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Mayhew Kestrel (Boy King)
« on: February 07, 2007, 07:08:18 AM »
Mayhew Constantine Davison Kestrel

Nickname: Hew


December 10

Royalty, King


Brown, naturally wavy, newly cut due to a big recent change in his life (see Recent History).  He\'s hacked away at his own hair to keep it short at his nape.  The barber who visits the palace has tidied it up for him, and as a result he looks more mature when leaving behind the page-boy haircut.

Bright blue, medium in colour, shining.  Very dark long lashes that flick upward naturally.

Nothing outstanding about it; straight and narrow, a fine profile.

Full and a little wide, like many poets describe would be beautiful on a woman. He likes his mouth, and can be a little vain about it. Pretty and shapely lips.

Skin Color:  
He has a tan from being outdoors.  This sets him apart from the rest of the royal family, who are pale.

5\'11 (he\'s still growing)

150lbs, it\'s mostly muscle.

Physical  Attractiveness:
He has more charisma than good looks, though his average face can be more attractive with his bright smile and dimples. His eyes shine when he smiles or laughs, and due to his powerful position, almost every girl wants to be on his arm. He hasn\'t really paid attention to anybody though (that anyone knows about).

Clothing: The finest cloth, the richest materials and patterns. Colourful and attention-getting fashions. When he sneaks out, he dresses as a commoner, with a hood.

Wife: Rochelle Brigitte Caron Kestrel (nee Lafayette)

Mother: The Queen, Katherine, a very sensible, caring woman. Preened to be the King\'s wife, she was a Royal from another land to form a bond between two countries. She loves her husband, the King, very much. It was an arranged marriage that actually worked well.

Father: The King, Morgan (deceased). He was too busy running the lands to pay too much mind to his children. Other than a goodnight kiss every now and then, Mayhew doesn\'t know his father well.

Siblings:  Twin sisters, Brita and Annabeth (or Beth, as everyone calls her). They keep to themselves, though Mayhew has a better relationship with Brita, for they sometimes talk about their problems. Annabeth strikes him as flighty, but he doesn\'t spend enough time with them to know them better. This is of Mayhew\'s own choosing, though the girls don\'t really seek him out much either.

Childhood:  Always preened, always looked after, most of his childhood was a happy one. There were no worries or turbulent moments in his life. Everything was peachy keen, leading to a confident teenager.

Education:  So many studies that his head feels like it\'ll explode, Mayhew is extremely book smart and is also politically aware of the troubles that occur within the lands with crime and so forth. The Captain of the Guard trains him in fighting as well, and everything he does, he has a tutor to help him get better at it.

Natural Talents: A strong boy, he\'s a natural with the sword and a very strong swimmer. He\'s a good problem solver and is confident with people skills.

A confident and mature young man, sometimes people around him forget he\'s still a 17 year old boy. Athletic and smart, he\'s determined and isn\'t very good at handling disappointment because he doesn\'t come across it too often. A bit of a bad loser, he\'s trying to overcome this but its in his character to want to be superb at everything, to be successful at everything.

Recent History: He started sneaking out of the palace to have an adventure with the common kids.  What happened is that he had an adventure and was seduced by the man that looked after his commoner friends - Albert Phinneus, who he knows as Phinn, and reportedly a real scoundrel.  Mayhew eventually loved him and gave himself completely, emotionally and sexually, and was found in a prone position with him by the guards. After Phinn fled the castle, Hew faced an arranged marriage with a girl (Roche) he doesn\'t know and doesn\'t want, but has finally realised she is a good person and is trying to love her.  Now Phinn\'s come back, once his father died and Hew became king.

Judicious (Prince Mayhew in a royally social situation)
A Cultured Tone (The Prince seeks common social interaction)
Happy Daze (The Prince spends time with Phinn, visits a tavern, gets drunk and returns to Phinn\'s room)
Wayward Child (Hew is slowly seduced and finds himself liking what happens)
Corruption of a Princely State (Hew offers himself to Phinn, knowing he is in love)
A Royal Scandal (Hew is discovered in Phinn\'s bed by the castle guards)
Interlude: Princely Consequences (Hew is told he will have an arranged marriage)
Wedded Bliss (Hew is married to Roche)
Training Truths (Hew talks with the new Captain and then with his wife)
Behind Closed Doors (Hew breaks down to Roche)
Solace (Hew and Rochelle consummate their marriage)
A Familiar Face (Phinn returns when Hew is King)