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Municipal Library
« on: December 24, 2006, 11:35:54 PM »
  A commanding and extensive piece of architecture, this modern building is  built of predominantly steel, concrete and glass. Lots and lots of large black  plate glass windows.
  The library is one that is available to the public 24/7, and has extensive  collections of books, magazines, newspapers and a digital archive area, where  banks upon banks of computers line the walls of one of the inner rooms for  internal records as well as the internet
  There are many various armchairs and sofas gathered around in squares tucked  away in various corners between the bookshelves or at the ends of them, for  quietly spoken discussions among booklovers, or in single chairs and lamps for  those who wish to just read on their own.
  The shelves are either a rich dark wood that house the more expensive texts,  or freestanding double-sided metal library shelving to display as many books as  possible in the vast space that is filled with glorious works of fiction and  non-fiction, and smells as a library should.
  Complete with a beautiful garden and fountain, statues both abstract and of  cultural importance, lines the library front, and many of the public have been  known to loiter here and be at peace in the atmosphere, reading the books that  they just checked out. Small and unobtrusive lights give the garden a  multi-colored hue at night, giving everything a rather lovely ethereal presence.  Rows of ferny plants and flowering shrubs line the paved path that leads to the  two sets of huge glass double doors of the building itself.
  ((Written by Dee/Satyr))