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Litore Amun
« on: May 10, 2007, 08:33:21 AM »
Name: Litore Amun
Age [appearance]: 17
Age [actual]: 17
Gender: Male

House: Veneficus
Title: High Apprentice
Occupation/Job: Writer

Overall: Litore is small in stature and simply looks as though there is something strange about him. His tawny skin seems to glow yellow slightly around the edges. His clothing is always form fitting. He prefers his pants to be loose. His main colors are black and blood-red.
Hair: Litore\'s hair is wavy and dark brown. It falls to the base of his neck. He has a braid tied in the back that falls to his mid-back. It has a slight sheen to it.
Eyes: His eyes are dark brown and shaped like outward-slanted diamonds.
Frame: Tiny. It is easy to see that he does no exercising. However, he doesn\'t overeat. If anything, it seems like he under-eats. He doesn\'t. It is due to his fast metabolism that he is so small.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: His skin’s glow is enough to bring jog anyone’s memory

Personality: Litore is the opposite of the stereotype of his house. He is not arrogant, but he is still not humble by any stretch of the imagination. While he does not complete the superiority part, he definitely excels in control and imagination.
Litore has a habit of manipulating people through silence and having his way wherever he goes—mostly through subconscious telepathy. He can cut it off just as subconsciously as he makes it work—it’s quite mysterious.

History: Litore Amun’s past was as mundane as anyone’s. He studied magic, he practiced magic, and he had fun… Nothing undone by anyone else his age. But to say he was mundane would be a downright lie.
Litore Amun’s activity was quite shady, though he was charming as anyone can be. His ‘inability’ to lie made him an angel, but no one knows what his eyes hide.

Family: Anath Vitus Amun

Likes: Stars and cosmic bodies
Dislikes: People without magical abilities and the color green

Interesting Facts / Quirks:
Favourite Food: Water
Favourite Colour: Orange
Hobby/Hobbies: Practicing magic and water-dancing

Sexuality: Gay
Relationship Status: Single

Weapon: Latigo whip
Magick: His magic is cosmic-based and allows him to change the sub-atomic makeup of the things around him.

Picture: Soon to come