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Venorik Barriath
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Name: Venorik Barriath
Age [appearance]: late teens, early twenties
Age [actual]: 112
Gender: male
Species: Drow Elf
House: Eruditio
Title: Student
Level: 1
Occupation/Job: student
Hair: Light silver. Venorik’s hair goes down roughly three inches past his shoulders. The front of his hair by his face is usually braided, whereas the back part is often left long. Vanorik has been known to bind it back in a long old leather wrapping when it gets in his way.
Eyes: Close together on his face, and slightly almond shaped, his eyes are the normal color for a drow; a dark, almost glowing red tinge. However unlike a normal dark elf, they have a small sulfur yellow ring right around his pupils.
Frame: Coal black flesh and a small lithe frame. Venorik looks frail, and if in a fistfight, he rather is. He stands at only 5’2.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Venorik has several small scars along his arms and fingers, mostly from his training.  There\'s a small chunk taken out of his left arm, right by the shoulder where he was hit by a rouge dart in a training session  He also has a large tattoo on his right shoulder in a silvery white ink of a spider’s web. He also speaks with a hissing/whispering accent, but he can be understood quite well.
Personality: He’s not a very social guy. Partly because people tend to avoid the elf due to the terrible reputation of his species, partly because he’s always so busy. He’s a quiet elf who spends most of his free time thinking or studying.
Venorik is exteremely determined to become an apprentice, and in general hone his skills as an assassin. Because of this, he seems overly focused, and just strange by his peers, who like to spend time being kids. Venorik finds those who want to spend their free time playing games and pulling pranks instead of bettering themselves and studying to be pathetic, annoying pests.
History: Venorik was born into the noble house Barriath in one of the underground cities of the dark elves. He never knew a childhood like most people had, as ever since he was born, his life was in danger. When he was five, he first killed another drow, something the males in his family celebrated greatly.
When he was about fifty, his life changed permently. A lower house had declared war on house Barriath, and attacked during the night, killing nearly everyone in the house. Venorik, along with his older sister, Chaleari, and several other male servants escaped into the Underdark. Pursued by the attacking house, and in danger from the natural world of the Underdark, the group fled, working their way towards the surface where they finally escaped. Without a map, and fleeing very nearly blindly, the small group spent nearly fifty years in the wilds before reaching the surface.
Unfortunately, not a one was prepared for life above the ground, where there were seasons, wind, weather, and sun. Most of the servants in the group died of severe sunburns, exposure, and starvation, as they didn’t know what was safe to eat and what was not.
It was three months after arriving on the surface when Chaleari and Venorik, the only two left alive, arrived at the academy. Chaleari gave a demonstration of her powers as a Preistess of the drow spider-goddess Lloth, and gained entrance where they were cared for and enrolled.
Venorik recovered and was entered into the house Eruditio, showing a high intellegence as well as a high determination and will for studying and learning. He had learned the local language well enough to communicate properly. Chaleari died of exhaustion within a week of being admitted.
Family: All dead.
Likes: The moon, astronomy, fire, studying, learning, languages, flowers, spiders (God how he loves them), practicing his magick and his weapons, small dark places, poisons, and taking long walks in the dead of night.
Dislikes: the sun (it burns his eyes), grass, lower level students, loud people, stupid people, being hated for his skin color, Libramen.
Strength: He’s smart. all he cares about is studying, and learning new things, or perfecting what he already does know.
Weakness/Flaw: He’s a very shrewd young man, and doesn’t take well to people in general.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: he has nightmares at night, if he paid any attention to the nightmares and documented them properly, he would know that they were flashes of clairvoyance, but he doesn\'t, so he doesn\'t know about that talent. He\'s also terrified of bears(he doesn\'t like the fur on them, thinks it\'s unnatural), and prays to Lloth every day, even though he doesn\'t believe in her.
Favourite Food: Mushroom caps stuffed with garlic and cheese, or anything with mushrooms in it.
Favourite Colour: Rich gold, or blood red splashed over vlack.
Hobby/Hobbies: Learning new languages. He knows six right now, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Drow, and the silent Drow sign Language.
Sexuality: Unknown
Relationship Status: Single
Weapon: Shortbow, and throwing knives.
Magick: Venorik has three innate abilites that are common to all Drow, noble and common. The first is thast he has infrared vision and can see in the dark. however, he cannot use this ability when ther is light around, as it would burn his eyes terribly. His second ability is the ability to cast a small globe of impenatrable darkness wherever he wishes. No light or infrared can be seen in it, however he must concentrate on it at all times in order for it to remain. the last ability is the ability to cast \'fairy fire\' as he calls it, onto other people or things. The fire doesn\'t burn, it only outlines the target with a nice light blue flame-glow. He also has a high aptitude for oher magicks, but for the most part, he doesn’t practice them. He will, he’s just concentrating on books at the moment.