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Name: Brianna
Age [appearance]:25
Age [actual]: 960 yrs
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire

Languages: Brianna can speak many languages because her job. She is required to travel outside of the city and even outside of the country. Although she doesn't know every single language in the world she has acquired quite a collection many over the years.

Permissions Given In Reasonable Role-play:
Feeding - No
Killing - Yes
Wounding/Cursing - No
No= You don\'t need to ask
Yes= Yes you need to ask before hand.
Hair: Her hair is a dirty blond color that is cut very short but her bangs are longer in the front. Her hair is smooth and silky to the touch and smells like fresh kiwi from the soap she uses. Sometimes she will style her hair but only on special occasions.
Eyes: Her eyes are a blackish-brown color and are usually lined with eye liner. Her eye liner gives her eyes an intense look that intimidates most people when she gives them the right look. Her lashes are long and silkily looking giving her that bold look.
Her eyes are also warm and welcoming many people have gotten lost in her unique eyes. They are almond shaped which compliment her face.
Frame: The frame of her body is sleek but has a muscular look to it; showing people that she is a worthy fighter and is not to be messed with. She works out almost everyday keeping her body in shape and also keeping her mind in a sheer focus as she practices telepathy daily. She is very graceful in her movements like she is almost floating from one place to another. She is 5 feet and 9 inches tall.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: She wears a ring that was given to her by her sire; Freya, when she left the clan. The band has a golden-metallic look to it and what seems to be an obsidian stone set in the middle, melted within the stone is a symbol long lost to the human race. The symbol flickers back and forth from one color to the next, legend has it that the ring holds an untold power from long ago.

She also has a long horizontal scar across her stomach it has faded over time but is still visible. She doesn't see it as a blemish on her skin but a sign that she is a strong fighter to survive such and attack.
She also once had a small red tattoo on the side of her neck that marked her as part of the Oligarchy. It was removed once she was fired from the Oligarchy by Kerr Galvin.

Brianna is a very strong willed person with a bit of a temper but knows how to keep it in check. When she does let it loose, it’s for a very good reason. If you\'re six feet at the start of her temper, you’ll feel like two feet when she’s done with you. She is not afraid to put in her two cents even if it offends some people. Brianna will fiercely protect anything that is precious to her, and shows extreme loyalty and trust to the few friends that she does trust. However, if she is ever double-crossed or betray by someone she truly trusts, it usually results in death.
Many people do not know just by looking at her that she has a high intelligence and once you start talking to her it is quite clear that she not just a brawler she has brains too. Higher than most people believe when she does reveal the magical number she keeps so secret. She is also very clever and can come up with comprehensive actions and plans in the tightest situations. When problematic situations present themselves, Brianna becomes determined to solve them. She tries not to solve them with violence but with reasonable conversation; if that does not work and she feels her life is on the line or others that she cares about are in danger, she will kill without hesitation.
But beyond Brianna's tough appearance there is a softer side that many never see and are often shocked too see this, she is a caring person and kind person who takes the time to help others even if if it\'s something that can be simply solved. She also takes the time to listen when others think that it is not worth their time. She is also has a lot of patience which is why she is slow to anger. She also likes to give helpful advice if people are willing to listen. She also has a lovely sense of humor, although sometimes it might become dark and crude.

(1030 to 1048 C.E.)
Brianna doesn’t remember much about her the early years of her life, as bits and pieces have faded out of her memory since she has lived for so long; she knows that she came from a loving family. Her father was a famous swordsman and her mother was a rich noble, she was highly educated in the laws of good by her mother and her father. She loved the outdoors and would rather be with her father than stuck in a kitchen cooking or cleaning with her mother. Against her mother\'s wishes, she took up horse back riding with her father and was taught how to defend herself with her hands and with a dagger. She was loved by her father very much and he even told her that she was like a son to him. She kept these words very close to her heart.
When she was fourteen her house and fields were set on fire. Her father stayed back so that he could give his wife and daughter a chance to escape but he died trying to save their lives. As they rushed through the forests in the middle of the night, she could hear \'them\' catching up and her mother hid her, telling her to stay no matter what happened. She saw her mother raped, tortured and killed, she saw the face of the man that ordered her mother to undergo such torture and it was a face she would never forget. She cried for hours on end, losing the only two people that mattered to her. She buried her mother and, in the daylight, went back to look for her father but she couldn't find his body in the wreckage of her house. All she did find were his dagger and broken sword away from the house. She took the dagger but left the sword and never returned.

