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Naoise Lamhfada
« on: May 22, 2007, 04:23:42 PM »

Name: Naoise Lamhfada (pronounced Knee-Sha Lawv-fada)
Age [appearance]: 24
Age [actual]: 1200.
Gender: Male
Species: Fae Cat Shape Shifter and Druid (Cait Sidhe)

Appearance Human
Hair: Black as night and falls in a wave to the small of his back.
Eyes: Bright emerald green
Frame: Sleek, lean and well muscled, stands about 5'10"

Has extraordinary agility, speed and strength. Can heal himself and others, can sense the motives of those around him and can see through glamour, can move from shadow to shadow (similar to a shadow demon)  Can summon, control and use air and lightning as weapons, has telekinesis and minor telepathy, can make his fingernails as long and sharp as daggers and stronger then diamonds. He is also immortal and cannot be killed. Cannot be turned by vampire’s or were-wolves. He was once a druid of some power but due to Loki's collar all of his abilities have been lessened and or weakened.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Has a stylised face of a Celtic cat on his left shoulder and upper arm. The face is intertwined and encircled by Celtic knots, vines and leaves.

Appearance Cat
Fur: Black with a bright white spot on his chest. ( The symbol of a Cait Sidhe)
Eyes: Emerald Green
Frame: Sleek, muscled and the size of a very large domestic cat, or more like a miniature panther.

Abilities:Same as above except has no fire and lightning ability, his healing and telekinesis ability’s are lessened and his claws are non poisonous.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Wears a gold collar with silver swirls with the name Alex inscribed into it.

Personality: Cocky, opinionated, carefree, irreverent, and short-tempered. He is easily annoyed and impatient. Due to his long years of imprisoment by the collor and it frequent torment he can be moody but he is also loyal and helpful and always sides with the underdog.

History: Naoise was born into an ancient line of druidic fae shape-shifters, and had inherited the talent from his grandmother. He was 11 when he first changed form, the only one who could do so after his Nan who passed away just a year after.  Being a shape shifter gave him extraordinary speed, agility and strength. He was able to sense the motives of those around him and see through glamour and because of his druid ancestry he was able to heal with just a touch. But in cat form he found his healing abilities were lessened.

When he was 13 he and his family where kidnapped by a sorcerer named Alexander the Ancient. Alexander forced Naoise into servitude by holding his family at ransom.

Alexander was a great sorcerer and had made many a deal with demons, granting him continuous extended life, but at a horrible price. When he was young he tried to make a deal with a demon. He wanted the ability to use lightning and air as weapons, the ability to move from shadow to shadow, to read minds and move things with just a thought, to grow his fingernails at will, making them sharper then blades and stronger then diamond, but most of all, he wanted immortality.

The demon agreed to everything but the last, Alexander’s soul wasn’t enough for immortality, so they agreed that every 50 years Alexander could extend his life by half a century by sacrificing someone in his place. Thinking he still got what he wanted, Alexander lived the life of an assassin and made his fortune by it. But as time went on he aged as humans do. At 70, fifty years after the original deal, he made his sacrifice and expected youth and an extra fifty years of excellent health in return. He got the years and the health but not the youth. He continued to age and as the years progressed his body and physical strength became weaker. He became old and frail. He was no longer able to live as an assassin but he could still summon and control demons and angels. So this is what he did, becoming an infamous sorcerer instead.

He told Naoise that his family would be kept safe and able to live their lives without interference as long as Naoise gave a lifetime of service agreeing to do any task no matter what. Being just 13 and fearing for their lives, he agreed and signed the demonic contract with his blood. But alas, Alexander was a fiend, Worried about his physical strength and the lack thereof and terrified his enemies might attack him, he turned Naoise into his personal bodyguard and assassin. He made Naoise participate in a dark, bloody and twisted ritual where he was able to give Naoise the same abilities he had, with one difference. Naoise was still mortal and Alexander could live as long as he chose, and he wanted forever. As the years went by they discovered that some of Naoise abilities were lessened when in cat form while others were negated altogether. In cat form Naoise lost the ability to use lightning and air,  though his nails did remain stronger then diamonds and as sharp as blades. His telekinesis was also lessened in cat form, he could move things but size was definitely an issue, moving large objects, such as people tired him to exhaustion and in most cases he could only push them over or move them short distances. Smaller objects were not an issue. They also discovered that telepathy was only a minor ability in Naoise in either form, limited to consensual conversations and superficial thoughts, yells of pain and frustration and thoughts said in anger were easily picked up.

When Naoise was 23 Alexander sent him out to gather 13 virgins all under the age of 16. With the sacrifices in place he summoned a mighty, ancient and powerful demon and tried to remake the deal…the souls and life force of the 13 children for youth and immortality. The demon refused; the original deal he had made was unbreakable and unchangeable. Desperate and terrified of his enemies, he offered the victims in exchange for Naoise to be immortal, youthful and unkillable; after all, Naoise had signed a contract with him to serve for a lifetime. If he couldn’t have strength, power and immortality for himself then by damn he would have it by proxy, Naoise was his for eternity. The demon agreed and the deal was done.

