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Valdis Ragnhild
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Full Name and Title: Valdis Ragnhild

Age: 25

Birthday: 1, April

Occupation: Ex-Mercenary, now a guard in Oberon. Also carves small wooden sculptures in her free time.

Religion: Talon - God of Death

Hair: Long blond hair, Valdis takes the best care of it she can. It\'s not that she\'s vain, it\'s that she likes being neat. Her hair reaches down to her waist, and she usually puts it into a single braid.

Eyes: Grey-blue eyes, although they seem cold, there\'s inner warmth to her gaze, a kindness she tries to mask.

Nose: Average looking, her nose is one of her favorite features. She calls it her "proof" that she isn\'t pretty, just average.

Lips: Full lips, usually turned into some sort of smirk or knowing smile. Are quick to frown though.

Skin Color: Pale, very lightly tanned. Unlike Sigvald, Valdis\' skin isn\'t weathed and worn, it\'s soft. Like her hair, she takes the best care of it she can.

Height: 5\'6"

Weight: 120 lbs. Most of her weight is sleek muscle. Very slender. Valdis prides herself on being a nimble fighter and not having to rely on a shield or armor to save her.

Physical Attractiveness: Is considered quite attractive, despite her claims that she\'s plain and not worth the trouble. Valdis is pretty and quite shapely.

Clothing, off duty: Wears a sleeveless, red tunic and tan pants tucked into stout boots with fur lining and trim. Has a studded leather vest, with fur trim at the throat and sleeves, and long, elbow-length leather gloves with fur trim and lining. The gloves, boots, and vest have all been stained a deep, dark red. Has several cloaks, one of wolf pelts (uses it as a blanket, and for hunting), a second of a light material dyed a dark green, and a third cloak of a heavy, oiled, black material to ward off rain. Usually wears the light cloak for casual wear and keeps the other cloaks packed away.

Clothing, guards: Typical guard uniform, of black pants and tunic, green coat, black boots and silvered helmet with green brush-crest.

Armor: Packed away in the Zirat\'s camp, Valdis also has thick, fire hardened leather armor. Dyed a glossy black, her cuirass has matching layered-spaulder, bracers, and greaves. She also has a helmet, worked steel with a long tail and split visor, all covered in the same dyed-leather, studded to keep the leather tightly over the steel.

Weapons and the Like: Keeps a carving knife and block of wood with her at all times in a small pack tossed over her shoulder, and wears a slender, slightly curved longsword on her hip that Magnus ordered specially from Dag. He had to pay full price, and it took months to make the quality blade. Valdis constantly reminds Dag that every piece he sells could be of such quality, but he only scowls over it. Valdis also keeps books with her at all times, tucked away in the pack with her knife and block of wood. She doesn\'t own many books, and has Magnus hold onto most of them. Pretty much all of her belongings are kept in that pack though. Spare clothes, an ivory brush, a small mirror, and a cleaning kit for her sword. Valdis rolls the wolf-pelt cloak up inside of the oiled, heavy cloak and ties the bundle under her pack.

Mother and Father: Is an orphan. Was named by the person who found her, and later got her last name from David and Carina when they took her in. They gave her a family name to call her own, but they were always family to her.

Siblings: Has no siblings. Magnus has taken her in as a sister. Valdis mothers him more than anything, despite the fact that he\'s over ten years her senior. Valdis is also very close to Dagrun Naess. Valdis considers Dagrun and her sister Rakel both to be as close as sisters. Dagrun was one of Irene Gulbrand\'s bodyguards at home in Norway, while Rakel took up the work of a merchant guard so she could travel.

Childhood: She has vague memories of the first few years of her life, but at the age of four or so she was found wandering in the woods, bruised and bloodied. When people went to check her home, they found her parents slaughtered and the house burned to the ground. As the family was relatively new to the area, no one had learned Valdis\' name, or really spoken to her parents, so she was given the name of Valdis. Soldiers took her in to raise her, something the village always found peculiar but were too afraid to question. Valdis was constantly beaten, and abused. Since they were stationed in a remote area, even their commander decided there was no harm in it. Eventually, she grew older and stronger by the things she was put through and lashed out, killing one of the soldiers. She considers that the day her childhood ended, at the tender age of twelve. She kept the knife she used to kill the soldier, and still uses it to carve small sculptures. David and Carina took her in after she ran from the soldiers, finally old enough to live out in the wild and elude them.

Education: From the moment she was found an orphan, to the first trip she went on with David Gulbrand, Valdis only knew the talk and teachings of soldiers. Even when she finally escaped them, she continued studying combat with Magnus and his tutors. Valdis learned little on her trips with David, and paid little attention to the people. She carved little figurines and objects as the men conducted business, or spoke with Magnus.

Natural Talents: Carving little figurines out of wood. Likes carving animals and people she sees. Is quite talented at it. Also has a spark for fighting.

Hobbies: Spends most of her time carving, or reading books Magnus buys for her. Now that she understands some of the basics of reading, she finds it fascinating, and spends days trying to figure out new words.

Personality: Tries to put on a tough-girl act, with cold looks and a commanding demeanor. Deep down, she just wants to laugh and play like a little girl. Is still troubled by the things done to her as a child, and the cold looks she puts on around soldiers are to mask the fury that wells up in her. Doesn\'t display anger and sadness so well, usually just puts on a blank, or grim look.