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Pisky Memorial Park
« on: July 20, 2007, 05:54:08 AM »

Pisky Memorial Park is the largest piece of greenery in the city.

During the daytime it is a nice walk through tended lawns, wending and narrow sandstone footpaths take the stroller through rolling hills, and to central points in the park, the Great Old Oak which is many centuries old, the Japanese Bridge that leads to the Japanese Rock Gardens, and the Gazebo, a covered white lattice area that can comfortably seat six.

At night the park is well known as a dangerous place to visit, though some areas of the park are worse than others.  The paths tend to be well lit, and many of the benches are bathed in the light of old fashioned (but modern-lit by electricity) lamp posts.  However, there are a number of dark and scary places at Pisky, though the unwary newcomer to the city, those who have something to prove about their bravery or those who like to lurk in shadows, can be found.

Heritage listed by the City Mayor, the Great Old Oak is an icon.  A magnificent tree that has survived the years and is still a meeting point or a place for people to gather.

An arched red-painted wooden bridge that is wide enough for three people to pass with linked arms, and a bannister wide enough for a person to climb up and stand on, the pond below is large and covered with lillies.  There are goldfish in these murky waters, and the rest of the pond swans out to become quite a nice place to picnic beside, with the Japanese Bridge in the distance looking postcard picturesque.

An octagonal structure, with an open wall on one side, and three built-in benches across three of the others, adjacent to each other.  Two people can sit upon a bench, facing another two, and if there were two more friends, they could sit facing the entrance, with room to stretch out legs, if you don\'t mind a bit of lower leg brushing and touching.  There is creeping ivy climbing up the lattice, like a trellis, which finished the English Garden look to the white painted gazebo, that has been destroyed and rebuilt a number of times.