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Euric Zayn Darnell
« on: May 14, 2007, 08:50:02 AM »
Name: Euric Zayn Darnell
Age [appearance]: Early twenties
Age [actual]: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Half Elf (Wood Elf + Human?)
Place of Birth: City of Kyvana

House: Confuto
Title: Student
Level: 1
Occupation/Job: Student

Hair: Long, dark brown hair with a few streaks of gold tapering into a ‘V’ down to his buttocks, the bangs always covering the upper half of his face, a curtain for his eyes. He usually keeps the wavy strands free of any form of bindings but if he was forced to tie his hair, he would fix it into a loose ponytail or braid using a black strip of velvet.

Eyes: Very few people have ever seen the true colour of his eyes due to the fact that he has his hair constantly concealing them and he almost always keeps his head bowed so many assumed that they are of some dark shade, possibly black. The secret to his eye-colour:  a lustrous metallic gold. Those who have seen it can, on occasion, get spellbound by it for his eyes seem to have a life of their own.

Frame: Bronze skin wraps a wonderfully lean and well-toned body, the result of spending too much time working out in the sun and he stands at about 5’9” but because he always walks with a hunch (a habit rather than a condition), he appears to be about an inch or two shorter.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Multiple scars adorns his back, ranging from extremely deep disfigurements to the faint ones which is why he keeps his hair long in case he has to bare his body in public view – something he rarely does no matter how hot and stifling the weather while practicing his skills. He also has faint scars over his fingers and arms on account of the amount time he spends perfecting the use of his weapon of choice. All of his physical flaws is well hidden by his robe and even his hands are covered up in black suede gloves. Not only that, his ears are rather pointy, a mark of being a half-elf.

Alignment: True Neutral

Personality: Euric is the very definition of creepy. He can be so silent and so still most of the time, gliding his way about the school grounds in his black robes that to those who have not met him (usually the lower levels), they can sometimes scare themselves silly thinking that he is some sort of phantom haunting the school as he shifts in and out of existence. So unnaturally quiet he is that people tend to forget he was even there in the first place.

In his own way, he finds it amusing that many seniors use his name to frighten the younger ones, at times enough to give them a nightmare! “Beware of The Lurking Shadow…”, “I’ll feed you to The Lurking Shadow!” and “Oohh… The Lurking Shadow’s coming for you!” are some of the favourite phrases upon the lips of the seniors – they occasionally shorten the long moniker to The Shadow. Of course, he is no saint and would sometimes use this fear they have of him to have things go his way.

His eerie mannerisms can be quite disturbing when he actually does nothing; the extremely solemn half-elf would suddenly break his motionless stance by slow, calculating movements, effectively startling others around him. He manages to ‘stare’ (through the bangs of his hair while keeping his head bowed) his way out of almost anything – chores, confrontations, et cetera. This particular characteristic makes him seem unfriendly and unapproachable. And being a loner, he literally has no one to call his friend and most definitely has never been in a relationship before. Not that he likes to be alone but because of his unsettling oddness, everyone has taken to avoiding him. This makes it harder for him to make friends with anyone. He doesn’t even know how.

Due to his terrible past, he has a huge issue with trust - unfamiliar with kindness, he treats it with utmost suspicion and distrust. He can be quite aggressive when he is touched unneccessarily, all the more people steer clear from him. Underneath his reticent behaviour, however, he is actually a very kind and giving person. That is, if one would give him the chance. Not really a good trait for an assassin but he does take his training very seriously and would push away all sense of compassion when assigned to a job. Bottom line, Euric is simply a misunderstood and very lonely teenager.

History: His childhood is not something he would talk about, even if he had anyone to talk about it to. To cut the long story short, his elven mother had a torrid affair with a man who, till now, Euric doesn’t know of. Rumours had it that his father is a Grand Master in the Assassin Academy, the one who is unknown to most students though this has yet to be verified. But if it is true, it would explain why Euric is incredibly adept at manipulating shadows at such a young age.

Life as a bastard child was not at all pleasant. In fact, it would be called a nightmare for little Euric. At age four, despite his mother’s appeal, he was sent away to live with an ‘uncle’ because the man who was married to his mother could not stand the sight of him. This ‘uncle’ was actually a mean-spirited goblin who loved to use his whip on the poor half-elfing. That’s the reason for the scars on his back.  

For six years he suffered through torture at the hand of his uncle’s cruel ministrations. It scarred Euric not only physically but emotionally as well which sheds some light on why he behaves the way he does. It is unknown exactly how he was saved from this hell but the tale was that Euric’s father had found out about his situation and had plucked him out of his misery by enrolling him into the Assassin Academy and into the House of Silence. It wasn’t that he chose that particular house for the choice was not given to him; he was simply slotted into Confuto by the order of some higher-up. But the boy finds that this house suited him best – that and because in his opinion, the shadow is his friend, able to hide him from the harsh cruelties of the world.