(1038 to 1238 C.E.)
She wandered through the countryside trying to find those who had killed her parents for four years; it was the only thing that kept her going through those hard and hurtful years. She had become strong in body and mind, closing herself off from society. Once she did locate the man she sneaked into his tent; he had been drinking heavily for hours that night. After his drunken stagger to his bed, she slit his tent open after he passed out   

tried to slit his throat, there was a struggle and she was viciously stabbed in the belly by a long tail but succeeded in her goal. She fled the tent running as fast as her legs could carry her. Once she was out of earshot of them she leaned against the tree, slowly dying. Her eyes drifted closed even though she could hear someone approaching her and felt a sharp pain in her neck. She felt the blood draining more quickly out of her and thought she was dying faster... until a wrist was pressed against her lips and she began drinking blood. She did die... but somehow was brought back to life.
What Brianna did not know was that she was being watched the whole time, and it was only when Freya - a female vampire - took pity on her and decided that a human with so much determination in her should not die, that she was turned into the undead. At first she was angry at the woman as she wanted to die, to see her mother and father in heaven and tried to escape her fate, but slowly she warmed up to the woman and accepted what she now was a vampire. She learned she has two brothers and a sister, much older than Brianna for she was the youngest in the family now. Her one brother and sister was already ancients the other brother was just shy of being an ancient.
For years she was trained hard in ways of the vampires. Her sire called her a guardian, a protector of life. She was given a ring that was once worn by another but he later died and the ring was returned to Freya. It was said to hold an ancient power, one that hasn’t been unlocked for ages.

She and her sire became very close and stayed that way even after her basic training was complete. They stayed good friends for almost two hundred years, and then Brianna decided that she would go her own way, leaving her mentor and friend. Freya gave her a ring so as to remember where she came from and what she was taught. On that final day she told Brianna why she had turned her; it was because she was pure in heart and soul.
Freya looked her face one last time as she knew it would be last time she saw Brianna for quite some time. Brianna so young wanted to see the world her sire understood that Brianna’s heart for adventure and danger couldn’t be denied. She left to start an adventure on her own an adventure that begins when she turns 200. She left her sire and long before she ever became a spy for the Oligarchy. Good memories that she could never forget. She remembers her first adventure was a long hike.

(1200 -1400 C.E.)

She remembers mountains, big vast mountains that pierced the clouds they were so high and the snow she had never seen such a white of a snow. There were caves and caverns within the mountains that a person could travel from one side of a mountain to the next. To Brianna to find such a place was sheer luck and here she remained for years exploring the caves and caverns and always in solitude. It was here she would test herself against the elements. Blizzards and whiteouts that ripped within the mountains, as well as the shortage of food in which tested her inner strength and her mind. Brianna ventured out many times within the few calm nights within the mountain to search for blood only this time she didn’t expect company, dangerous company.
Dressing in all white and carrying a white bag with many jars and a brown colored cloak in case she needed to hunt from above in the caves. She ventured out and looked up only to be shocked to see that stars and the moon and she knew it would be a good hunting night. She set off slowly traveling about two miles before she could smell blood. She crouched and wadded through the snow only to find a herd of rocky mountain goats, prey that was easy enough. Closing in she burst forward grabbing a ram and breaking its neck she smiled an easy kill as she drank her fill before she started to fill the jars only to hear a wolf howl. Greedy things she thought as she continued to fill up the jars. Only until the wolf howled again, it was distance but it was but wasn’t a wolf.
Thrill now turned into fear, she started filling the jars more quickly slicing arteries with carelessness as she tried to fill at least three large jars. Another howl and more fear but she wasn’t about to leave her prize, for what seemed forever she shoved them in her pack. Now running a howl so near she had to look, her eyes became wide and a werewolf stood and two more appeared. Looking back while running she knew she couldn’t stop and the werewolves charged. Her heart in over 400 years now beat in her chest as she sprinted for her very life.
She could hear there paws thunder within the snow, there breathing hard and labored as they gave chase; cursing as she sprinted over the snow with extreme ease. The savages had a long way to catch up but one stumble for Brianna could defiantly ruin her lead on the beasts. Looking back and forth for a cave to escape she found none. Then the winds started to pick up which worried Brianna if a blizzard pick up or even a white out before she found safety she would surely get lost. The werewolves where closing in and she watched as the wind picked up suddenly as she watched the whiteout appear before her, frantic she saw an opening but she was doubtful she could make in before the storm hit. Seconds before the winds hit and then the snow she dashed upwards and slipped inside. Sighing relief she traveled far into the cavern.
After that day she decided to become the ultimate hunter, and for over two hundred years she remained where she toyed with the beasts setting traps for them and playing cat and mouse games while learning their weakness and how to kill them. She became extremely fit and honed her skills as a shape shifter but after a while she grew bored and decided it was time to move on in which in the middle of the night she left her little playground only to discover a new one. One that would be one day is forcefully taken away.

