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Ami 'Amphetamine' Trask
« on: January 07, 2007, 03:07:02 PM »
Name: Ami 'Amphetamine' Trask
Age [appearance]: 26
Age [actual]: 26 (flegling)
Date of Birth: 1/3/86. Capricorn, moon in Libra
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Sire: Cicero
Hair: Black, cut into a choppy mohawk, which can also be seperated into liberty spikes (pictured), but she usually leaves it down, uneven strands reaching to her shoulders with a bit of a bang (fringe) in the front.
Eyes: Blue
Frame: 5'8", 138 Lbs. Muscular arms and shoulders, slender hips and strong legs. Ami's body is toned, but not freakish. She spends most of her time being active in one way or another, though she rarely gets bored enough to simply work out.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks:
  • Sleeve depicting barbed wire interlaced with blue Morning Glories covering her right arm from shoulder to wrist
  • pirate flag tattoo on her right bicep (though this Jolly Roger has a pink bow on its head, and it is centered between the words 'FUCK OFF' written in black olde English font.)
  • The late journalist Hunter S. Thompson's sigil, a double-thumbed fist holding a peyote button, in black rests just above the rise of her jeans (always low) coming to just below her belly button .
  • The words WILD HUNT in black script across the knuckles of her right and left hands, respectively.
Piercings:Two rings through her bottom lip -- one in the center, one to the left; heavily pierced ears.

Scars: Two gunshot scars on her right shoulder blade (as well as accompanying surgical scars from the resulting partial scapular resections), and a third on the lower left side of her torso,  just above her hip,  and its corresponding exit wound on her back. The exit wound scar is a good deal larger and uglier.

High strung; Ami is constantly moving. She gets uncomfortable if she stays in one place for too long, but has an oddly even temperament. Her past has taught her to be resourceful, and suspicious. She speaks in short, disjointed sentences, preferring not to waste her time on long-winded declarations. Ami is fiercely independent, and dislikes accepting help from others. The only people she will take outright orders from are Cicero, Joe, and sometimes Morgaine, but only in the most desperate of situations. She is observant and a fair judge of character, and will hear out both sides of an argument before she passes judgement; but once passed, that judgement is final.
Ami is one of very few people who truly does not care what other people think about her – unless she wants something from someone that she can't get from somebody else. Only then will she modify her behavior – and usually only slightly, at that. Once she has whatever she wanted, however, all bets are off.
fun fact: Ami has almost no concept of ownership. In her world, there is no 'Yours', only varying degrees of 'Hers'. If there's unattended food on your plate and she's hungry, that food will be gone. If she wants to borrow your sunglasses, she will do so – even if she has to take them straight off your face or pick locks to get at them. Luckily, this only applies to people she knows (even if she's only known them for two minutes) and strangers' things left out in plain sight (though she'll use hidden things if she finds them.) Generally, however, she'll return everything she borrows, in more or less the same condition as she found it. The only thing to worry about is how soon you'll get it back. Fortunately, the same principles apply to most of her belongings; aside from her guitars, bike, wallet, and cigarettes. If she finds something missing, she assumes it'll eventually find its way back.
Raised in a bad neighborhood in north Minneapolis, shot twice in the back as a casualty in a drive-by shooting at the age of seven, and once more at the age of sixteen at an underground punk show – again by accident – when rival skinhead gangs got into a confrontation. Born to two artists with very different outlooks on child raising, Ami constantly struggled to find her identity amidst the warring ideals each of them instilled in her while the other wasn't looking, she found herself estranged from them as soon as she graduated high school. Two brothers, both older, both graphic artists, both a pain in her ass, and she speaks to neither.
Awareness of Supernaturals: Vampires, werewolves, shifters and Nightmares. Under Cicero's enthusiastic tutelage, however, her library of knowledge is growing exponentially.

Occupation/Job: Bassist for the folk fusion band/motorcycle gang Wild Hunt.
Interesting Facts/Quirks:
*Ami is a high school dropout. She has an almost photographic memory, but is severely dyslexic. Reading is difficult for her, and she avoids it as much as possible unless she is driven to by necessity or is intensely interested in the subject (i.e., zombies). 
*She carries a machete in one of the saddle bags on her bike, as she believes fervently that one day there will be a Zombie apocalypse, and she wants to be prepared. As such, her knowledge of Zombie lore is encyclopedic. It is inadvisable to even mention the word 'Zombie' in her presence, as this is the only subject she is willing to speak at any length on. And she will. God help you, she will.
*Ami played softball in high school; she liked the unity of the team well enough to put up with the rules.
*Four times a year – at the soltices, and the Pagan festivals of Samhain and Beltane (after the band plays their annual shows at each of these celebrations, of course) – Ami will leave everything but her bike, her machete, and rations of food and water, and hike out to the deepest wilderness in the area. Once there, she will build a fire, take hallucinogenic drugs, and talk to the Old Gods. She does not talk about what they tell her, under any circumstances.
Hobby/Hobbies: Messing with her bass and her bike, hiking.
Likes: Art, Anarchy, Arthurian legends, Zombie movies/lore, the outdoors. Genres of music: Old-school punk, old-school metal, only the blackest of black new-school metal, cajun, bluegrass, and traditional music.
Dislikes: Gang violence, intolerance, authority figures, ruffles, The Radio.
Strength: Level-headed and and to-the-point. Ami also has a photographic memory; highly observant, but difficult to read.
Weakness/Flaw: Comes off as flighty. Confrontational and high strung. Stubborn to a fault.

* Paint it Black – Gob
* Betsy Bell and Mary Gray – Cherish the Ladies
* Take Me to the River – Annie Lennox
* Graveyard Tree – Koffin Kats
* Hide My Track – Boiled in Lead
* Run Like Hell – Pink Floyd



I doubt even she could tell you who that guy is.