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Idrial Senya
« on: August 09, 2007, 04:48:47 AM »
Name: Idrial Senya
Age [appearance]: 19
Age [actual]: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Half Shape Shifter/ Half Werewolf
Place of Birth: No Longer Exists

House: Confuto
Title: High Apprentice


Hair: Idrial’s hair is a deep Midnight Black color that hangs just below her shoulders. She keeps it mostly tied up in a single braid that along her back, the shorter pieces hang around her face which some how never get in the way of her eyes. When she leaves it down it is almost seems light and featherless but this is rare.

Eyes: Her eyes are a Blue-Grey color but they also have a sort of orange flecks around her pupils that cannot be explained. When she starts to let\'s her werewolf side take over they turn a dull orange color. When she truly lets it take over and turns into her werewolf form her eyes become an all orange  and they are very luminous color.

Skin: Her skin is smooth and somewhat of a tanned color that lightens during the winter and darkens during the summer. Her hands and feet are somewhat rough due to the nature of her profession.

Height: 6\'0\'’

Weight: 125 lbs

Frame: Idrial’s frame is graceful and somewhat slim but don’t let that fool you, it may not look like it but she is quite muscular and powerful for a girl her age. She has lived most of her life on the road, which helped her to keep fit. Her skin has a glowing sheen, which makes her look younger than she actually is.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Her Blue-Grey eyes is the first thing that people notice and that what tends to keep them staring at her with them realizing it almost like a spell. She also has medium sized canines that are visible when she smiles but that is rare; they are usually shown in anger or rage.

She will always bee seen wearing black along with a black cloak that she uses when out on a mission or an assignment. She has never worn a dress and has always stuck to pants. Sometimes she is seen wearing a nice top but it is usually just a plain tee shirt that is stuck to her skin.

She has three scars on each of her forearms, due to a werewolf attack that killed both her parents. Her ears are also slightly pointed due to the werewolf blood that runs in her veins. Which many people mistaken for her being an elf, until they see her canines.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity (if applicable): Solonor Thelandira


Idrial is a person who is quiet, instinctive and observant, somebody who watches form the outside. Not only has she survived but has excelled in her work due to her insatiable curiosity and brutal honesty. She has little time for polite niceties and even less for lies.

She is a woman of few words, with a strange and dark sense of humor. Even outside of her work she is most comfortable on the fringes of society, keenly observant but still somewhat removed. She is uncomfortable around many people and tends to be a loner absorbing herself in her work.

History: Idrial was born among the poorest of the poor. Everyday was a struggle for survival, but a dark secret was kept within her something that if it was reveal would have gotten her family and herself killed in the area that were she lived. She was a Shape-Shifter; her parent’s both were and taught her the way’s of how to shift properly within getting stuck in mid-shift form were she found that her type of shape shifting was in animal form which was rare within her families blood line.

Her mother was also a powerful witch that was a expert in hexing, cursing, healing spells but her specialty was reversing curses. Idrial was taught at an early age and still has her mothers book in which she still read through once and a while. It wasn\'t until later in life during her stay at the that she was highly skilled in majick. She literally has the blood of majick flowling through her veins thanks to her mother and her familiy line of witches.

For years she had at night traveled the country side in animal forms while in the day time learning her mothers majick. At the age of 10 she ventured out one night and as she returned home only to find her family slaughtered by a werewolf that was feasting on her mother. She stood frozen within the doorway and the werewolf turned and attacked her and while she was defending herself she got bitten. Only when did she shape shift into a bear did the she somehow kill the werewolf. She fled that night never to return as she knew that questions would be asked and answers would be found sooner or later. Her fate would have been death if she stayed.

She almost immediately felt her body go under change, she was stronger in her human form than she had ever been before, wounds would heal themselves, and her senses became more acute. She also found that she could shape shift into a werewolf anytime she wanted too without the pain of bones and organ’s moving within her body. She also found now that when was even near silver it made her stomach turn violently, almost to the point where she wanted to vomit. When it came in contact with her body it burned her severly and it would take several days to heal rather than several hours. She also found out that now she was apart of the supernatural she could also touch magick she also was able to shape shift into differnt animal forms as well, not just her wolf form. 

