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Shape Shifters
« on: May 18, 2007, 08:22:40 PM »
Shape-Shifters are beings which can voluntarily alter their form.
There are three types of shifters (Aspect, Supple, Were), plus a bonus type (Vamp).

General Rules For All Shifters
  • Shifters look human in their primary form.
  • Their natural hair and eye colouring are the same as humans.
  • They can’t change their eye colour, as eyes are too intricate.
  • Only Aspect Shifters can change their hair colour (unless it is dyed).
  • All shifters carry their bruises, scars and wounds from whatever shape they were in to the next.
  • Shifters cannot regenerate. If they lose an arm, that arm is gone forever.
  • The body mass of the shifter remains the same. If 5’ in human form, another couple of feet won’t just spring out of nowhere – body mass must exist.
  • All shifters when shifting into a new form MUST expend energy to do so. A shifter cannot shift multiple times right after one another and a couple of close-together shifts will leave a shifter exhausted.

Vampire Interaction:
When drinking, their blood does sustain vampires. Different flavour profiles are as follows:
Aspect Shifters taste like blended blood types - A and AB and O all mixed up.
Supple Shifters taste like blended blood types as well, but there's a weird snotty texture to their blood
Were Shifters taste like blended blood between human and the animal they shift into
Vamp Shifters have vampire blood and as such taste like vampire (mixed results).


Ability: Remains human, but can change their OUTWARD physical appearance to look like an entirely different person altogether. A male shifter can look like a woman, but their INTERNAL organs will not change – so a male shifter cannot have a baby.
Created By: Genetically. If you’re an Aspect Shifter, that means at least one of your parents were as well.

Aging: 1 Human year to 1 Shifter year

Flaws & Weaknesses
They can only shift into an appearance that they’ve seen (includes from screens and pictures)
They can’t change their eye colour, as eyes are too intricate
An aspect shifter wouldn’t usually dye their hair because then they can't change the colour of it. They are able to change their hair colour to all natural shifter/human hair colours.

Abilities: They can squeeze through tiny crevices by shifting their body mass to be flat or stretching themselves out to reach for things. An entire body shift to make them flat would tire them out, so if they want to get through a door they’d probably squeeze a hand beneath it and reach upward to turn the knob from the inside, letting them in without much shifting at all.
Created By: Genetically. If you’re a Supple Shifter, that means at least one of your parents were as well.
Flaws & Weaknesses: They can’t change their appearance, they can only manipulate the shape of their form

Abilities: Were-shifters are the most common form of shape-shifter. Their animal form can be a fish, bird, insect, mammal, reptile, etc. They retain their gender while transforming into their animal form, and they can only change into one kind of animal.
Specialities: When in their secondary (beast) form they adopt all the beastly attributes and skills (strength or senses enhancements), and for many this stays with them even in their human form. Bonus!
Created By: Genetically. The were-shifting powers are passed on from parents to child, running through families.
Aging: 1 ANIMAL year to 1 Shifter year
If they are a panther-shifter and panthers live to 16 years of age, then they will live the average of human and animal. (Eg. If a human lives to about 85, then the panther-shifter will be 85 + 16 = 101 divided by 2 = 50.5 years).
Flaws & Weaknesses: Allergy to silver tends to react badly against the genetic trait that is carried in were-shifters, so no silver jewellery for these creatures – this is why the wolf were-shifters associate closely with werewolves, but they are not the same.
Their personality usually matches the type of animal they associate with – a shifter that is a panther has an aggressive personality with a loner mentality and a shifter that is a penguin has a strong family values and an exceptional work ethic.

When a vampire sires a shifter, the end result is a vamp-shifter.

Abilities: Has the same abilities as what type of shifter they were previously, with the added bonus of vampire powers. Such as:
o Movements can be extremely rapid to mortals
o They are very strong physically – they have vampire super-strength
o Mental abilities such as telepathy are available only to those who put effort into learning it
Created By: Siring. A vampire can sire a shifter in a blood exchange
Flaws & Strengths: They retain the same weaknesses of their shifting power plus the vampire weaknesses. Please read the Infusco Vampire sheet for a better understanding of limitations and enhancements.
Their body cannot process food or drink.
They will crave blood and need it to sustain their vampire abilities and their reasoning abilities
They can be awake during the day but shouldn’t be touched by sunlight
They will not age.

Artwork: Sarah Joncas, Tea Party Girl