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North Twin, Peter
« on: August 18, 2007, 02:38:46 AM »
Name: Peter North
Age [appearance]: 17
Age [actual]: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human

House: Confuto
Title: Student
Level: Level 4
Occupation/Job: Student

Hair: His hair, with help from his brother\'s knowledge of plants and their effects, is often a black, rather than it\'s natural brown.
Eyes: A mysterious shade of blue.
Frame: 5\' 9\'\' and thin.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: On his stomache, a tattoo of an anchor on each side of his belly button. And under, a tattoo of three doves. On his left leg, a tattoo of a beautiful mermaid with red hair going around the bottom of his leg in a majestic manor. On his lower back, a tattoo of a dead octopus. And on his face, one nose ring on his right nostril, with a gage in each ear, and a small tattoo of music notes on the top inside of his ear. And a few other peircings placed around his right ear.

Personality: A natural flower child of the 1700s, Peter is expectedly interested in nature, as is his brother, Georgio. Peter, unlike his brother, takes more of a liking in the ocean and it\'s depths.

History: As a child, Peter was placed in an orphanage with his twin brother, Georgio. However, when the time came, Georgio was adopted seperately by a wicked woman interested in only how well of an accesory Georgio would be, and therefore did not adopt Peter along with him, as it was, she loathed children in all. After months of having no one to talk to, and so keeping to himself, Peter was adopted by a wonderful man and woman, by the names of William and Margaret.

After many happy, and awkward years of his mother\'s attention and his father\'s lack of, it was time that his parents had split. Telling no one of their departure from their marriage, given, they were both catholics and bound to eachother by god, Margaret took Peter and moved to an abandoned beach house on the countryside. Here, Peter took a liking to his pet rat, Will, whom he found outside the home. In the beach house, Peter came across an old piano in the attic, and enjoyed playing it frequently as he was home, and while he was not doing this, he was out by the water.

Peter, of course, still attended school, but was not very social, given he never found a reason to talk after seperated from his brother. And as Peter found no need to, he never did his homework, and due to his lack of communication as well, was eventually expelled. This, however, was a major inconvenience to his mother, who, after spending too much time homeschooling her son, lost her job (Peter was never aware of what this job was), and instead became a harlot. The nights his mother was out (nearly all of them), Peter was out swimming and spending long amounts of time earning the trust of local sea creatures, forgetting all about his rat, who later ran away.

One dreaded night, his mother had come home, and unaware of where her son was or what he was doing, checked by the water, where she found his outer clothing, and therefore worried terribly and went in the water to find him. However, being in such a rush to find Peter, Margaret had slipped on a rock on her way in, hitting her head upon another as she fell, and became unconscious. Fatefully, drowning in the ocean.

Upon finding his mother\'s dead body, Peter found even less reason to talk to anybody and kept himself in the house, playing his piano, and deciding against ever returning to the water. After a week or so, Peter, naturally, ran out of things to eat and decided to seek help in his sea friends, who, in turn, helped him graciously, being he was very capable of bonding with sea creatures of all kinds.

After a few years of living off the sea, Peter was discovered by the mayor of a recently built town nearby. And being very fearful of now interraction with humans, and what they may do with him, Peter ran away, back to where his father lived. When returning to his original home, William welcomed his boy and gave to him a letter adressed to Peter North, who he found, was written by his brother, Georgio, who had spent months finding him.

Georgio was very unhappy with his life, and was very hopeful in once again returning to his beloved brother. Peter, was also very fond of the idea, but kept such information hushed from his father. Peter had never trusted William and didn\'t plan on doing so just yet. There must have been some reason why he had broke his mother\'s heart.

A few days later, Peter was introduced to a woman William had met the night before. Veronica, was her name, William\'s new lover. As Peter easily noted, William was quickly turned to a horrid man by Veronica, and became a filthy drunk. And so, now loathing his own life even more, Peter began writing back frequently to Georgio. However, when William found out about this secret of Peter\'s, he began beating his son to punish him. And, on Veronica\'s orders, set out many rules, which were often disobeyed, and therefore beat Peter even more. And soon, after not replying to Veronica\'s words, was soon beat by her as well.

Georgio, worried of what became of his brother, and why he was not replying to his letters, came one night, and with his very experienced social skills, managed to convince Peter\'s parents and Peter himself, that he was not in fact Georgio North, but instead Victor Wheeling, heir to the Hugo Wheeling fortune in daimond mining, and managed to have himself invited for dinner. With Georgio\'s quickly attained knowledge of his brother, Peter, and were he resided, that night had brought himself to Peter\'s window, explained to him everything, and together they fled to school, with hatred in their hearts, ready to learn the ways of the skilled assassin. Here, Peter took a liking to piercings and tattoos. Peircings done by himself, tattoos done by his brother. Peter\'s hatred still burns brightly, and he will forever seek his revenge.
Family: See the history above.

Likes: Small dead things. Thinks they\'re cute and pretty. Peircings. Tattoos. The ocean. Mermaids. Piano. His brother.
Dislikes: His father and father\'s lady. Meeting people.

Strength: His lack of communication. His vast knowledge and love of the sea and capabilities of befriending sea critters.
Weakness/Flaw: His lack of communication.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: His twin brother and himself are able to communicate without speech. Something very convenient in both their cases. Peter also has a raging libido.
Favourite Food: French Toast with much maple syrup.
Favourite Colour: Earth tones. Preferably greens.
Hobby/Hobbies: Giving himself peircings. Playing piano. The rest he keeps to himself.

Sexuality: Homosexual, but not in the least open about it. For he hardly spoke a word to anyone.
Relationship Status: Single and not caring. He has his brother for company.

Weapon: He\'s particurlary fond of drowning people. He also prefers his bare fists, breaking necks, choking.
Magick: He enjoys producing his own water, and forming that into weapons as well.