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Author Topic: Of Missions and... Berserkers? : The Crazy Lives of Assassins  (Read 19606 times)

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Re: Of Missions and... Berserkers? : The Crazy Lives of Assassins
« Reply #30 on: May 16, 2009, 01:19:19 AM »
Idrial listened with amused ears, she lowered her head with a slight smile on her blood streaked face. "Do you really believe I am that stupid. To suggest I am thinking about mutiny is a pure insult Airis. This Academy is all I know since my parents were murdered why would I give that up ? I maybe hard headed at times but never am I pig headed." She spat on the ground showing her disgust towards such a statement. She slowly brought her head up and locked eyes with the Airis showing him that she knew her limits but sometimes you had to go beyond your limits to get things done.

As for dealing with students were easier to deal with than a lich that may be true but on the other hand a Lich would stick out like a sore thumb were as a student blended in with the crowd and had the advantage of surprise. A student was less experienced than a Lich but a student with that knowledge of Dark Spells they might as well be fighting an old and frail Lich. Idrial was lost in her mind, how to give to give the book back without it affecting the academy. But her thoughts were interrupted by a loud and rude Kaid. She lifted her head at Kaid with a look of strength and a bit on anger visible in her face.

She took one step forward towards Kaid not giving a damn about what he might say, "You protect your students, within these walls yes but out there there is none. We are alone out there and if we die you could give a shit. We can always be replaced that\'s the logic behind your thinking, we are nothing but toys that can be replaced by some other toy when one goes missing. You don\'t know the definition of caring Kaid, it was never hard wired into that thick skull of yours. So don\'t preach to me like you know the meaning of it." She snorted aggressively out of her nose ignoring Airis and his statement about the healers.

Idrial turned to Airis with a unbending look on her face, "Make it a mission to return the book to the Lich in his domain, away from the academy and the students." For some reason she wanted to go to this place, to see a place that she never knew existed. She turned to the Lich, " If I returned the book to your domain you can never return to the academy do you understand ?" Idrial knew this wouldn\'t sit well but the Masters might just go for it should the Lich agree never to return