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Dag Gulbrand
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Full Name and Title: Dag Gulbrand

Age: 33

Birthday: 11, January

Occupation: Merchant. Dag abandoned the forges and shops in Norway, which his brother Magnus has taken over, and his attempt to start business in Oberon is failing. Dag\'s funds are running low and his lackies are abandoning him one by one.

Religion: Talon - God of Death (he\'s a bit too pessimistic to hope for the help or good fortune of Adora)

Hair: Several inches long, Dag combs his oiled, brown hair back to look professional. Where as Magnus is poorly shaven, with a permenant cast of scruff, Dag keeps a neatly trimmed beard and shaved upper lip. He never lets the beard grow more than two inches long, and keeps it closely trimmed near his ears.

Eyes: Cold light brown eyes, usually have a dark cast to them.

Nose: The same, long and narrow nose Magnus is known for. Where it gives Magnus hawklike looks, it gives Dag a colder look, more like a coiled serpent.

Lips: Narrow, pale lips. Are roughly chapped and usually turned down in a frown.

Skin Color: has the same olive toned skin his brother Magnus has, but with far fewer scars.

Height: 5\'11"

Weight: 147 lbs. Lean with muscle, but thin enough to give him a taller, more imposing look.

Physical Attractiveness: Considered much more handsome than his brother, Magnus, and Dag isn\'t afraid to rub it in. Although far less charming, Dag has a less frightening look to his face. Although a little overwhelming in pessimism, he usually knows what a girl likes.

Clothing: Wears a tight black tunic, that has a high, stiff collar, and the buttons of the tunic and the light-grey trimmed black vest he wears over it are of intricately-carved ivory. Wears simple black pants, of the lightest material he could get, with black shoes and thin gloves. The materials are of the finest quality he could afford, and well kept. He wears the same sort of thing for official business, or casual attire.

Weapons: Carries a single dagger, sheathed behind his belt horizontally. It has a long, curved blade with a jagged edge for tearing flesh.

Mother: Dag, like Magnus, spent most of his time with their father, David. The few times he was home at the estate he spent studying. Dag was the first to find out from David that Carina had died, and at a young age of six, never shed a tear. He was treated well by the family, and Carina\'s servants did their best to smother him with attention after her death, hoping to bring affection and care to his seemingly-empty heart. They never succeeded, and only recieved his scorn for it.

Father: Dag always went with David on his business trips, and spent his time home studying when David and Magnus went on hunting trips. Dag saw David as the perfect role model, and found the merchant business fascinating. He loved to watch as David convinced people to buy or sell with simple words, wrapped in just the right tone. When David was killed on his way back from one of his trips, Dag was with him. Only about fourteen at the time, he could hardly defend himself against their assailants, and David had ordered him to run. Seeking refuge in a cluster of nearby trees, Dag watched as David fought to the end. He was the one who brought news of the slaughter to the authorities, and Magnus.

Siblings: Dag has never really respected his older brother, Magnus, but is fiercely protective of their sister Irene. When Carina died, Dag took it upon himself to look after her (much to the dismay of Carina\'s servants) and after David died, began to teach her the merchant trade.

Childhood: Dag spent his early childhood following his father and learning the merchant business. He dedicated himself to it, and ignored his tutors to instead teach himself from books. He managed to convince one of David\'s clients to teach him how to read and write, and as difficult as the task was, Dag was a quick learner. From there he managed to browse books available at the homes of clients they visited on business trips. After Carina died, Dag spent more and more time hanging out with Irene. Irene was only two when Carina died, and when servants weren\'t trying to teach her manners or getting her to practice one thing or another, Dag was teaching her games and taking her for walks in the village. After David died, he began tutoring her in the merchant business, and showed her the same scorn he had for the tutors they had before. He never really had time to just play, and enjoy himself. His childhood was all business or looking after Irene.

Education: From tutors, before he began ignoring them, he picked up basic skills in combat (again, necessary for the region) and then focussed more on learning merchant business first hand, and studying books on arithmatic, language, and history from David\'s clients. David himself taught Dag how to ride a horse, and showed him the basic skills he\'d need for hunting should he ever need to. Has a strong backing for reading and writing.

Natural Talents: Quick learner in reading and writing, now quite proficient at it. Quick at picking up people\'s attitudes, and at reading the tell-tale signs for lying. He tends to use these talents for less noble purposes.

Hobbies: Continues to study out of books he\'s collected, and likes to browse taverns for good drinks and fine ladies. He will only take the finest though, he has a reputation as a Gulbrand to uphold. (a reputation he continuely reminds Magnus that he\'s ruining)

Personality: Is rude, pessimistic, and a talented rogue. Likes controlling people, and wealth. Is one of the most foppish, miserable sort of person you\'ll ever meet, and thinks little of anyone else. He treats his own brother like a servant, and thinks of him as a fool. Dag thinks his idea of running around to protect people by selling his service as a warrior is foolish, and wasted. He thinks it\'s better to sit behind the scenes selling to both sides, and letting them do all the killing. Yet, Dag does have a soft spot for Irene. He\'s always been protective of his little sister, and even though she\'s quite old enough to take care of herself, he still softens his tone and manners for her. It\'s not that he\'s in love or anything, it\'s just that he never really knw what to do with all the attention Carina\'s servants gave him after her death, and began to see why they did it. They thought him heartless, he realized he was. It haunted him, and he did his best to prove them all wrong by helping Irene. After awhile, he just got used to the idea of caring for her, and began to take the stand of protecting her from the cruel world that had spawned the like of Dag Gulbrand. To this day he still sees himself as a monster, and usually takes it out on Magnus.