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Academy Houses
« on: May 07, 2007, 02:42:19 PM »
The House of Blood
Emblem: Crossed  Daggers
Specialty Teaching: The art of torture/slow death
Nickname: The Sadists
The members of this house are taught deeply in the art of  death, and how to appreciate it in every form. Often, this attracts quite violent and malevolent students; and those who enjoy every moment of their work.
They are  taught to embrace the last breath of their victim, and to savour the final heartbeat.
This meticulous praise of death means that the students of the Cruori house are often seen as obsessive, and their strong beliefs within the house itself can  cause conflict with other houses. Magic in this house is dismissed, since an assassin should be taught to be close enough to appreciate death. Weaponry is considered the 'grand' art.
Because of this, the House of Veneficus is believed inferior.

The House of  Magic
Emblem: A Hand (Palm Showing)
Specialty Teaching: Blood magic
Nickname: The Magicians
The Masters of House Veneficus are  often very narrow in their choices of students. They only take students who show a potential flair in the art of magic.
They are taught the value of imagination, of control and of superiority.
Because of this, many students hold an air of imposed  superiority, looking down upon those who cannot use the art of magic.
The  other houses often refer to the Veneficus students as the 'haughty'  ones.
Veneficus tend to isolate their students from other houses, and mix least with House Cruori.
It is known through the Academy that the Grand Master of Veneficus  speaks ill of every other Grand Master (except Confuto, of which nothing is said).

The House of Finesse
Emblem: A Silver Quill
Specialty Teaching: Diplomacy
Nickname: The Whores
The House of Purificio only accepts students from families that are well connected.  Exceptions have been made for those with great talent in the arts; music, dance, painting, sculpting.
Purificio have the best conversion rate of Students to Apprentice, because of the strict training regime coupled with already well-educated students, and have the most classes.
As well as their assassin-related subjects,  House Purificio also hold classes of etiquette and of social graces before  sending the apprentices away from the island, especially if on longer  trips.
This house has many social events partnered with Eruditio.  They also mix with Libramen.  Attempts are often made to socialise with Veneficus and Confuto, but are usually unsuccessful.

The House of Knowledge
Emblem: A Stoppered Potion Bottle
Specialty Teaching: Chemistry
Nickname: The Scientists
The House of Eruditio prize themselves on the knowledge and intelligence of their students.  They focus on the arts of Science.
They accept any students who test very highly on the entry tests, and of them, the Sciences. Every Eruditio student is expected to visit the library at least twice a week, and are set background reading on their topics for every lesson by their respective masters.
Although they accept equal quantities of students studying physical and mental forms, the same amount of research is expected from each student.
Hierarchy in this House is sorted by knowledge.
Due to their scientific and logical nature, the students of Eruditio rarely mix with Veneficus, but they also don’t mix with Cruori, because of their wildly extreme views.  They partner well with Purificio.

The House of Silence
Emblem:  An Ear
Specialty Teaching: Meditation
Nickname: The Ninjas
The House of Silence practise the art of absolute still, believing that the manipulation of shadow and sound is not beyond personal control.
The most mysterious of the houses, many of the Masters are rarely seen at all, and the Grand Master of this house is unknown to any student outside the house Confuto.
The oldest house, they are respected by all.
It has become tradition for Entry Level students to take vows of silence until they progress to apprenticeship; and this is seen as a sign of dedication.

The House of Balance
Emblem:  Scales
Specialty Teaching: Gymnastics
Nickname: The Acrobats
House Libramen is the most unbiased of the houses, accepting every student application.  There are a lot of failed students as a result, and most of the attempts to escape the academy are made by students from this house.  (When faced with death due to failing levels, many students prefer to take their chances on the run).
Adding to their namesake, House Libramen are concerned with agility and movement.  They teach their students acrobatics, and if an applicant wasn’t fit and healthy when they entered, they certainly are by the end of the year.
This  relaxed house is often frowned upon by the others, especially Veneficus  and Purificio, who believe that the arts should be taught strictly - and only  to those who are worthy.