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« on: April 25, 2007, 05:44:11 PM »
Full Name and Title: Mister Albert Cedric Phinneus

Commonly addressed as:
Phinn or Phinneus


Final day of the Full Hunter's Moon (15th of November)



Sandy blonde, straight and sleek to the top of his collar, Phinn cuts his own hair with a knife and rarely washes it, relying on the grease of neglect to keep it smoothed over his head - otherwise the shorter bits he's hacked off at the front have a tendency to fall in his eyes (though he quite likes the rogueish look this gives him).

Blue, narrow and piercing; he does a fair bit of squinting thoughtfully at people so there are a great many character lines around his eyes and it gives him an air of knowledge and suspicion.

A finely shaped, straight and noble nose that has a few scars across the bridge from where the skin has been split but he's been lucky enough (good enough?) that it's never been broken in a fight.  It sits perfectly in the centre of his face and is a very handsome protuberance indeed.

Wide and usually smiling secretively, Phinn's lips are a naturally hued red with a full lower lip and a charmingly shaped upper.  They are kissable lips.  He has a shallow dimple set slightly away from each corner of his mouth, giving him a rather sensual appeal when he smiles.

Skin Color:
Fair, unblemished (apart from the occasional scar from a knife stabbing him, perhaps) and always tanned a golden bronze, since he spends quite a lot of time sunning himself during the day (like a cat, his time for prowling is at night).



Physical Attractiveness:
Phinneus is rough, crass and filthy most of the time, but his angellic looks and sculpted physique always turn heads.  His jaw is square and masculine, his shoulders broad, his waist narrow and his eyebrows have the ability to arch just so... hinting at his devlish thoughts.  He's never polite, doesn't bother much with small talk and an air of lethargic danger floats about him like a shadow.  More than one noble has taken a tumble to the dirty side of town when Phinn has focussed his energies on them - and not regretted their brush with pure, unadulterated fun.

Phinneus likes to move freely, so his clothing is always quite loose; pants laced about his slim waist that balloon out in the legs, shirts long enough to reach his knees, sashed into sense at his hips.  His clothing is always dirty and he has a favourite long black cloak with a large, deep cowl that he likes to wear simply for the effect of swishing it before he sits (and because he knows it makes him look dashing, with its darkness and his fair good looks, let's face it).

Francesca Phinneus was once a beautiful little girl who grew up in a large, poor family in a nearby township, eating dirt and wanting more out of life.  She ran away to Oberon when she was fifteen, deciding she would realise her dream and, indeed, she did get more... than she bargained for; she became an extremely popular whore at the brothel where she worked.  At least she had a roof over her head and her blonde locks and enormous... blue eyes ensured she was doted on by her customers.  Now, she's a fifty-one year old woman who's grown fat and fairly wealthy - considering she owns the establishment to which she was originally tethered - ruling her dominion with a loud voice, bawdy good humour and a strong fist (when necessary).  Her popularity has never dimmed with the men in her life and her whores are treated well - as long as they deserve it - but her children aren't all huge fans, considering they were raised almost as if they were Franny's workers and treated as assets, rather than loved and doted on.  Phinn has definitely inherited his mother's ability to judge a good commodity and exploit it for all he's worth.

Your guess is as good as his, though he's often had the impression that his mother knows who it is.

Phinn is the eldest of seven, he has four brothers - Emrey (30), Myles (26), Wilfred (23) and Herman (18) - and two sisters - Leigh (29) and Mavis (26), who is Myles' twin.  All likely have different fathers (except for Myles and Mavis) but look like their mother enough to be identified as siblings, for the most part.  Only Herman knows who is father is for certain, for Franny was in the later stages of her career when she fell pregnant with Herman and was more or less in a relationship with the man.

Phinneus was an annoyance and embarrassment to his mother, lucky to be born after the beating she received when she first fell pregnant.  He was unwanted and got in the way of her work most of the time (he was also lucky to survive babyhood with the many things Franny did to shut him up while she was 'entertaining'), learning, as he grew, ways to see and not be seen, to hear and never be heard, lest he provoke the wrath of his dam or the madame she worked for.

He spent his formative years skulking around the brothel, highly interested in the pillow talk the customers indulged in in the privacy of the whores' rooms and often putting it to good use by extorting them brazenly on the streets afterwards.  He was about six when his mother figured out what sort of scams he had going and she insisted on being cut in on any profits he made.  Of course, the brothel was generally busy all night, so he spent his days sleeping or learning the ways of the streets.

He became a chimney sweep when he was almost eight and, even when he grew too large to fit into the chimneys, hung around the gang he'd started out with because he liked the camraderie and the fun everyone had together - it was the closest thing to a family he'd ever had and he was loathe to give it up (or admit it to anyone, either).  Though the faces have changed through the years - and he moved into the command position of his own sweep gang, as well as finding a new home in which to house them all - he still values his chimney sweep family above all else, protecting his children as if they were his own (and seeing it as a natural extension of his love when he leases their bodies out to make ends meet).

Nothing formal but he has a master's degree in street knowledge.

Natural Talents:
Being a man of few words but making those that he chooses to say count.

Looking good, getting a tan, recruiting potential workers and playmates, knowing the ins and outs of Castle Oberon (ie. snooping, spying, skulking and watching).

Phinneus is an extremely playful and friendly man.  He spends most of his time lazing about like a graceful cat but he has a quick and very nasty temper (with the appropriate claws to match) should his ire be raised.  Life is a bit of a game to him, and he's always looking for the angle that will see his station raised, money fall into his pocket or things generally improve for him.  It's all about him.  He lives in a modest townhouse with his gang of six boys and two girls (most of which he will replace when they grow too big to climb up and down chimneys and all of whom will be faced with the prospect of earning their keep during the warmer months - when there are no chimneys to be swept - at Phinn's mother's brothel.  The really attractive ones Phinn often sells to the highest bidder personally) and laughs off accusations of pedophilia... though he never bothers denying them.  Phinn is charismatic enough to get himself out of most sticky situations and win the favour of those who should never grant it (such as the children he exploits) while he's at it; his laugh is quick, his smirk quicker and he gives the impression that he always knows an inside joke... that everyone really needs to know.

A Cultured Tone (The Prince seeks common social interaction and meets Phinneus)
Happy Daze (Phinn chats to Hew and decides to take him out for a few drinks; they return to his place drunk, fall asleep and Hew sneaks off at dawn... with a deep kiss his parting gift)
Happy Daze cont. (Phinn and Hew at the tavern)
Wayward Child (Hew is slowly seduced and finds himself liking what happens)
Corruption of a Princely State (Hew agrees to sex and they consummate heir relationship, declaring love)
A Royal Scandal (Lam discovers Hew and Phinn together and makes the greatest mistake of her career)
A Familiar Face (Phinneus returns to Oberon and visits his new king)
State of Play (Rochelle and Phinneus pass one another in a hallway, eight months after he came to the palace)