She sought out to find the Academy for beings like herself.

Once she had found the Academy almost three years later she embarked on a long journey to becoming an Apprentice. She rose quite quickly in the Academy, working hard and had no intention of making friends along the way. Many said that she was a promising student and it was no surprise that she had reached the Ranks of High Apprentice in less than 15 years.

Family: Mother (Crassia) Father (Ratuo) Both Deceased

Silence, Being Alone, Darkness, Perfecting her skills, Moonless nights, Being sarcastic and Expressing her Dark humor.

Dislikes: Light, Close minded people, Polite niceties, Being lied too, People who don’t know when to shut up, People picking on someone weaker than them and Stupidity.

Strength: Her skill with her bow as well as her agility. She is a quick thinker and light on her feet. She can usually assess a situation and figure out how to tackle it in the best way possible. She also see’s things that other’s would ignore or pass off as unimportant. She is also has a natural talent for Hand to Hand Combat and Archery.

Weakness/Flaw: People in general, she has a tough time getting close to people as she has lived a solitary life. She hasn’t even been able to call someone a friend.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Loves animal’s with a passion. If she sees’s someone hurting and animal she will go into a rage wounding the person. She is fine with hunting as long as it is quick and clean. She also knows a fair amount about herb lore and knows what plants are used for what illness or injury.

Favorite Food: Rare Steaks with a good red wine.
Favorite Color: Black
Hobby/Hobbies: Hunting, Shape-Shifting into different animals, Listening to music, reading, writing creative stories and learning new types of Magick.

Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)
Relationship Status: Single

Current Financial Status: She is quite wealthy due to her reputation to always kill the person she is assigned to kill. Which leaves much of her customers exceptionally satisfied with her work and gets paid the big bucks. 

Carried Weapons: She owns two weapons that are silent but deadly. One is her daggers which are double-bladed which is all black and fit perfectly into her hands. Though she only uses them when she is in close quarters with her enemy when they are alone. Usually seeking up behind then and slitting there throats, swiftly and cleanly. Although she reciently aquired the same kind of blades when she accompied November to the Mid Summers Eve. They have powerful majick properties in which she is still trying to unlock. They have a slight blue arua around the blades. They are always tipped in a poison of some kind. She also has a pouch of potent sleeping powder that she uses on occasion.

Her favorite weapon though is her bow, small and compact. It may seem like a toy to others but it is a deadly weapon capable of a 60 pound draw back. She is usually seen mostly practicing with this weapon most often. It’s pure black which helps for when she is hiding in the shadows.

Known Magick: She studies magic that concern manipulating shadows and masking sound. She has a natural talent for it. If she is not practicing her weapons she is usually in the library practicing new spells that have to due with manipulating shadows. One spell renders her invisible for a short period of time when she is moving and for long periods of time when she is stationary. Another is for making sounds in a place far from her so that people will go and investigate, she came move around more easily without being revealed. The Third allows her to move from one place to another just by stepping into the Shadows. It comes in very handy when she is making a quick escape or trying to get into a place that is heavily guarded.

She also has a talent for practicing elemental magick such as Earth, Air, Fire and Water though she usually only does this in her spare time when she is back from a mission and back at the Academy. She also knows a fair amount about healing Majick which comes in handy when she is hurt herself. She also has an extensive knowlage of witchcraft thanks to her mother, she had taken after her mother and is speacialized in reversing curses and has taken a slight interest cursing those that deserve it. 


Climb - Natural
Concentration Natural
Disable DeviceEducated
Disguise Natural
Escape ArtistNatural
Gather Information Both
Handle AnimalNatural
Heal Educated
Hide Natural
Intimidate Natural
Jump Natural
Listen Natural
Move Silently Natural
Open Lock Natural
Search Natural
Spell craftBoth
Survival - Natural
Spot Natural
Tumble - Natural