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The Bojangles Cineplex
« on: December 24, 2006, 11:33:22 PM »
  Now under new management, the current owner is determined to bring the old  building back into the public eye, and screens a variety of hard-to-find as well  as popular movies (some of which are ‘private’ screenings of banned films). The  Bojangles has finally picked up a following that can support it, and so it hangs  on grimly, keeping a head above bankruptcy. It is dressed in typical cinematic  style – red swirly carpet and curtains, gold trim, pastel walls the colour of  dust between the dark wood pannelling, a creaking staircase which leads to the  smaller and cosier upper seating area, and rows of vinyl covered chairs, the  type that flip up.
  Theatre chairs are paired in two, with a slighty curved bannister front that  repeats in a shell-like pattern all along the upper back wall. Curtains and a  short carpeted wall separate one couple from another, so that privacy can be  found here.
  Constructed in the late sixties, the Bojangles began life as a small theater,  under the name of Sepulchre, where plays of tragedy would be staged on a weekly  basis – Friday and Saturday nights. As the popularity of the theater located in  the narrow two story building waned, it was transformed into a movie house, the  stage began to hold nothing more than a giant white screen where black and white  art house movies would be shown.
  ((Written by Dee/Satyr))