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Vivianne Beaulack
« on: January 08, 2007, 09:34:38 AM »
Name: Vivianne Beaulack
Age [appearance]: 21
Age [actual]: 21
Date of birth[actual]: 7/14/91; Cancer, Moon in Virgo
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair: White blonde, fine, straight, hangs down to her lower back.
Eyes: A very pale blue
Frame: 5'11", 148 pounds. Very tall, and very thin.
Very quiet and withdrawn; painfully shy. In the past two years, however, she has learned to accept herself. Though still very socially awkward, she no longer centers her life around avoiding interaction.
It should be noted that Vivianne – like many people with extreme social anxiety – is very smart. Absurdly smart, really. She can do very complex math, in her head, in seconds. She understands music as well as she understands breathing, and shows proficiency with almost any instrument she touches. She also has a proficiency for languages, and learns them quickly – from a proper teacher.
She sees no reason, however, she should want to do complex math, and she's happy playing the harp, singing the few songs she's learned in Welsh and Gaelic, and doing her chalk drawings. She dislikes it when others compliment her or otherwise call attention to her achievements; she finds herself boring, unworthy of notice – other people are interesting. Despite the anxiety she feels in the presence of strangers, Viviane believe in the integral good in all people, and is more likely to place blame on herself than on others.
Like many people with difficult pasts and high intelligence, Vivianne spends a lot of time in her head, and has a very rich imagination – which lends itself well to her artistic leanings.
Divorced parents, only child. Vivianne had to take care of her mother – who was dying of AIDS – from the middle of her twelfth year, and her father only dropped by intermittently to borrow money. When her mother (whom she loved and admired beyond anything else) finally succumbed to her illness, Vivianne took all the money that had been stashed around the cluttered house and fled, hoping to find fairyland. The closest thing was Wild Hunt. She's been with them about four years, making her both their newest and youngest member.
Awareness of Supernaturals: Vivianne is aware of the existence of vampires, Weres, and shifters. She doesn't know (or care to know) much beyond that.
Occupation/Job: Plays harp and keyboard for Wild Hunt.
Fun Facts:
*Speaks with a stutter, when addressing strangers.
*Vivianne is missing the pinky toe on her left foot; she wasn\'t born that way, but she prefers not to talk about it.
*Vivianne is a vegetarian.
*Contrary to her frail appearance, Vivianne has a serious addiction to speeding.
*Vivianne will not enter a basement, under any circumstances.

Hobby/Hobbies: Playing the harp, sewing, singing, doing huge, intricate drawings with sidewalk chalk, gathering songs and stories for The Hunt; Vivianne is their story-keeper.
Likes: Books, fairy tales, legends, the Hunt and the sense of family they instill, sidewalk chalk. Genres of music: Classical, anything that can be described – with complete accuracy – as 'ancient' or at least 'very, very old', bluegrass, riot folk, just plain folk.

Dislikes: Confrontation, being out of her comfort zone, awkward questions, crowds, talking about sex, strangers.
Strength: Soft spoken and amiable, once you get past the awkwardness. Very, very smart.
Weakness/Flaw: Aforementioned awkwardness, which is extreme.
Anything Else To Add: Vivianne is not her given name, but it's the only thing she'll answer to. Vivianne knows enough Gaelic and Welsh to sing several old folk songs.

* Hello Seattle – Owl City
* A Girl in the War – Solas
* Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) – Florence + The Machine