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« on: May 23, 2007, 09:01:10 AM »
Name: Digital
Age [appearance]: 25
Age [actual]: About 15 years a vampire
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire [Malkavian]
Reddish brown, shaved)
Eyes: Reddish brown
Frame: Muscular, 6\'3"
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: His hair is distinguishing, and he always wears yellow goggles over his eyes. He has a barcode tattooed on the back of his neck. When scanned a number comes up. It is 3444825.
Clothing: Currently wears a sequined, corseted evening gown and yellow goggles.
A curious being, sticks his nose where it doesn\'t belong, an optimist and generally happy most of the time, will not harm or kill another without exceptional purpose. Ashamed of his eye colour, insists his goggles stay on at all times.
Unknown; the only history he remembers are his years spent as a vampire. His human history is lost to him, and his second-sight does not give him flash-clues that he understands. He woke up in a locked room with a digital keypad, which he hacked with the numbers 3444825, which could spell the word DIGITAL, which became his name.
Underpinning Knowledge
- Can pick locks
- Can operate an assortment of firearms
- Can make bombs
- Can hack and program computers
- Knows where to find and attain contraband
Due to these innate skills, Digital believes he was a criminal in his mortal years.
Malkavian Disciplines
[COLORindianred]Auspex - He naturally sees karmic auras, though this is at the most basic level for he has no-one to teach him how to enhance it further.

Obfuscate - He cannot do this on command but has done so accidently a few times, when wanting to not be caught by someone.
Dementation - Apart from his own lunacy, he doesn't know how to project confusion/insanity onto others. He needs training before he can access this skill. He has no idea he can even tap into it.  However, nobody can read his mind without sinking into insanity themselves (and so they shy from it, like they've been mentally zapped, lest they go mad) and more often than not this makes him undetectable because his mind doesn't work the 'normal' way.
Malkavian Derangement
He's a pyromaniac and has started many fires around the city during his stay - including but not limited to the old LinKo Soft Drink Factory, a shutdown timber mill in the middle of the forestry near the Eastern suburbs, a condemned building in the Brazilian Quarter. Kerr, when he was the Luminary, knew of this flaw, and gave him a few harmless buildings to burn down to keep his derangement satisfied. Now that he is unchecked, he finds his own random outlets.
Occupation/Job: Previously he has been a security guard for several different establishments since being sired but currently he is the I.T. expert for the Academy and Lovebite Inc.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: He sees visions of past, present and future, or has his voices tell him riddles in his head, things he doesn't quite understand but knows the person he is talking to will.
- To find his sire and question him/her about why he was sired and then abandoned in a small room with a digital keypad.
- To cleanly remember his past
Hobby/Hobbies: Clubbing, Leading the Prophets of Bingo
Likes: Making friends, fire
Dislikes: Being reacted to badly because of something he said
Strength: His insight gives him clear warning about motives
Weakness/Flaw: His insight can't be controlled, and has led him astray. He's often delusional.

Digital: I drink from the poison chalice
Lan Bao: I reap the harvest of my people
Cain: I am the instrument that vampires play
Shan: I take what is mine and what is yours