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The City
The city is a representation of a large American city (such as Chicago, Indianapolis, San Francisco, etc), therefore we haven't named it.  It does, however, have a name, so please do not refer to it as The Nameless City.  The city is distinctly broken up into recognisable locations; if someone was to wander into the Industrial District, they wouldn't think they were south side in the city's art and cultural mecca.  The city does have the touch of an ocean on its northern west side.  Please do not write that it is the Pacific Ocean.

The Weather
The weather is what America is experiencing here and now, as all these Roleplays are supposed to be happening in today's day and age, with all the modern conveniences available, so consider this when proposing a roleplay start - it's a good idea to discuss the weather and time of day/night, for a lot of people have characters that can't venture out in the daytime hours.  Sometimes it's fun to have a rainy RP as well.  Please note it doesn't snow in this city.

The Citizens
This particular city draws a large crowd of supernatural beings and it has to do with a number of leylines criss-crossing each other in 'hotspots'.  Pisky Memorial Park is one of them, a few can be found in the city streets.  Numbers of the supernatural are high here.

Also, this particular city has a high percentage of homosexuality, and the population knows it and DOES NOT FIND IT PECULIAR.  That's just how it is in this city - it is a haven, in more ways than one.

Almost five million (5,000,000) people live in the city.  About 40,000 are vampires, 80,000 are demons, and another 250,000 or so are 'other types'.  Mortals still outnumber the supernaturals by a hell of a lot, and vampires have a fairly united front.  Altogether, they make up 8% of the city population - which is a lot.  Most other cities have 1% or less than 1%, meaning that this city has eight times more supernaturals than anywhere else.

Please note, as with any US city, there are no such thing as orphanages anymore.  They have been replaced by group homes.  If you are unfamiliar with what a group home is, please Google it.

The District Leaders
The District Leaders are those beings of varying species who've vowed to look after a territory and keep the streets 'safe'.  There are two vampire-run territories (City Central, and South District) and one werewolf controlled territory (North District).  The Dark Angels, Demons, Fae and Shifters have all naturally selected areas in the city most appealing to them, but do not have an official headquarters.  Therefore the East and West parts of the city are no-man's land, with nobody solely responsible for cleaning it up - until a District Leader wishes to claim a bigger stake.

City History
In 2005, two vampires named Lazarus and Halwyn took over the city with the help of a number of supernatural creatures - a 'coming out' party that had mortals fleeing the streets in terror.  That was then put to order in 2006 by the Oligarchy, who resumed the normality from chaos, and the cover story of a 'gas leak from a nearby chemical factory that made people hallucinate' was set up.  Most people believe it, some people suppress the memory, others doubt it.  Whatever the case, the ones in the know are rarer than the ones who don't know.  People have a way of not wanting to know an ugly truth.

After a year of peace, Lazarus dethroned the Luminary (Leader of the Oligarchy) and took his role.  Because Lazarus shirked his duties, in 2009 another vampire - the Oligarch for Vampires, Kerr Galvin - was nominated as the new (and more responsible) Luminary, with Lazarus cast out of a role that he killed to get.

Halfway through 2012, the Oligarchy disbanded and those who represented their species as Oligarchs are now district leaders.  The city has been loosely carved up into territories which these district leaders rule over.  The same Oligarchy principles apply - to keep the supernatural a secret and to tidy any potential messes made - but what wasn't supposed to become segregation and a battle over territory, has now become just that - especially with such large chunks of the city unspoken for.

Please note: District names that are either neutral territory (or unoccupied), appear in WHITE TEXT.  District names that are occupied territory appear in RED TEXT.  This is a quick-glance measure to understand if you are in occupied territory or not.  The rules/laws for each territory can be found in the Headquarters section for each District Leader.
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