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Hako Sol\'Vair
« on: May 07, 2007, 03:00:50 PM »
"Hiding in the Halflight..." the whisper was carried on soft breath against his ear, warming his skin with the soft puff of words, filling him slowly with trepidation, like a leaky faucet dripping poison into his mind.
Hako Sol\'Vair
Age: 17
Race: Human
House: Purificio
Title: Student
Level: Five

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Appearance: Light brown hair with a natural wave that curls when it is allowed to grow a little longer around his face (as it does currently). Large light blue eyes surrounded by long dark lashes and finely defined eyebrows which make him suit a description of \'pretty\' over handsome. A nose that is neither large nor small, and a wide mouth that is naturally upturned and gives him a rather benevolent expression. Lightly tanned skin that is sunkissed over a frame that betrays his gymnastic abilities - wiry and lightly muscled, thin but not skinny, strong arms and legs but not broad-chested nor has he thick thighs. Not a delicate frame either, so that his body is not one to be mistaken for a girl but also not one that would attract the eyes of those who like hard muscle. If he\'s not in his academic clothing of a black robe and red sash, he\'s often in tight black pants and loosely fitting shirts, almost always wearing riding boots and a silver chain around his neck sans pendant. He often tilts his head when listening to someone speak, knowing that this is an endearing pose, but though he likes attention he\'s not one to overtly primp, he only poses every now and again when he\'s with someone he genuinely likes (whether sexually attracted or not).
Personality: Romantic and poetic, he has a penchant for drama and loves the tragedy of death. Sensitive and emotional, not many would suspect him of being able to hurt anyone, though the world is his stage. He has a detachment of realism, the real world is his fantasy world, and he has trouble deciphering reality for the harshness that it possesses and more often than not will symbolise anything and everything he comes across. He has a knack for inventing ties between coincidences, of bringing together plots that might not be real, of tying loose ends to somebody\'s life neatly, as it might end in a storybook.
History: He joined the academy at the tender age of ten as a child advanced in intelligence. Unfortunately for him, the other kids caught up, but his determination managed to keep him ahead just enough to advance one class almost every year or two. With a potential for the house of Eruditio, he found himself seduced by the diplomatic charge of Purificio, where he believed he would find his full potential. After a great deal of training and an almost dogged persistence, he was accepted in the house he sought despite the clutches of Eruditio who also recognised his scientific (chemist\'s) mind.
Favourite Food: He has a sweet tooth, and often anything rich and indulgent will have him reaching for seconds. Dessert is his weakness, and even his own self-imposed strict diet will be sacrificed at the promise of a chocolate. He can\'t be bribed with money, but many a fellow student has negotiated with him on the promise of a chocolate bar or two.
Favourite Colour: Anything metallic or sparkling, such as silvers, golds, even copper or brass as long as it is well polished. Gems attract his fancy as well, though not for the sake of greed and fortune but rather for the bling. He will tell you that he best loves the sparkle of the sun on the ocean waves and the glittering stars in the night sky.
Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Single. He doesn\'t have time for long lasting relationships, but sees the union of two people as powerful and wonderful. He hopes to one day achieve something this strong with another person, but can\'t imagine it happening anytime in his present. He\'s willing to nurture short-term relationships, but he\'ll be the first to admit that he won\'t work hard to keep the relationship healthy because he is dedicated to his studies as a priority. Should he ever find true love in the academy, he\'ll be extremely conflicted.
Weird fact/s about them: He\'s a bird spotter, but instead of merely spotting them, he\'ll target them with his poison needles and then practise taxidermy upon them. His room is filled with many dead birds, posed appropriately. Sometimes he\'ll give one away as a gift, though it would mean a great deal to him for these birds are his treasures.
Family: He had three younger siblings that all died of horrible and unrelated diseases before he was eight, a mother that lost her mind and a father that takes care of his wife. When Hako entered the academy at the tender age of ten, the man was both relieved and concerned, the latter not overtaking the former simply because Hako\'s leaving the household was too convenient a burden to lose.
Weapon: Poisons. He has wonderful aim with small things such as darts, peashooters, needles and slings.
Magick: He possesses none except for the uncanny knack of being mostly accurate when reading people\'s body language. He has a very good eye for detail and his compassionate and empathising character makes him particularly susceptible to receiving signals as well as often being on the receiving end of those who wish to spill their woeful tales. For a while there, many thought he could read minds, but it was all a matter of perception.

Craft - Taxidermy
Craft - Sewing
Decipher Script
Disable Device
Gather Information
Knowledge - Poisons
Knowledge - Darts
Knowledge - Peashooters
Knowledge - Needles
Knowledge - Slings
Knowledge - Elven Language
Knowledge - Dwarven Language
Knowledge - Social (Historical and Geographical, Customs)
Knowledge - Political
Move Silently
Open Lock
Perform - Flute
Profession - Assassin (Poison) - currently in training
Ride - Horse
Use Rope

Favourite thing about themselves: He considers himself an optimist and is rather proud of this fact.
Sample RP: Hako\'s introduction
Hako awoke with a start, his skin slick with sweat as he heard his own gasp in the room where he slept. It wasn\'t his room; the familiar hanging of his white spotted owl was nowhere to be seen, the great arch of its wings nonexistant. He brought a hand up to his ear where he thought he\'d heard somebody speaking to him, but that must\'ve been a dream. Looking to his right he saw a sleeping figure, the other\'s back to him and arms draped ungracefully over the bed\'s edge. Slipping out as stealthily as he could, he moved over to pluck his clothes up from the floor, where they\'d been thrown in a frenzy of passion. Putting them on and being as quiet as the whisper of his dream, he crept silently to the bedroom door.
"Where are you off to?"
The question caught him by surprise but he didn\'t show it in his reaction. Instead he turned around to meet the intense gaze with a steady one of his own. He should\'ve known better than to try and sneak away from a master, he\'d been fooling himself if he thought he could escape without waking the other up.
"To my room."
The master stared at him for a long moment and Hako found his own stare faltering. After a moment he dropped it to the floor before peeking up through his lashes.
"Off you go, boy," the master sighed before fluffing his pillow and then switching sides so that his back was now to Hako. He\'d managed to disappoint, he realised, perhaps by sneaking away and not meeting the morning in his bed, perhaps because the two of them both knew he was better off found in his own room. Without a sigh, Hako turned on his heel and hurried down the corridors to his own room, where he slipped into the sheets of a cold bed, beneath the hanging wingspan of his owl, to watch over him and protect him from strange dreams.
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