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The Old Lighthouse
« on: December 18, 2006, 09:15:27 PM »
 Sitting near a rocky ledge, where the ocean and the wall of earthen stone meet and crash together like two titans at war, stands the newly renovated lighthouse. Once abandoned for years, the lighthouse stands proudly with new paint that matches that of the small cottage at its side, charcoal grey with a lighter grey trim, and black roof. The one time disarray of the cottage has been cleaned up, the only remnants of the former occupancy being the woodburning stove near the back wall that is rarely lit, and the antique ice box in the corner. A small interior room has been added and furnished with an antique solid oak bed set. A table and a few chairs can be found in the main room, along with a shelf of books that have seen better days - as well as decades.
[written by eterna_rimorso]
Administrator\'s note: The Lighthouse is currently occupied by Abigail LeFay
 It\'s simply a wide, wild stretch of land where the earth meets the sea.
 Southward, the beach is nothing but a series of treacherous cliffs pockmarked with tide pools- a wonderful place to explore, should you ever feel the itch for such a thing. And have relatively good footing.
 The transition from cliff to sand is rather sudden- two-thirds of the beach is just that, a beach. Toward the land, in some areas, there are tall dunes interspersed with various seaside life and dusted with gnarled scrub- but there are also simple, sweet, stretches of bare sand.
 The sea is like a living thing- massive, roiling, green, whispering and hissing in the rocks, crashing and charging playfully over the sand. It\'s a place to get away from the hustle and danger of the city and simply enjoy nature as it is.
 [written by Cy]
 The drop off into the rolling waves and pounding surf below is quite impressive. From the vantage point above the sea, one can see for miles on a clear day, and the wind whips and stirs about the smell of the ocean pleasantly-- if one likes that sort of thing.
 The rocks itself are slowly, slowly being reshaped by the waves, but for the time being they remain much the same; little plants sprout up from between faults in the stone and earth.
 Below the cliffs are stones that are only accessible during low tide during which the pools of seawater and life are visible. Crabs scurry about and muscles cling to the rocks and it\'s all quite lovely... just get out of there before the tide comes back in, the ocean is not something to be trifled with.
 [written by Cricket]