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Adora\'s Sanctuary
« on: January 27, 2006, 12:42:56 AM »
Outer Structure
The temple is constructed largely in wood upon a stone foundation. The wood has been treated with a warm gloss so that it has an almost rust coloured appearance - rich brown in colour. The windows are simple rectangles with shutters painted yellow to represent the sunny warmth that Adora is said to cast upon her followers. The roof is peaked in several places, and tiled a dark green. The temple is a colourful one, painted in earth colours so that it is easy to see who is honoured here.
Carved into the giant double doors is the image of a sheaf of wheat - Adora\'s main identifying symbol.
Inner Structure
The building has two levels, the ground floor being public access to worshippers, and the second a maze of rooms where all the Clerics sleep in shared rooms of two. Only the Acolyte sleeps alone at the furthest room of the corridor. All rooms are stark - a simple wooden bed, a chair, a bookshelf, a desk and a wardrobe for their robes.
The Foyer
The foyer is small, with a statue of Adora on the left and a carving of a sheaf of wheat on the right. The foyer\'s entrance is wide to show the prayer room almost immediately. A doorway with a discreet set of stairs lies behind the sheaf, where the Clerics climb to their dormitories.
The Prayer Room
Cushions of various earthy colours are lain out in a large grid pattern for those praying to kneel upon. There are large stone candle holders along the sides of each wall to the left and right. The altar is a slightly elevated stage with a podium, the front of it covered with a tapestry of a farmer\'s happy family. It seems that spring, summer and autumn are represented. Services are held by different Clerics each week, rostered on to talk of different subjects. Gatherings are held on a Sunday morning.
The Followers of Adora
A follower of Adora is known as a Cleric. They wear a single colour, pants and a tunic of a burnt orange colour - men and women alike. Around their necks they have a wide flat ribbon of yellow which hangs weighted down their fronts. Shoes are practical farmer\'s boots, brown.
There are no ranks in Adora\'s church, save one lofty position of Acolyte - who manages the church and its functions. The position of Acolyte is to ensure that anyone who seeks help at Adora\'s Sanctuary is given the help they need. Many deeds include feeding those that are malnourished, housing those that have lost their homes and finding jobs for the unemployed so that they do not become beggars or thieves.
The Acolyte is well-loved and honoured by most folk, though there are cynics who believe that the Acolyte is insincere and only does good deeds for recognition, and bad deeds when nobody is watching.