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Ravi Sachin de Dysme
« on: May 18, 2007, 04:52:28 PM »
Name: Ravi Sachin de Dysme [dye-SEEM]
Age [appearance]: Early 20\'s
Age [actual]: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Air Demon

House: Purificio
Title: High Apprentice
Occupation/Job: Serves under one of the Masters of house Purificio, doing major tasks and helping said Master with their tasks.

Appearance (human form)
: Ravi’s hair is all deep reds and oranges with streaks of black running through it. It’s his pride, and he leaves it long and flowing most of the time because of it. When it’s not all flying free, it’s kept in a simple braid that’s often worn over one shoulder.
Eyes: Much like his hair, actually. They’re wild and free, very vibrant and full of life. His left eye is much darker than his right, simply because that’s how it came out. His left eye tends more towards black and orange, whereas his right is more reddish.
Skin: Very, very pale and quite smooth, as he’s outgrown acne. Ravi comes from English heritage, and he’s inherited their porcelain skin.
Height: 5\'7\'’
Weight: 134 lbs
Frame: Ravi’s got an extremely muscular frame with not an ounce of extra body fat. He’s not bulky, though; that would impede flying. Just strong, and lean.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Other than his hair and eyes? Ravi has a small red-ink tattoo that looks like this between his shoulder blades. In truth, he has it in his demon form as well, but gods be damned if you can *see* it then.

Appearance (true (demon) form)
: Just as his hair in his human form, though in his natural form it tends to have more movement to it when it’s free. It looks like a light breeze is always playing with it.
Eyes: Again, just as in his human form.
Skin: It’s the colour of his hair too; all streaks of deep red and orange with some much darker, even black, ones. It’s very colourful and very pretty.
Height: 5\'7\'’
Weight: 134 lbs
Frame: As above.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He had two long-ish, curling horns - each is about 6 inches long - sprouting from the area just above his hairline. They’re much the same colour as his skin and hair, though much more bent towards black than either of them.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks Seen in All Forms
: Ravi has large, bat-like wings with a wingspan of about 8 and a half feet.

Personality: Ravi hasn’t completely conquered his nature as an Air Demon, but he’s done a damn good job of it overall. He can be high-tempered, does tend to be buoyant and often does shy away from the things he doesn’t like. Of course, one can’t become a professional entirely like this, so he’s had to really work at it. He’s much, much calmer than most Air Demons, and tends to keep his high emotions confined only to his close friends and *certainly* to his time off work. His happiness, he’s never had reason to suppress. One can be serious and happy all at the same time. The occasional burst of ecstatic joy will come through from time to time, but he’s usually pretty level headed - well, for his species.

Ravi does try to avoid confrontation, though. Even when he’s on the job, he does. He would rather they never even knew he was there... and oftentimes, they don’t. When off the job, Ravi just tries to avoid those people he knows he fights with. There aren’t many, granted, but the few there are... And whenever a situation is looking to turn bad, Ravi will excuse himself politely and disappear - often through non-magical means.

He’s usually fairly emotionally honest, and doesn’t tend towards conniving or plotting behind the backs of others. Ravi likes to earn what he gets and has a deep contempt for cheaters and those who lie for personal gain. To those who similarly earn their keep, Ravi has a great deal of respect. He actually tends to be respectful, if light-hearted and often in possession of a slightly shorter attention span than many of those around him. But just slightly, and he gets what needs be done done anyway.

To those Ravi trusts and calls “friend”, he’s more reliable than anything and can be counted on to complete even the most difficult of tasks. He does expect similar favours and trust in return, but he is quite steadfast. To Ravi, a promise made is a binding thing. Something sworn on the skies... he would die before breaking it. As such, such oaths are very rare things indeed. Rare, but precious.  

History: No one is born an Air Demon, and Ravi is no exception there. He was, however, sired into the Dysme line fairly young. He had had no real parents, so when he got picked up by Kalyan, his sire, that was who he glommed on to. Ravi lived with him for about 2 years before Kalyan finally sired him. Ravi was about 6 at the time.

The year after that, he entred the academy. It was a tradition for those of Kalyan’s line, to learn the ancient art of death, and Ravi was to be no exception to this. The first years were very hard for Ravi, especially given his innate nature. He almost didn’t move up from 8 to 7 in time, just barely making it by a couple of months. Throughout his time as a student, though, he worked very hard to overcome his shortcomings and master the proper arts. Ravi tried to enjoy himself while doing it, to be sure, but in the end he also had to learn to bite the bullet and just do things that frustrated him as well.

