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The Liari Manor
« on: August 10, 2007, 11:48:14 PM »
The Liari Manor sticks out like a sore thumb compared to all the other estates of the area.  It has a light beige stone, smoothly hewn, both for the exterior of the manor and the wall surrounding it.  The gate is delicate iron metalwork, the last decorative piece designed by Ryos in Kreos, Greece before his death.  Through that gate is a small cobblestone courtyard, with a fountain in the center and a scraggly lemon tree on the left side.  Two oversized wooden doors, inlaid with bronze stand on the front of the building, all of the windows long slits down the wall, filled with glass, pointed into arches at the top.

Directly inside the front doors is a circular chamber, with doors on most sides and a stairway winding up the right side to the upper floor.  The ceiling reaches up two stories in the round room.  There is a table with red cloth draped over it, a vase on top with a few glass flowers.  The door next to that table leads to the basement, where the Liari Guards live.  The door straight across from the entrance leads to a dinning hall, with a long table and plush chairs.  A small kitchen and large office can be accessed from that room, as well as the back “yard” area, where the outhouse is located.  The door to the left leads to a waiting room, with plush chairs and a tapestry of Kreos on the wall as well as a few ornate weapons hanging here or there.  Through that room is the master bedroom, occupied by Alia.  It is filled with plush furniture, and all sorts of trinkets she has picked up in the market, as well as sketches she drew of all the places she has gone.  Through that room the large office can be accessed as well.

Up the stairs and directly to the right is Kysis’ room.  There is a large bed in one corner, next to clothing chests and two full bookshelves.  A desk stands on the wall opposite the bookshelves, armor and weaponry on stands for display and practice use, slit windows on the wall opposite the door.  The center floor is open for weaponry practice.  A hole was cut into the ceiling, stained glass set into it.  When the sun shines through, it makes a pattern on the floor.  A tapestry of knights jousting hangs above the weapon racks.

Further down the hall and to the left is a small office, housing a desk covered in maps as well as ledgers with the mercantile business’s finances.

At the end of the hall is a room used to store weaponry to be sold at the shop and all of the practice items.  In the corner is a small cot, where Rico sleeps.  It is a practice room for the guards.  A board is on the wall opposite the weapon racks, with names and tallies under each, keeping track of how many sparring sessions each person has won.  Kysis is ahead by a landslide.

That is the Liari Manor.
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