(1400-1800 C.E.)

She traveled to a small village deep within the remote areas of the world, where darkness fell quickly and the light seemed not to exist except for a mere eight hours a day. At first they didn’t accept her and she remained on the outside of the village for almost twenty years before she ventured into the village not once did they shout or throw rocks they merely let her pass through. Over time they accepted her and she got a small time job making weapons in the local smith shop at night. She became close to a smiths son, at first he was scared of her and would jump almost every time she moved. In the course of a year they became good friends.
He was young and quite intelligent; he was also kind and considerate with his words and thoughts. She started to get feeling for him but she kept them secret. For she knew she could never reveal what she was for no one would understand and if found she would be more than likely killed. But the feelings wouldn’t go away and although she was desperate she remained tight lipped until the day he started to have feelings for Brianna almost four years later. At first she passed it off as him being friendly until one night something happened she couldn’t expect.
She was working on an intricate piece of metal it was extremely hot within the building, the warmth on her skin felt so inviting that she wasn’t paying attention to his actions. She turned to place the metal in the water almost dropping it as she saw his upper part naked. His eyes met hers and she thought she felt a lump in her throat. He walked a few steps and stood before her before placing a hand on her face; she panicked and ran from him. She left him standing there confused, she didn’t return until the next night for she had to face him.
She walked and stood before him before she could speak and he said the words vampire, she stood in shock not knowing whether to run or stay where she was standing. He turned to face her said he had feelings for her and knew in the first year she wasn’t human. He noticed that not once did Brianna sweat and Brianna knew he was right, she stepped forward and kissed him for she was no longer afraid. Their love was kept a secret for many years until they decided to leave, for years they cared for each other. Until he asked the ultimate question for he wanted to become like her, at first she refused but over time she accepted the fact she loved him and she didn’t want him to die.
On a calm night she turned him, their love grew over time. For almost four hundred years she remained his wife and they even decided to sired a child together on their travels. Her family was nearly complete but one day it would all be taken away. She lay with her husband as their son practiced his sword techniques, they were ambushed. Her son was killed first in front her and her husbands eyes, Brianna’s enemies had finally caught up to her after so many years. She fought valiantly but her son had fell first then her husband, sadly they both didn’t make it through the fight; two casualties that her hit her with a hard blow emotionally and physically.

She cried over her lovers body and over their only son to carry on the blood line, she made an altar for them and tearfully sang to the gods and goddess for a place in the afterlife. She felt lost she knew more than one piece of her had died in a single night. She could never feel her legacy through the bond they all shared, she tried to reach out but it only made it more clear that they were both actually gone. When the sun rose she took cover in a dark hole and slowly her mind began to succumb to insanity; she had lost control and she remained hidden for many years.

(1800 – Now)

After she showed up in the United States, her psychological trauma still fresh within her mind. She needed to save lives, to prevent what had happened to her own family the \'voices\' said in her head. She wandered the states; searching for a purpose. A place that she could call home and where she could ultimately; start over.

