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Re: Quiet Returns
« Reply #15 on: July 12, 2007, 09:16:31 PM »
Shrugging at Maledict\'s warning, somewhat annoyed because Tuo thought that she CAN take care of herself

I am not a child...

The vampire was confused by the man\'s laughter however just ignored it, he was probably going a bit crazy due to his lack of sleep. While walking through the dark halls, Tuo jumped out of fright when Maledict broke the silence, smiling weakly
"See! I told you that it would come back!"

Watching him walk ahead of her, Tuo paused briefly before jogging to catch up

Damn me being short! Ahh

Jogging a bit to stay by Maledict\'s side, Tuo didn\'t know what to say... what was there to talk about? Grasping his hand once more,
"You sleeping alone tonight?"


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Re: Quiet Returns
« Reply #16 on: July 13, 2007, 09:03:07 PM »
"You sleeping alone tonight?"
Mal didn\'t answer. He was busy fumbling through one of the two bags he had. Pulling out a very old-looking and rusted key, he grinned and flicked the lock open. He had never bothered with a complex lock, instead giving the Cruori students he had surpassed, taught or disciplined a chance at him, though it was now a less common scenario. The sight of a dog\'s shadow still scared the living hell out of some students.

Stepping in, and throwing the bags he had to the floor, Maledict sighed and stretched boredly. His room was dark but comfortable. A large bookcase and desk lined one side of the room, the other side had a cabinet where he kept mementos from his targets - usually whatever books on folklore or otherworldly creatures, but statuettes and small pieces of jewellery also dominated. Rather than a bed, he had a kind of futon. Personal preference and practicality (Ever tried sleeping in a regular bed when shifted?) demanded it. There was no light from the window, as a large thick drape blocked it out. Sometimes because of the lunar cycle, other times for Tuo.
"If you don\'t mind, of course," He whispered back to here, shuffling slowly towards the futon.
"I won\'t take the drape off, though"
He fell forward, falling asleep upon contact with the soft cushions.