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Anath Amun
« on: May 10, 2007, 08:34:41 AM »
Name: Anath Vitus Amun
Age [appearance]: 13
Age [actual]:  15
Gender: Male
Species: half angel

House: Purificio
Title: Student
Level: Level 4.

Overall: Vitus has tawny colored skin and calico like hair that is shoulder length and wavy, it is usually braided. He has soft facial features and he is lightly muscled for a boy his age but he is stronger that he looks. He is all in all rather androgynous
Hair: calico like hair that is shoulder length and wavy, it is usually braided
Eyes: Violet
Frame: Petite
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks:
((Pic will be added later))

Personality: Anath is not one to take likely, he maybe young but is a force all his own. He is thoughtful and kind to most, and violent to those that threaten his \'own\'.  Anath is erratic going from calm, mature and loving to deceptive violent and hateful, but most of the time
History: Anath is the reincarnation of twins their souls combining for no apparent reason. The girl giving the few good qualities in personality from it\'s past lives the boy giving the rage and malice. The child was named Anath his name meaning answer though he only answers dark questions with darker answers. It was clear to his mortal mother that he did not take after their angelic father, but she couldn\'t kill them. His mother took them to holy places to have them healed or to call their father only to be cast out and cursed, the process drove the woman mad and into an early grave. After their mother’s death Anath was sent to his aunt who wouldn’t tolerate his lack of control over his magic so she sent him to the academy.
Family: Litore Amun

Likes: studying
Dislikes: ignorant and overly arrogant people

Strength: poison making
Weakness/Flaw: no upper body strength
Interesting Facts / Quirks: he has doll that talks to him.
Favorite Food: Pie
Favorite Color: Scarlet
Hobby/Hobbies: reading and art in general

Sexuality: unsure
Relationship Status: Single
. Shadow dancing/ singing: Used to summon, bind, or create creatures to do the casters will
Traveling: a form of mind magik or meditation that lets the user travel mentally to another place (including a memory or dream) seeing and hearing things to get info... it can be dangerous. Side effect is aura seeing
Unmaking: Causes the gradual destruction of things literally unmaking them, plus he is a crazy
Weapon:  Dual fan blades and compound bow