She had found her city, at first she seemed to improve. The voices were fading slowly; that was until the \'horrific deaths\'  Certain acts had been done in the city that caused Brianna’s mental state to become once again unstable. It caused her to lose control, she needed to be controlled and the rumors in the city was an organization was forming. 

She joined the Oligarchy when it began; is still unknown as to how she joined the Oligarchy and no one will speak of it. Only a select few of people know how she became a Spy in the Oligarchy including Halen (now dead).
She hopes a new adventure awaits her here; she has been recently fired from the Oligarchy which seems hasn't affected Brianna at least not yet. She has found Digital at last and has been asked to join the \'Prophets of Bingo.\'
Awareness of Supernaturals: She is very aware of super-natural’s being alive for nine hundred and fifty years. She has knowledge of vampires, werewolves, demons, shape shifters and fae thanks and she can pick them out almost immediately in that order.
Occupation/Job: She was once an Oligarchy Spy but currently she is now a Free Lancing Spy. Taking whatever payment that will help those in the city. Although her first obligation is too protect the city and it\'s precious life that resides within. Now she remains hidden in the ‘under’ underground with Digital and his followers.
Interesting Facts / Quirks:
*She has been playing the violin since it first was invented. She also loves to sing and has the most beautiful voice; she also composes her own lyrics and music for her violin.
* She also just recently is searching for a worthy Human to become her Fledgling. She is looking within the city as she knows she will find one here.
* She also has a heart that is located on right side of her chest instead of the left. It\'s a congenital birth defect which would have surely killed her at the age of forty. Her mother started to show signs but was killed and she doesn't know of this as she has never been to a doctor.
*In her whole vampire life-span she has made only two fledglings; one her husband of 400 years and their 200 year old son. Sadly, they were later killed by her enemies in a massive ambush. These deaths took a hard toll on Brianna and to this day she still feels responsible for their untimely deaths. She will not speak of this openly to just anyone and will be infuriated when it’s brought up at the wrong moment.

Practicing her vampire abilities as well as her violin in which she is a master at playing. She is also very talented at singing and if her mood is right you might catch her singing in her rare moments.
She also practices her stealth abilities as well as her own vampire abilities. She also reads to increase her knowledge and she is always carrying an all black dirk that is buckled to her belt on her left hip. She can wield it with lighting speed and deadly precision and it has a perfect balance for her hands. It\'s kept very sharp at all times and has an unusual resistance to heat.
Likes: Moonless nights, weaponry, books, all sorts of music, a good glass of blood, Playing her violin, Hanging out at Risk, taking long walks through the city, Getting away from the city, The Brazilian Quarter, and has a soft spot for children.
Dislikes: Sunlight, back-stabbers, people who think they know everything, People who think she is weak, stupid people, people who are rude and show no respect.
Strength: She is a great fighter due to her vampire abilities and is trained in a wide variety of weapons and in the fighting arts. She is extremely quick and light on her feet; also a quick thinker in sticky situations. She is a great ally and will give counsel in times of need and will fight for those she knows have been wronged. She is also patient and a willing teacher and when it comes to knowledge she takes pride in knowing she has that information to share. Many do not know that Brianna has a very high intelligence which is why her mental abilities are beyond the comprehensions of most people .
Weakness/Flaw: Brianna can be arrogant, unbending and sarcastic at times. Sometimes this is not such a good thing, she also loses her temper some days due to stress or if she is not having a good day. But this occurrence is rare. She also has a tendency to protect those that are younger than her age, which many find annoying and rude. She also uses humor when she gets very defensive and not in a good way either.
Anything Else to Add:
*She is still bound by some of the old vampire ways such as talking and if that doesn\'t work she as fights with a sword and not guns as she see that as a cowards way out when settling a dispute between two vampires.
Vampire Abilities: (Under Development Coming Soon)

*Telepathy (Includes Telekinesis and Levitation):
* Dominance:
* Shape-shifting:

Brianna in a Working Mood
Brianna In A Casual Mood