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Re: Cold Night
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(Oh no. It\'s fine! So I gather that Tuo and December are to meet for \'detention\'?XD  I find this to be very amusing because I am just imagining Tuo\'s horror. Hahahahaha.)

How embarrassing! Not only that, anger over whelmed Tuo however she expressed without a word, without movement. Not even a little tremble. There were only two reasons why she was angry. 1) She could even sunder the skin of the \'pretty boy!\' 2) He was beating the shit out of her. Such humiliation... she could have no dignity despite how much she wanted it.

The vampire refused to look at the Cait Sidh, he didn\'t deserve to have her eye contact... any communication. However, this was a sign of Tuo\'s defeat. Even if she did choose to talk, what would she say exactly?

Fuck, if I know.

However when December made the comment that it was in fact, Tuo that had been arrogant and not himself, the vampire expressed her anger. From a clenched first to out stretched fingers, she scratched the floor leaving small but deep marks. Tuo couldn\'t resist temptation anymore, glancing up through the black locks of hair at December who seemed to be plotting something.

What are you thinking... another way to humiliate me?

His facial structure changed... the vampire wasn\'t quite sure what the man was feeling but she assumed he was pleased about something.

Oh god... what is he going to do... fucking bastard

Suddenly, December lept from the stairway...

Fucking parrot

then in front of her! He held her hands firmly down so Tuo wouldn\'t be able to move. Clenching her eyes tight so there would be eye contact whatsoever

He is going to -

The vampire\'s thoughts were cut off when December spoke, no matter how hard she tried to resist she just couldn\'t... Tuo looked at December, directly in  the eye. All the rage that adorned her, vanquished into nothing... now something else was there except what was it? Why did she suddenly think that December was a great and wonderful man. Didn\'t she have feelings for Maledict anymore? Or did they just leave exactly like the anger did? The vampire completely oblivious and had no idea what December did to her. Listening carefully to what December was saying, she wasn\'t annoyed or anything negative but that was only because of the spell she was under.
"I understand."
Tuo replied quietly, staring at December with blank eyes.

The vampire blinked and the man was gone. Tuo shook her head and looked around, strained to hear anything out of the ordinary but nothing came. Slightly dazed both from the spell and what had just happened, she positioned herself into the fetal position and thought about Maledict. It wasn\'t for a long time before the vampire left.