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Cain Erling
« on: June 08, 2007, 02:06:16 PM »

Name: Cain Robert Erling
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Species: Human

Hair: Light brown and cut off at the top of his jaw, with a natural wave to it. He's dyed his hair a slightly darker brown.
Eyes: His left eye is light blue, his right eye a slightly darker blue. He has fairly large eyes that give him a young appearance, with long curled dark lashes.
Frame: He's a bricklayer, so it's almost like he does weights, though he doesn't need to. Standing at 6', he has broad shoulders and chest, and muscular legs. He's not overly muscled, but there is certainly a strong look about him.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Has three tattoos; on his left shoulder is a chopper in flames (ghostrider), on his right arm is a picture of a winged man carrying a sword (perhaps an angel), and on his leg is a tribal tattoo wending from his ankle up to his knee. He has an eyebrow piercing on his left brow. He also has a bad scar on his back between his shoulder blades from a bad motorcycle accident where he was pierced by a fencepost. He was thirteen years old when it happened.
Usually seen wearing: Black or dark blue jeans, or black hipster leather pants. Tight t-shirts or mesh shirts (anything that shows off his broad chest and shoulders), biker boots or work boots with steel caps. A thin silver necklace with a cross. Leather bands around his left wrist and a skull ring on his thumb.
Usually seen holding: Cell phone, or it's in his pocket.

Domicile: Number 4, Westward Apartments, Old World Essence (City West).

Vehicle:  Motard (3 Year old Triumph Three Maxi Motard)
Personality: Arrogant, cocky, tough to everybody but submissive to vampires. He can be abrasive at times and has a wicked cheek, though never talks back to vampires. Confident and extroverted, he can talk to whoever he wants to without being intimidated. He's willful, and often gives into temptation.
Grew up very poor, in a government housing community on the wrong side of the tracks (North-East). First there was a house, but when he was ten his family couldn't pay the meagre rent requested of them and moved into a caravan instead. His mother is a junkie and his dad left a couple of years later, when he was 12. He has two half brothers, one 14 years younger than him, the other 16 years younger, but he's not met either of them because he moved out into his own cheap flat when his mother got pregnant.

He paid the rent okay thanks to an apprenticeship he won, but he has trouble if he wants anything other than paying bills or buying food. He bought a guitar second hand and fixed the motorcycle he owned up from scratch. The helmet he scrimped and saved up for and was the only new thing he really owned. His previous house was stark, with one sofa and a couple of other items of furniture, no bed, no tv. He slept on the sofa. He lost his apprenticeship when he was in the final year of it, and had to sell his bike to make rent, and after that was looking at being kicked out.

Desperate, he turned to the Oligarchy for help and managed to become a donor at Kerr's personal request, because he'd missed the application round already. This isolated him from the other donors, who didn't appreciate his jumping the wait-list.  Cain didn't care, but after the Oligarchy disbanded and he got a payout for his time (a HUGE one), he's now got a ton of money he doesn't know what to do with. He didn't sign on as a donor when the new contracts came around, and left to set himself up in a new apartment, buying furniture, another guitar, and bought another bike. He still has his money and lives off it instead of working, though he can see his savings dwindling away in rent, bills, food, transport and entertainment.
Occupation/Job: Freelance Bricklayer (hasn't had work in over a year but hasn't been looking)
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Keeps himself free of drugs and doesn't smoke. He does this to get himself selected more often than not as a donor - which is his best natural high. He's been out of the vampire scene for a while, so his reputation as a donor has dropped, but there are a few vampires out there who would remember his willing ways.
Hobby/Hobbies: Plays guitar, likes Metal and Alternative, watches superhero movies, rides motorbikes
Likes: Being drunk from, the idea of having a vampire boyfriend
Dislikes: Being alone, having nothing to do.
Strength: Very independent, quite smart
Weakness/Flaw: When it comes to vampires, he still struggles to say no to them.

Digital: I drink from the poison chalice
Lan Bao: I reap the harvest of my people
Cain: I am the instrument that vampires play
Shan: I take what is mine and what is yours