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Saint Augustine Cathedral
« on: December 24, 2006, 11:28:03 PM »
St Augustine is built in large grey stone blocks, every so often there is a grey block a little darker than the rest.  The cathedral is designed as a long rectangle with a high triangular roof and a steeple at the front, where the door is set into.  Large wooden crosses have been placed on all four sides of the steeple, but at the front and above the door is a small platform where a statue of the patron saint Augustine stands, with his hands held out cupped before him, as though offering a gift.  A pathway of lain greystone  meets the pavement with large, flowering shrubbery on either side, lending the most wonderful aromatic smells to any who walk the path to the church, as well as seeing a colourful blanket of flowers.

Upon entering the large oak double doors, the devotee will find an open space built in the same grand manner as the rest of the church. The  floors are made of a rich hardwood stained dark.

The stone walls inside have been covered halfway up with smooth wood and  painted the color of rich butter to give a warm and welcome feeling. Set in  the far wall behind the podium is a large multi-piece  stained-glass window depicting angels going about tasks as if offering a window directly into heaven. The rest of the wall space is dominated by heavy  tapestries of wide green fields, white capped mountains, or lazy  seasides.

Behind the podium is a trapdoor and narrow staircase that leads downstairs to the Arch Chamber where the priest can retreat to after sermans, or to prepare them.   A large fireplace sits back into a wall  surrounded by large thick chairs for sitting or reading, small floor lamps set  aside each chair to offer extra light for readings. Aside the large gold-white  marble fireplace are several floor to ceiling bookshelves, all mixed with  different books and tomes, the older leather bound books set in their own case  farthest from the fire. Old and new are carefully mixed to create a feeling  of being timeless while in the room. Candle holders sit between the more modern  wall mounted lights, just as the newer and older pictures and paintings sit  mixed on the walls between themselves.

The air itself is a mix of beeswax  from candles, vanilla from some type of modern freshener, and the wax and  leather polish from books and wooden furniture.

[written by Umbra Conceal and Satyr]

Beneath the foundations of the cathedral there is an access point to the city\'s massive sewer system.

Recently computer wires have been strung all around the east district with the hub located directly under Saint Augustine Cathedral. From his vantage point, the Nosferatu Benny can monitor activity throughout  the east district.

His room was once the office of a waste management official.  Several cages are positioned in the room holding Benny\'s pet rats, arranged by size and color. A mattress lies on the ground and serves as Benny\'s bed. A few stolen clothes litter the room as well as Benny\'s super computer. The surrounding sewers are Benny\'s turf and although no official claims have been made, no other supernatural has tried to make a home in them. Since his arrival, Benny has become the Cathedral \'ghost\' and scares late night practitioners by whispering into their minds.

[written by Billiam, edited by Satyr]