It was a long, difficult climb to 1st rank. Ravi went through several lovers, none of which could last very long given Ravi’s choice of house, but he parted with them all on good terms anyway. 1st rank was actually the least difficult for Ravi to overcome, though. He had spent so much time overtraining himself up until now, simply because of his difficulties with focusing and learning, that he was able to grasp the first rank concepts with a greater ease than he could those that came before. That, combined with a natural bent towards these kinds of things, allowed him to move from 1st rank to apprentice in just a year and a half.

Kalyan was delighted when Ravi graduated from first rank - they had stayed close all throughout Ravi’s years at the school. Ravi himself was quite proud as well, but really, the tests were only just beginning! He couldn’t wait to start completing even minor tasks, to really start his job. Kalyan, understanding his progeny’s love of this job, stepped back to let Ravi do so. Kalyan had been planning on taking his child and leaving, but he couldn’t do that in good consciousness now. So instead, he took up residence as a tutor. That way, Ravi could stay close to him and still live out his dreams.

It was several years before Ravi finally caught the eye of Faris, one of the Masters of House Purificio. He watched Ravi for another couple of months before finally approaching him. His old apprentice had graduated on to being a teacher, so he was in search of a new assistant. They tried it tentatively for a little bit before Faris officially appointed Ravi a High Apprentice. Ravi, for his own part, was ecstatic.

That’s where he’s been for the past two years, now, and that’s where he intends to stay for as long as he likes. Ravi quite enjoys serving under Faris and has no plans of graduating on for quite a while. He has plenty of time, anyway, and this is fun!

Family: Kalyan would be the only one who counts, though they’re not blood-related.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Deity: None

Likes: Flying, primarily. In addition to that, Ravi enjoys reading, drawing, etiquette and social classes, food, the sky, dawn and dusk, being close to people, physical contact, colours, making his sire and Master proud of him, completing missions well and a great deal of other things.
Dislikes: Confrontation, most frustrating or saddening things, very hot weather, getting sick, anything that prevents him from flying and liars and cheats.

Strength: Ravi is an excellent flier. He’s gotten very good at the art of assassination, and can move silently even without magic. In fact, he’s gotten good at doing quite a lot without magic. Camouflage is a specialty of his, as is control over the wind. He’s even learned how to control it a little bit in his human form, which he considers to be quite a feat.

Ravi can more than hold his own in a fight, be it magical, physical or something in between. He can also do quite well in a social situation, thanks to his training in his House. He’s a fairly well-rounded creature nowadays, very capable in a variety of situations.

The cold barely touches him in human or in demon form. Winter is his favourite season as a consequence.
Weakness/Flaw: Despite all his work to overcome his base nature, it still comes out from time to time. There are times when Ravi’s attention span is about as long as his hand span, and other times when he just can’t seem to take anything seriously. It bothers him, especially if it happens in front of his Master, but he’s doing his best to control himself. All the self-control he’s had to breed galls at times, but he can fly it off.

Hot weather, though, is his bane. It tires him quickly and makes him quite lethargic. It’s hard for him to manage much on the warmest of days. He usually stays inside during the day in those times. This weakness does make summer rather difficult at times, not to mention making desert missions nigh impossible.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Ravi has a bit of a sweet tooth. He also loves to learn new languages and can’t sleep without wishing on a star first. Strange habit he developed even before he met Kalyan.
Favourite Food: Anything cold, especially frozen mochi or fried icecream.
Favourite Colour: HIS colours! Red, orange and black, preferably mixed.
Hobby/Hobbies: Acrobatics in general,especially acrobatic flying, studying language, horseback riding (specifically jumping), writing, drawing and/or painting, carving and playing wind instruments.

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single.

Weapon: Primarily throwing or blowing weapons. He’s very, very good with blowguns, bows, kunai and just about anything else that moves through the air. He’s also very good at hand-to-hand combat and does passably well among his peers with short swords.
Magick: His innate control over air magic and his glamour are his strongest magics, though he’s pretty good with a couple of the other elemental ones as well - water and lightning especially, seeing as both have some small tie in with his innate element.

Skills: Balance, Concentration (Ed.), Craft (instrument, art), Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Open Lock, Preform (wind instrument, acrobatics), Ride, Spellcraft, Tumble.