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Chance "Perky McBoyband" Watson
« on: January 08, 2007, 09:52:33 AM »
Name: Chance Watson
Age: 22
Birthdate: 5/26/90; Gemini, Moon in Cancer
Gender:  Male
Species: Human
Hair: Blonde, short, spiked – liberty spikes, or just crazily.
Eyes: Green
Frame: 5'9", 145 Lbs. Average build, slim and strong; well-muscled, but wiry, adding a certain sly grace to his movements.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He's usually seen wearing unusually voluminous pants – this is because he has four rows of four stirrups (16 total, in each leg) pierced through the skin of his calves. When he dances with the Hunt, he attaches a large silver jingle bell to each stirrup. 
Simply put, he wears the Morris bells pierced directly through his flesh.

He also wears a thick leather cuff around his left wrist; it was part of a set of cuffs, but the lock is jammed shut as a product of several botched attempts at picking it with his right (less dominant) hand. A simple, dotted pattern of flowers and vines has since been burned into the leather, radiating outward from the broken lock.
 Unstoppably energetic. Loud and opinionated, Chance has no use for tact. He makes no effort to ingratiate himself with anyone, and often makes fun of people mercilessly. Chance doesn\'t fear pain, and he finds it easiest to relate to people through the use of physical violence.

Born the only boy out of three children in a wealthy Orange County home, his mother never knew what to do with him. His father was a self-made millionaire; having built a successful bottling company from the ground, he believed in hard work – this concept applied to his children. As chance entered middle school, he insisted that his only son be transferred from private to public school (to 'toughen him up'). Taunted and beat up mercilessly for being thin and pale and rich and different, Chance turned to the only place he could think of: the punk and hip-hop enclaves of LA. He became something of an underground renaissance man: the hip hop scene taught him how to dance, and the punk scene taught him how to fight.
The punk scene, however, also gave him a nasty drug habit at a very early age. 
Once his mother found out, she kicked him out of the house and forced him into rehab – more out of a sense of duty than because she cared for the teen, and as soon as he was declared sober, he packed his belongings and took off from the rehab center, never to look back. He found the Hunt after having lived on the streets of LA for a year or so.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Relatively low, though he has more (extremely negative) experience with Vampires than his peers. He is aware of Vampires, shifters, Weres, and the world's last Dor Unicorn. He also knows something's up with the bouncers and other staff at Risk (as well as with many of the patrons) but he doesn't care enough to delve any deeper.
Occupation/Job: Backup percussion/vocals/PR for Wild Hunt.

Fun Facts: Chance idolizes Sid Vicious, bassist for the Sex Pistols.  Sid got the monicker 'Vicious' due to his habit of whipping audience members with a bike chain during live performances. In remembrance, Chance carries his own length of bike chain in his pocket, and employs it often when bar/street-fighting.

Shouting, dancing, laughing, fighting with Morgaine, playing practical jokes on his fellow band members, and generally causing a ruckus.
Likes: Chaos, Anarchy, being loud, being on the road, teasing others, bad puns. Genres of music: old-school punk, new-school Hardcore, all waves of Ska, queercore, riot folk, morris, Top 40 – a weakness that he passes off as just one more item in his arsenal of Tools-Used-To-Piss-Morgaine-Right-The-Fuck-Off.

Authority, Being told to grow up, people who 'can't take a joke'.
Strength: Honest and driven, greatly skilled as a dancer.

Confrontational and loud, as well as sometimes just plain mean.


* Run This City – Jet Lag Gemini
* Get Over IT – OKGO
* Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Daft Punk