From then on, he was dedicated to his training, viewing the academy as some sort of refuge for him. He never tried to find out if the rumours were true about his father, figuring that if indeed it had been his father who had been his savior, he must have some reason not to reveal himself to the boy. Whatever the case, Euric knows for a fact that he is half-elven but he doesn’t know about the other half and simply assumed that it is human. So it is more than likely that he has untapped abilities.

An intelligent boy, he only needed one year for each level resulting in him to quickly climb up to the highest level as a student. This made many resentful and again sparked gossip of how he was the pet of the House. Of course, no one was brave enough to make any sort of improper remark directly to him. Yet. Although when he was of lower rank, he had had his share of being bullied simply because he was known to be The House of Silence’s prized freak. All the harassment stopped when he snapped one time and the antagonizer – he was of Level 5 while the senior was of Level 1 – landed himself into a coma. Euric wasn’t punished however, and this made the others resent him even further but with the added fear, they now take to evade him at all times.

Family: His mother whom he had not seen ever since he was cast away - Ireth Elanessë. His father is rumoured to be the extremely mysterious Grand Master of House Confuto whom Euric himself has never seen (Actually it\'s all speculations at this point as to his father\'s identity, but Euric cannot help wishing that it\'s the truth). He also has two half-brothers and one half-sister, all which are older than him but he doesn’t have memories of them.

Likes: Shadows, silence, perfecting his talents, playing/practicing his weapon, self-help books (funnily, books with topics such as how to better make friends and the like), animals (mostly strays), playing his flute
Dislikes: Rumours, people judging him when they don’t even know him, being alone but not knowing what to do to remedy that, animal abuse, bullying, people touching him for no reason, loud noises

Strength: Being a half-elf, he is blessed with keen senses and perceptions as well as enhanced agility and reflexes. He is also a natural at handling most weapons as well as capable of using Magick should he want to.
Weakness/Flaw: Is bad at aiming therefore he doesn’t do too well with throwing weapons. And because people generally stay away from him, he can be at a loss when someone does talk to him for no reason which gives an impression that he is rather dimwitted when he is actually quite intelligent. Furthermore, he is not as strong when manipulating sound unlike when he is controlling shadows therefore to counter this slight handicap, he uses a flute for added control.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Is a light sleeper and his room is soundproof because even the smallest noise can wake him from his sleep. He has never and will never let anyone into his room but if he does, he either has made a new friend or… that ‘new friend’ had better beware. Also, with a love for animals, he has taken to ‘adopting’ a lot of strays he found even to the point of sneaking them into his room. Currently, he has a pet snake (a Ball Python) and an Ocelot kitten he calls Pocket. At one time, he even sneaked in a bear cub which unfortunately, someone found out and he had to get rid of it. Euric is also banned from playing his flute outside of his room because of one incident when he unwittingly put to sleep practically almost all the students that had heard the tune – two towers were affected.

Favourite Food: No one knows for sure because he never eats in public
Favourite Colour: You would have thought black but surprisingly, he likes lavender and pastel yellow
Hobby/Hobbies: Shockingly, he is into knitting – and not just any sort of knitting but he likes to knit little stuffed animals. Yes, a girly activity but he finds it relaxing and if he gets too frustrated, he will likely jam the needle into his flesh so it is no wonder if you find bloodstains on the adorable little things.

Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Single and not too sure about being in one, really

Weapon: Extremely skilled in using a garrote – a ligature made of wire that is used for silent deaths, deaths that are appropriate during assassinations. He keeps this concealed in the folds of his robe. Though it is mainly to strangle victims, Euric keeps his wire sharp enough that if he were to exert more force than necessary, he could cleanly slice heads off.
Magick: He has a natural talent for manipulating shadows and is considered to be one of the best, sometimes even astounding his tutors with the techniques he uses. And since he has elven blood in him, he shows a remarkable aptitude for other forms of magick in which he would sometimes fuse with his shadow techniques that gives him an edge over other shadow casters.  As for sound, he uses his traverse flute made of bamboo to channel melancholy tones that could cause his victim to fall asleep within minutes, or to simply mesmerize them to the point of temporary paralysis. Of course, even without the use of his flute, he is still able to effectively influence sound to silence his every movement.

Balance (Natural)
Climb (Natural)
Concentration (Natural)
Craft - Sewing (Educated)
Decipher Script (Educated)
Escape Artist (Natural)
Handle Animal (Natural)
Hide (Natural)
Intimidate (Natural)
Jump (Natural)
Knowledge - Elvish
Knowledge - Dwarven
Knowledge - Orcish
Knowledge - Common
Listen (Natural)
Move Silently (Natural and Educated)
Open Lock (Educated)
Perform - Flute (Educated)
Ride (Natural)
Search (Natural)
Spellcraft (Natural and Educated)
Spot (Natural)
Use Rope (Educated)

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