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Keara Oya
« on: November 17, 2007, 09:28:21 AM »
Full Name and Title: Ranger Keara Oya

Age: 24

Birthday: July 5th

Occupation: Ranger for the King

Religion: Adoras

Hair: Her hair is bone straight and hangs just above her shoulder. Her hair is a dark chocolate brown that looks silky-smooth and keeps it tied up in a pony-tail 90% of the time. Her hair appears almost black when she is seen from far away.

Eyes: Keara’s eyes are an Icy pale green that sparkle when the light hits them just right. They are rimmed with long eye-lashes and they almost have an almond shape to them.

Nose: Her nose is not small but it is not medium sized either. Her bridge is straight and the end of her nose seems to be slightly curled upwards. 

Lips: Keara lips are very full and have a sort of pinkish-red color to them. They are neither smiling nor in a frown but are in a line across her face. She rarely smiles out of a good mood but when she does it lights up her whole face.

Skin Color: Her natural skin color is white but due to her being outside most of the time she had developed a nice tan. It fades a little over the winter months but then re-appears when summer returns.

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 149 lbs and is slim through not like a twig. She is very muscular and strong due to the line of work that she has chosen. Although you can’t tell this from a quick glance.

Physical Attractiveness: She is very gorgeous girl when someone looks at her more than a moment or two and if she takes the time to wipe off all the dirt of a hard days work. Her eyes are her most striking feature.  Many people say she has her fathers face but her mother’s eyes, nose and lips.

Clothing: She is usually seen wearing light leather boots, wool like pants – though the more expensive kind and Tunics all in earth toned colors. She also wears a cloak that has green and grey mixed into it that helps her to hide in her surroundings.  She rarely wears dresses but when she does they are plain looking and nothing fancy. Unless her father makes her wear something that is fancy, other than that it is nothing but a pure and simple dress.

Mother: Rena was one of the lucky ones that married out of love; she was a Noble of a very high status. She died when Keara was only 7 years of age due to a nasty disease that basically starved her to death.     

Father: Thomas comes from a long line of Rangers; his father was a Ranger and his Father before him. Since Rena died he refuses to re-marry and has no son to teach his ways of the Ranger. Seeing that his daughter had potential he had taken her under his wing teaching her the ways of the Ranger so that she could pass them down the line. Now Thomas is too old to resume his status as a the Kings Ranger and yet he still teaches Keara when she needs it. He is known as Tom by his friends and family.

Siblings: None

Childhood: Keara had a very good child-hood. She came from a loving home and parents that set good moral values for her. Her father was hard at times on her but only because he cared about her, her mother was sometimes a little to soft. Other than that she had a good child hood.

Education: Excellent. Because of her status she has received an outstanding education from her father. She can read, write and do arithmetic exceptionally well. She was also taught the laws of the land by her father and can recite them by heart. She was also taught some politics by her father as well though only the basics. 

In her profession her father taught her the skills of a Ranger in which she is an expert, this includes, Archery, Knife throwing as well as Unseen Moment, Tracking, Concealment and being Silent.

Natural Talents: She is a quiet and very observant picking up on things that others would dismiss as nothing. She is also light on her feet and is able to get herself out of very tight and hot situations. She also has a gift with words and has excellent hand and eye coordination.

Hobbies: Archery is her biggest hobby and she has yet seen anyone match her skill with a re-curved bow. She also likes to ride horseback with her horse Weunut that was given to her when she first started her Ranger training with her father; he is not like other horses and is bred for their intelligence, agility, endurance, quickness and strength. He can run most knight horses into the ground and only allows Keara to ride him. She also likes to practice her skills on sword-play which she is only beginning to learn but already has the basic\'s down to an art.

Personality: Keara is a person who is quiet, instinctive and observant, somebody who watches from the outside. Not only has she survived but has excelled in her work due to her insatiable curiosity and brutal honesty. She has little time for polite niceties and even less for lies.

She is a woman of few words, with a strange and dark sense of humor. Even outside of her work she is most comfortable on the fringes of society, keenly observant but still somewhat removed. She can tolerate people if it is needed but other than that she tends to stick away from people. She works alone and absorbs herself in it and hates it when she leaves a project unfinished.