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Academy Structure
« on: May 07, 2007, 02:47:49 PM »
Students have different rankings and different coloured attire, depending on their level of ability. This ranking will also deem where their quarters are. 
The uniform they wear is a tunic over tights same-coloured combination.  None of the students wear shoes, jewellery or headwear.
All students will have a badge identifying their house stitched onto their uniform high upon both arms.
There are nine levels, with one being the lowest, and nine being the highest. To move up a level, the tutors or master of a house must deem a student worthy to be promoted to the next level. This gets harder as a student get higher up the levels, and can result in large age gaps between students in the same classes.
If a student has not moved from a level in two years of training—with the exception of level seven and above—they are deemed incapable, and if not useful (i.e., well connected or trustworthy enough to work for the Academy), then they are killed.  Often an Apprentice is assigned to perform this task.  If the student in question runs for it, all the better to assign a mission to hunt them down.

Due to an entry level test (both mental and practical), how well a student performs dictates which house they will be assigned.

Level 1 - Applicants must be no younger than fifteen, and wear light grey uniform without a sash.  There is no maximum age for applicants.
Level 2 - Dark grey uniform, no sash.
Level 3 - The first set of black uniform, with a yellow sash. This is the last year that students can cross into different houses (if they are acceptable to the house Masters).
Level 4 - Black uniform, orange sash
Level 5 - Black uniform, red sash. At Level 5, access is given to the Obstacle Courses without supervision.
Level 6 - Black uniform, purple sash
Level 7 - Black uniform, blue sash.  From this stage onward, students have limitless years in which to study and rise to the next level.  At this level, studies become very specific and the student is expected to find a specialty in which they must master before rising to the next level.  This is the most difficult level to rise above from, and there are many students that remain here for multiple years before giving up and nominating themselves employees of the Academy and placed where best fit.  Those that are placed outside the Academy live their lives out as normal, and remain ‘contacts’ for the Academy, to be used when required.
Level 8 - Black uniform, green sash.  At any time a student on this level or above can apply to become a tutor or teacher at the Academy.  Very few apply, and not all are accepted.
Level 9 - Black uniform, white sash.

Note: When students are presented with their sashes, they can decide how they wish to wear it, but it must be prominent.  Some belt it about their waist, others over their shoulder, and others wend it about both shoulders, but it has to be visible from all sides.

After Students, there are "Apprentices", who are assigned tasks. The Apprentices will be given minor tasks or missions, and occasionally will be granted an important task or mission, that will affect their standing and future.
These Apprentices wear a black sash with their black uniform.  Unfortunately, this means they get mistaken for teachers a lot of the time.  Some like it, but others don't.
High Apprentices are appointed very rarely, because  they are Apprentices who work directly for the Masters themselves.
These High  Apprentices help their Masters in their tasks.  The relationships between High Apprentices and Masters often have deep bonds, because of the time they spend together and the trust they put in one another.
High Apprentices wear normal clothing, usually mimicking the style of their Masters.

Tutors & Teachers
Tutors/Teachers each have their own specialities that they can teach, often having a wider range than the specialised  Masters.
These Tutors wear all black, with the emblem of their house on the back of their uniform.

Masters & Grand Masters
Master Assassins have no dress-code, and will often wear their own (sometimes eccentric or extremely different) attire around the Academy.
They have specialities, and are only appointed after so many years of teaching. Each master works for their own house - and they have authority over subjects, and all who are below them.
Grand Masters - Each of the houses started with one founding Grand Master. Since the passing of time, the Grand Master nominates one of the Masters to rise in their place.  This nomination is kept very secret, due to the inherent murderous nature of the Academy.  When a Grand Master dies or leaves, the name of their nominated successor is mailed to the Academy.  A house might operate without a new Grand Master for many weeks.
The comings and goings of the Grand Masters are kept secret from most of the Academy.

Living Arrangements
All the students have different floors and corridors, and 9th levels and apprentices are assigned patrol duty.
9th, and 8th are on one floor,  7th and 6th on the next and so on...
1st and 2nd levels  share up to four to a room (with their own levels)
3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th levels dorm two to a room.  Students who have earned favour from Masters will have their own room.  They can lose it if they fall out of favour.
All other levels have their own room, though it is assigned to them, small and starkly furnished.
High Apprentices, Tutors and Masters choose and style their own rooms.