self-reliant, tactful when necessary.

    Weaknesses / Flaws:
    • Painful headaches after using telepathy too much; often propels him into a dark mood.
    • VERY prone to severe mood swings
    • Focuses a lot of attention on appearance both for himself and others
    • Judges people on their appearance often.
    • Mouthy; quick to fire off comments and burn bridges.
    • Often overestimates himself and his abilities.
    • Extremely selfish; always thinks of himself first.

    Emotion or Logic?: Leans more logical
    Introvert or Extrovert?: Extrovert
    Generous or Stingy?: Stingy
    Polite or Rude?: Rude

    • Skilled at drawing, especially using charcoal and pencil
    • Has learned everything about being a vampire on his own through trial and error. There are many things he doesn't know how to do -- fledging is one of them.
    • Nikolai never allows anyone to see any of his art, save for his tattoos.
    • Nikolai Armani is his most common name, though it is not his only fake name.
    • Rarely expresses love for anyone or anything.
    • Doesn't expect to live for twenty more years - wants to die young.
    • Obsessively keeps his condo spotless.
    • Has never felt the Sire bond, seeing as his Sire abandoned him.

    Hobbies: Drawing, people watching, researching new things, writing macabre vignettes.
    Pastimes: Going out to clubs, having sex, feeding, drag racing in the city, stalking targets, teaching himself new things, getting high and listening to music.
    Likes: Big dogs (especially bully breeds), nudes, men, drugs, being alone, listening to music,
    Dislikes: Human food or drink, being told what to do, any form of authority, being studied or figured out, women, mindlessness, being manipulated, losing a fight, cats, parents, children, getting old, disrespect.
    Bad Habits / Vices: Addicted to cocaine and heroin, aggression, arrogance, callousness, condescending, craziness, decadence, deceitfulness, egoism, impatience, insolence, lavishness, liar, lust, madness, manipulation, murderous, narcissistic, obduracy, obsessive, offensive, promiscuous, rage, rashness, secrecy, spite, stubborn, untrustworthiness, wildness, wrath
    Disabilities: Suspected diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder, Schizoaffective Personality Disorder with hallucinatory tendencies.

    Sense of humor: Sarcastic, dark, off-color
    Temper: Vicious once peaked, but slow to get there. Holds a grudge with abandon.
    Pet Peeves: Stupidity, messiness in his spaces, correcting his lexicon,
    Major Hangups: correcting him, committing violences against him,
    Fears/Phobias: Loss of control of self, being controlled by others, fitting in, settling down,

    Sports: None, but would chose Baseball if he had to.
    Food & Drinks: Blood. Used to love his coffee black with lots of sugar
    Music: Industrial Metal and Hip Hop subgenres
    Movies & TV shows: Momento (2000), Fight Club (1999), Silence of the Lambs (1991), A Clockwork Orange (1971)
    Books & Magazines: Rolling Stone
    Sayings: "Go fuck yourself."

    Religion: Atheist, with history in the Greek Orthodox church as a child
    Attitude towards religion: openly resentful
    Morality/Ethics: Anything goes.
    Stand Up Citizen or Law Breaker: Law Breaker
    Last Good Deed Performed (If Any): Can’t remember.
    Last Time They Broke the Law (If Any): Yesterday

