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Julius blinked again, trying to figure out what had just happened, before guilt hit him like a tidal wave. Flushing with shame and more than a little anger at both his actions and Galen\'s, he stepped back, wanting to put as much distance between himself and the doctor as possible. Ignoring the stinging of his knuckles, he retreated back into himself, struggling to hold onto the calm and patience that he\'d been forced to learn during the years of his travelling. He didn\'t want to revert back to that sort of violence, and sorely regretted raising a hand against the doctor. It was always so much harder with people so close to home, though. And the arrogant expression on the other man\'s face made that old demon claw at the inside of his chest.

Watching as the doctor backed away, Julius bit the inside of his lip hard in the attempt to control his emotions. Realizing that it was hopeless- there was a certain satisfaction about hitting the other man, even if it was largely clouded with guilt- his expression then hardened, ignoring the mutterings of the market place around the both of them.

“I\'m not the one running away, doctor,” he said coldly, the twisting shame mixing in with the fury in his chest, making his lungs feel as if someone had reached inside him, constricting his airflow. “And you\'re not fooling anyone with your talk of consent. I wasn\'t joking about Dee. If you come anywhere near him again, I\'ll have you in front of the King\'s Guard.”


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Re: A New Page
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Galen was beginning to realize that Julius wasn’t going to listen to him at all. He had come with a story in his mind, and that story wasn’t going to be changed. The doctor rubbed the swelling bump on the side of his head. He hoped it wouldn’t stay there long. Not taking his eyes off Julius, he listened to the other. It was obvious by Julius’s tone that the knight was having a hard time not getting in another punch.

The mention of running away made Galen’s pride twinge a little but his logic merely brushed it off. Of course he was running away, he wasn’t about to get murdered by some crazy jealous knight in the marketplace. He shrugged lightly before hearing the retort about consent. And then came the threat.

Galen stared with wide eyes at Julius before his gaze darted over the crowd before returning to Julius. He took a cautious step back forward. Galen thought it was interesting, he had never been restrained or threatened in such a way before. It seemed meeting Dee in the stables had brought a lot of new events in his life than he had expected. The doctor was also ready however to dart back into the crowd if need be. He did not need any more bruises on his body.