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As Dag took the sheath and box, he carefully replaced the sword and tucked the box under his arm. He noted Ryanna\'s curtsey with a nod of his head and slight dip of his shoulders. When it came to the mention of her going along, he scowled and was about to tell her off when Magnus cut in.

"It would be a pleasure to have you along darlin\'! Just make sure you don\'t trip over Dag\'s pessimism, it digs holes for people to fall into." Smiling back at Dag\'s increasingly darkening scowl, Magnus dipped into a much deeper bow than Dag had offered, once for Ryanna, and then a second for Lord Liari.

His respect for Lord Liari was only growing. "It\'s been a pleasure though. I\'ve heard only good things about you, and I had been looking forward to meeting you." Winking, "Even after the Lieutenant locked up and started brooding at your mention. He hid it well though, I must say."

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Re: Competition
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Ryanna clapped her hands together with a wide grin when Magnus said it would be ok if she came.  This was great!  On her days off, she just wanted to laze about and do much of nothing.  Work at the shop was tiring, ran her down.  She never had the chance to go to the Guardhouse, because when she was not off, she was working, and Kysis rarely came in when it was not her day off.  He had just been in Greece for a few months!  Well, part of that was traveling between Oberon and Greece, but still.  Finally, the chance arrived and Ryanna had to guts to take it.

“Thank yous so much!  I really ‘preciate it!” Ryanna nodded towards Kysis, who was not even paying attention.  He had a far off look in his eyes, like his mind was elsewhere.  That was to be expected.  Ryanna hoped it was busy for Kysis, to keep his mind off his crumbling home life.  Yes, a busy day was exactly what he needed. “I’ll be back when we be done there, ‘right.”

With that, Ryanna lead the way out of the shop, a big grin on her face.  She was sure Magnus still had that map, or maybe even remembered the way there, but she knew it very well.  There were nights after work when she would unofficially tag along with guards on their rounds, give them company, conversation, and a little bit of help where it was needed.  She was well liked at the guardhouse too, but most at least.  There were still some people Ryanna was unsure about.

“On our way now!”

(continued in Routine Pestering)
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