    • Natural talent for learning intimate knowledge about the people he comes into contact with. Nikolai could find out just about anything he wanted to know if he tried hard enough.
    • Doesn’t typically discuss thoughts with others.
    • Doesn’t typically bond or form lasting relationships with others, and is fine with this.
    • Fun to party with, with or without drugs.
    • Celerity - Can move at higher rates of speed than many vampire his age.
    • Auspex - All five senses are heightened to supernatural level.
    • Obfuscate: Cloak of shadows - able to stand still enough to avoid detection in reasonable accommodations. Note: He doesn’t recognize this as being supernatural.
    • Quietus: Blood Essence - Can draw blood from the heart of an exsanguinated prey. Note: He doesn’t recognize this as a skill and rarely does it.
    • Sleeps with his eyes partially open.
    • Because of his supernatural abilities, Nikolai has never been caught by the local police.
    • Can go up to three days without feeding
    • Fast learner with most skills
    • Can do very basic telepathic work like sending and receiving messages, but for only a limited time.
    • Goes into catatonic states where his body doesn’t move and all mental presence is gone. Episodes are uncommon and can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours. Nikolai is not aware of himself at this time and can generally awaken as if no time has past at all. These episodes can be triggered by stress, but are not always.
    • Experiences occasional visual, auditory, and sensory hallucinations. Often he knows they are imaginary and will try not to bring attention to them.
    • Has a disassociative identity known as Judas. The change between the two can alternate between very obvious and very subtle, depending upon the situation.
    • Extremely independent
    • Resilient; can pick himself up after anything

    Education: Some high school. Dropped out at sixteen.
    Intelligence Level: Highly intelligent.

    Speech Patterns: Uses expletives often.
    Words/Slang/Jargon: typical modern American lexicon
    Eye Contact: Always, intense to the point of threatening
    Gait: Arrogant, even. Long, fast strides.
    Posture: Slightly slouched.
    Gestures, Quirks or Eccentricities: Tics, usually with him snapping his head to the right side.
    Mannerisms: Pacing, licking the backs of his teeth, spinning his lip rings,

    Commonly Seen Holding: A cigarette
    Common Stance 1: Lounging with arms spread wide over the backs of nearby chairs, legs spread comfortably or crossed.
    Common Stance 2: Standing straight and tall, feet shoulder-length apart and pelvis leaning forward. Arms crossed over his chest, smirking.
    Common Stance 3: Standing over a table, stance wide, gripping the edge or hands flat on top, with an air of command and control.

    Current Occupation: Narcotics Dealer
    Salary: $800,00 Annually - $15,000 / week
    Previous Occupations: Sex worker, thief, odd jobs
    Socioeconomic Level as a child: Working Class
    Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Upper Class
    Hometown: Wheaton, Illinois
    Current Residence: John H Wagner Heights, South District
    Type of home/ neighborhood: High rise condominium


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    Re: Nikolai Armani
    « Reply #1 on: April 29, 2019, 01:05:46 PM »
    History and Relationships

    Nikolai grew up in a suburban town near Chicago. His father immigrated to the United States from Greece in late 1916. His mother was a mixed-heritage white woman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The couple had one son, Antony Christovao Zografos III.

    Antony was always a very defiant and rebellious child; he was known for lying and hurting other children from a very young age. He would be brutally beaten by his father on a semi-regular basis in an attempt to curb the behavior, to no avail. By thirteen his behaviour and moods had spun out of control. He would turn on his mother physically during arguments, hurting himself or others, and stealing. Antony was constantly being picked up by the local police for disorderly conduct. Being the son of an immigrant, he was often bullied in school - when he showed up - for his name and mannerisms. By sixteen (1931) he had dropped out of school and had escaped his parents to live in Chicago with some friends, changing his name to Nikolai to remain unsearchable.

    In the city he found a freedom he had never known before. Unhindered by social norms, Nikolai coveted his freedom. To make money, he would prostitute, steal, or do odd favors. He first developed an addiction to alcohol. After a night of partying which almost killed him, he was hospitalized in 1942. The doctors were able to save Nikolai's life with the miracle drug Heroin. Having dabbled in opium already, Nikolai became first medically dependent and then addicted to heroin. Nikolai became a addict for anything that he could get his hands on. He began trafficking heroin and - as popularity grew - cocaine to make money for his addictive lifestyle.
    One night in 1946, a young Nikolai met a charming man who promised him a good time. When Nikolai and this stranger went back to a hotel together, Nikolai dosed himself with cocaine and the two had sex. The stranger then fed ravenously from Nikolai, and took too much. During the ensuing fight between Michelletto and Nikolai, Judas was able to latch on and drink from the vampire in an act of self-preservation. Inebriated, Mitchelletto left an overdosing Nikolai on the floor for dead, never to return, believing he had died. Nikolai awoke from his first death with no Sire or idea of what he had become. He has learned everything on his own.

