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Meadowcrest Woods
« on: December 24, 2006, 11:30:54 PM »
  A little swathe of heaven. Heaven and pine trees.
  Meadow Crest woods lies just north of the farthest boundaries of the Nameless  City’s expansive suburbs, which are more like slums and less like friendly  family neighborhoods. Past the suburbs, you’ll find an open, expansive region of  privately owned grounds, a land of mansions and old, abandoned palatial  residences- once you’ve passed beyond all civilization, then you’ll know you’ve  found Meadow Crest.
  The woods mainly consist of medium-growth hardwood trees- Ashes, Maples,  Birch and Walnut trees crowd for space above the layer of tangled and wild  undergrowth; the only paths that lie here were carved by deer and human hikers.  There are frequent clearings- the likes of which were caused by the old practice  of logging, back when the city was in desperate need for wood, but this has long  since abandoned, and more… unusual occupants have since taken up residence  here.
  ((Written by Cy))
  Set in the center of the woods, every site there has that "rustic, old world"  feel to it. Many of the sites are set back from the main road, each having it\'s  own water source and a pair of electrical outlets, not always guarenteed to  work. There is a small gravel parking space surrounded by a rather small patch  of grass. Though most are only big enough to accomodate a tent or two, there are  a few that have enough space for a small horse-drawn caravan. The sites closer  to the road even have a small trailor home already parked and waiting for  rental, those these are usually the most expensive and the first to be rented  out. The sites are surrounded by trees and bushes containing god-only-knows what  kind of poisonous plants and bugs. There are several outhouses placed around the  grounds, and only two bathroom buildings. These buildings contain two rusty  showers each, a leaky toilet, a sink that emits brown water and a tarnished,  cracked mirror.
  But the grounds are not without their good points. Near the main entrance is  a small bar known for good beer and even better moonshine, and an excellent fish  fry every friday night. A small pool sits open just behind that, and an even  smaller jacuzzi. The genaral atmosphere of the grounds is one of lazieness and  uncaring....It\'s even doubtful if the bar owner would even say anything if  someone where to walk into his bar sans clothing.
  ((written by Tantric_Muse))
  Coming out of a overgrown and hard to follow bush trail, one would be  rewarded by the sparkling liquid glitter of the water tumbling over a  outcropping of rocks that slowly are being changed by their users.
  Underneath the waterfall hides a small landing, just enough space for two or  three people to sit down comfortably, if they didn\'t mind the noise, or the wet,  or the slipperiness of the moss covered sones.
  In the always turbulent pool below the falls, no fish live here, instead,  crawdads infest the shallower waters, where the current stays calmer.
  ((Written by Sashimi))