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Chase Michaels
« on: November 05, 2007, 04:43:06 PM »
Name: Chase Michaels
Age [appearance]: Early twenties, people usually guess he's younger than he is.
Age [actual]: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Permissions Given in reasonable Roleplay
(Yes = you don\'t have to ask before acting in RP, No = you ask first)

Siring/Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: No


Hair: Sandy blonde with blonder highlights, usually in a perfectly designed tousled style, slightly curly.
Eyes: Dark green, with flecks of hazel and pale eyelashes.
Frame: 5 foot 10, he’s fairly slimly built and not very strong. His body looks good, but he keeps it slim rather than very well muscled.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: A scar on the back of his shoulder from a knife wound as well as the scars of several cigarette burns all over his torso. Both of his ears have several piercings and he wears a nipple ring.

Other Information


Chase\'s parents divorced when he was five and his father moved to Europe, leaving Chase with just his mother. She was never a good parent and would rarely take good care of her son, she would go out at night, leaving him alone and bring home random men, a few of whom were nasty pieces of work and there was one who abused him when he was twelve, both sexually and physically. That was when Chase got the scar on the back of his shoulder.

He failed in school, when he showed up he hardly ever bothered to do any work and by the time he was fourteen he was usually to be found roaming the streets and staying out of his home as much as possible. He started turning tricks at the age of fifteen and having found it a good way to earn money (although there were a few obvious dangers) Chase never looked back. He would do anything or anyone if the price was right, male or female. He left home after he\'d earned enough money to rent his own flat.

Chase has never had anything that he would consider to be a serious relationship. In the city he lived in before coming to this city Chase had a few long term clients who would pay him well and gave him other things than money, including drugs and random items of furniture for his flat, basically whatever he asked for and after having nothing growing up Chase would never give up the chance to get something for free.

He rarely has relationships that don\'t involve money, but the most recent was about five years ago, when a man named Gabriel fell in love with him. Gabriel claimed to be an angel and at the time Chase believed him, but now he puts that down to being on drugs at the time. He simply doesn\'t believe that anything like that could exist. A few months after meeting Gabriel Chase was raped and beaten up by one of his clients and he can\'t remember much about what happened after that, apart from that the man ended up dead and Gabriel was the one who had killed him. Although he knew that Gabriel had only done it to save him Chase ran away from him and didn\'t contact him again, if gabriel could do that to someone there was no reason why he couldn\'t turn around and do exactly the same thing to the young man he claimed to love and Chase didn\'t want to risk that.

Not long after that Chase came to the city and is just getting his barings. He has been fed from by vampires and seen various other strange creatures, but still doesn\'t believe that they exist. He puts the experiences down to hallucinations due to being on E, LSD and various other drugs.

Awareness of Supernaturals: He has met a few but for a long time was in denial that they actually exist. Any weird encounters he’s had he brushed off as his mind just getting messed up by drugs and causing hallucinations. More recently he's discovered vampires are real but is still new to the rush of being fed from having only experienced it a few times.

Occupation/Job: He works as a prostitute and a dancer at a gentleman’s club in the city, and a few other less respectable places when he needs some extra money.

Habits/Quirks: Chase is scared of commitment and would much rather lie and decieve people to get what he wants than tell people his true feelings. If he feels like someone is getting too close he’ll up and leave without a word and not look back.

Usually seen wearing: Tight, dark colored jeans and form fitting tops. He’s not afraid to show off his body or try out new styles of clothing.

Usually seen holding: A mobile phone, a cigarette or the hand of his newest client. He doesn\'t drink unless a client wants him to, but he\'ll partake in just about any drug he can get his hands on. He smokes, but never carries cigarettes, so he\'ll only smoke if he\'s offered or is desperate enough to ask for one, which rarely happens.