    As an immortal, he took years to figure out his own limits and abilities, having no community of vampires. He returned to many of the same self-preserving activities that had afforded him the ability to live. He has spent the past few decades wandering around in the country and has moved into large cities all around the country, including Chicago, Boston, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles and San Diego before landing in the nameless city about ten years ago.

    A year or so after settling himself in the city, Nikolai met up with a few mortals who had formed an organization called the Eastwood Disciples. They specialized in trafficking drugs of several varieties and propelling the city's prostitution rate off the chart. Nikolai acts solely as a dealer nowadays. His power in the Disciples has recently grown, though he only nears the middle ranks of the hierarchy. The vampire doesn't want more than that, though he could easily obtain it.

    Nikolai was fledged by Mitchelletto Bansai during a night of sex, drugs, and feeding. Mitchelletto had no intention of creating another. Nikolai overdosed during the feeding process. The human Nikolai latched on during an ensuing fight as his heart stopped and there was nothing that could have been done to take the vampire blood from his veins. Thinking that the boy had died and not much else about it (he was quite intoxicated, after all), Mitch left Nikolai on the floor of the hotel room they had rented. The evening after his death, Nikolai awoke from his death feeling terribly Thirsty. Nikolai, however, remembered only bits and pieces of the night before and had no idea what had happened. He thus began his journey figuring out vampire life. Mitchelletto and Nikolai have not been in contact until very recently.

    City History:
    Nikolai was once the friend of one Pierre DuSang. Due to his uncanny ability to find information, he was hired by Damien Evans to track down a specific smoke demon - Laurent Craiton. Unknown to Nikolai, Laurent was also searching for Damien and his then-Ward, Rachel(Storm). It was Laurent who, under a different name, both assaulted and planted spies in Nikolai's mind and made him find out where Rachel was. When it was discovered that Nikolai had led the smoke demon to Rachel, Nikolai was punished and exiled from the Aquillia lineage and company. He has not been in touch with any of the above in several years.

    During this time, he has also been sexually involved with Sonya Turkevich. The two had a rocky beginning, but were more or less romantically involved until Sonya's 18-month disappearance. During said time Nikolai returned to drugs, violences, and giving in to dangerous vices.

    Recently he received an anonymous invitation to a hotel outside the city where he encountered Laurent and his Sire, Mitchelletto. Both took time taunting and torturing Nikolai until Judas came out. Laurent placed the spying shadows back inside of Nikolai and is expecting him to penetrate the offices of Jake McCloud and other important figures.

    Relationship status: Unknown.
    Current family: None
    Family background: Second generation Greek immigrant, third generation Prussian descent
    Mother: Florence Zografos, nee Barnhart (deceased)
    Father:  Antony Christovao Zografos II (deceased)
    Birth Order: First, only
    Siblings: N/A
    Maternal Grandparents: Henry and Greta Barnhart, nee Pausch. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    Paternal Grandparents: Never met. Lived in Greece until death.
    Other Relatives: Scattered relatives he has never met, all deceased.

    Best Friend(s): N/A
    Other Associates: The Eastwood Disciples (NPC)
    Other relationships: Sonya Turkevich
    Enemies: Laurent Craiton, Mitchelletto Bansai, Damien Evans, Pierre DuSang

    Sexual Background: Prostitution for many years since age sixreen. Has always engaged in sexual activities as a means of getting what he wanted. Has experienced sexual assault numerous times. Switches positions and powers easily and freely.
    Turn ons: Strong features, commanding attitude, challenge, blood, shit talking, sexting, multiple partners, originality, and eagerness.
    Sexual interests: Kink, bondage, restraint-play, sensory play, penetration, sado-masochism, breath play, rough play, switch play, multiple partners, various other kinks. 
    Turn offs: Cheap clothing, forced sex, assaults, sexual roleplay, being throttled.

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