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« on: December 18, 2006, 08:12:18 PM »
 It was once the jewel of the small town this city had sprung forth from- it had owned many names, but it was always the same in essence, even when technology marched ahead and time changed its face with a single sweep of her hand. It was an amusement park- only became an abandoned one. The machinery lay dormant in the light of day, gleaming and polished as if it were new - strange, since such metal-wrought things tended to rust and rot with no one to care for them.
 ((Written by Cy))
 It\'s out near the Boardwalk, far away enough from the city not to attract attention when the lights blaze to life at night and the machines grunt and groan as if they were living beasts rousing themselves from sleep. It\'s a full-blown carnival- an exciting mix of relatively new stomach-twisting rides and a charming old-style "Freak-Shows". It seems to brim with people of all strange sorts at night.
 ((Written by Cy))
 The park had been purchased by a new owner, anonymous and wealthy enough to bring Fantastika to life by the light of the day also. The duplicitous nature of Fantastika adds to its lustrous presence. Daytime brings laughing children and relaxed families who fear no evil, even in the House of Horrors. Nighttime brings out the creatures that cannot withstand the sun, making the Horror House a comedy of errors.
 ((Written by Satyr))
  Rife with bad luck, Fantastika caught aflame and burned high and bright during the summer of 2009.  The crowds fled in panic, but not before a dozen children and seven adults met their deaths.  Fantastika lay inanimate and broken, smouldering remnants of a fun-filled past now condemned to wait for rebuilding once more - if it would ever come.

In recent months, there appears a magical mist at night, turning blackened and twisted metal into a turning ferris wheel once again, flags take flight in a breeze that blows only for them, the helter skelter lighthouse slide is tall and inviting once more.  For a several hours from midnight to sunrise, it seems Fantastika lives and breathes its happiness again.  Some see it and whisper with fear about the haunting, while others flock to experience the magic of an playful land that turns back into its skeletal remains when the colours of daylight begin to streak a course in the night sky.