For 500 years Naoise served, a slave compelled to do whatever was ordered  , until the middle of the great plague outbreak in the fouteenth century. By forbidding Naoise to heal his family and forgetting to keep them safe, he broke the contract that kept Naoise his slave. free at last Naoise tried to destroy Alexander but was instead betrayed by the last remaining member of his  family. While in cat form she placed the Collar of Loki around his neck, trapping him thus and making him Alexander’s servant for all eternity. Alexander then used Deirdre for his fifty-year sacrifice gaining an extra fifty years. But without his bodyguard and unable to obtain or make a new one, his enemies attacked on the cusp of his next 50 year sacrifice and destroyed him. Naoise was finally free, immortal, unkillable and trapped in cat form. For the next 700 years he walked the earth, helping those he could in retribution for what he was forced to do as Alexander’s slave. He has been living in the city for two years now.

History of The Collar of Loki
Legends state that Loki first created the collar to trap, steal and control the Wolves of Odin (Fierce strong warriors who could take on the form of the wolf with some sort of connection to the moon) some legends say he made two collars, some say one, but all legends agree that such a thing was created and that by their use was able to steal and control Odin's prized warriors for himself. These or this wolf was later referred to as The Wolves of Loki and became a cursed creature. The legends then go on to say that Loki lost the collar/s through a bet and was forced to pass them on, what happened to the wolves is unclear. Eventually the legends of the collar faded and its path through history lost but what little rumour still clung to the collar stated that they worked also on shape-shifter and the Collar of Loki became a cursed thing for all who could change shape.

The collar is made of gold with waves and swirls of silver; the collar can only be removed by the command of the master, by the death of the enslaved shape shifter or by true love. The collar traps the wearer in whatever form they are in when placed on them and places them under complete control of the collars Master.
The collar is semi sentient and compels the victim to follow every command and whim of its Master. If the Master of the collar dies before the collar is removed from the victim, then the victim becomes free of the master but not the collar and must remain in its trapped form until it is released in one of the other two ways.

Releasing the Collar
The master just has to place his hand on the collar and tell it to release.
For death the victim must truly be dead before the collar can remove itself and return to its master or be free from the trapped shifter.
For true love, both parties must truly be in love with the other and the shifters lover must speak the shifters true name as they slide the collar off. To make this last feat harder the collar takes away the ability for the shifter to communicate their true name or to tell about the enchanted item itself, and just to confuse people it inscribes the name or part of the name of the last master of the collar onto its-self.
The only way a trapped shifter can say their name freely is if their name is spoken to them ( either mentally or out-loud) by someone who know it or discovered it. The same is true for the collar, it must be recognised and referred to as Loki\'s collar/ The collar of Loki, unless this is done the trapped shifter can never say their own name nor talk about the collar.

The collar also has the ability of choosing a new master if and when the old one dies…but must be free of its current victim first before the new master can bond with the collar. Or as in the case of Loki the collar can be given to a new master by the old as long as the current slave of the collar had been freed or was dead; in either case, the collar must be free before it can be passed on.

Occupation/Job: Thief, Spy and Assassin.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Trapped into cat form by the collar for all eternity as he is immortal and cannot be killed, the chance of release is small, almost impossible.

Likes: a good chase, playful mischief, freedom. wine, rare beef, shellfish, oysters and pork.
Dislikes: Vampires, werewolves and any evil aligned creature. Not exactly fond of humans either. But will judge them all as individuals rather then blindly hating them, though he really dislikes the first three. he also hates cat food

Strength: Believes in himself and the ability to embrace life no matter what.
Weakness/Flaw: Stuck in cat form and has given up hope of freedom. Telepathy only works with someone who also has the ability. Anyone not telepathic would receive his thoughts as a slight nudge or think of it as intuition. Because he is immortal and can\'t be killed silver does not kill him, but it can make him extremely sick and weak if in his blood stream. Except for the silver in Loki\'s collar any other silver hurts like hell.

Anything Else To Add: Hates being called Alex. It turns him into a cranky kitty.

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Re: Naoise Lamhfada
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2019, 09:51:41 PM »

Through the Eyes of a Cat ~ ~ Naoise meets Arutha and Kevla
Kitty's New Home ~ ~ Arutha takes Naoise back to his apartment only to have Naoise make them both pass out
New beginnings ~ ~ Naoise, Arutha and Kevla get to know one another better and Naoise drops some mystical bombs on their lives
In Search Of Answers ~ ~ Naoise goes to the library with Arutha and Kevla in search of answers and discover not everything can be found in books