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Author Topic: Unexpected Company  (Read 6385 times)

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Re: Unexpected Company
« Reply #30 on: November 04, 2007, 11:43:30 AM »
“What do you think I have in mind? I obviously mean swords.”

He sneered at her but her face remained neutral; his hand suddenly went to the hilt of his sword only for Idrial to see that it was actually a rapier, mostly used in fencing. It was beautifully crafted; it almost seemed that the blade itself had never been any sort of dueling. Although that was highly unlikely, it must have been in many for she knew that Iveri was a master at fencing.

“However, you do not seem to have a sword. I see a dagger but nothing else… that is fine. Use whatever you want but it will do you no good.”

Idrial smiled at this, her daggers were not just any ordinary daggers. She had gotten them from the Fae realm when she had went with November. They had been her pride and joy ever since, they had many magical properties or so that she had read in books that were provided in the library. She stood up slowly, her face remaining neutral as she spoke.

“Lead the way.”