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Sigvald Haraldur
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Full Name and Title: Sigvald Haraldur

Age: 43

Birthday: 19, August

Occupation: Sigvald is running the farm that Dag purchased and put in Sigvald\'s name. The seasons are hard to adjust to, but stock from Norway is keeping things going until the farm is more stable. Selling the imported fruits and vegetables from Norway when not using them for seed has gained Sigvald some pocket change, but it doesn\'t last long. Pleas still come from the Haraldur Estate in Norway for Sigvald to return and help the family there with their own farms.

Religion: Adora, Goddess of Life

Hair: Silvery-blond hair, mostly grey now, cropped nearly to the scalp with a knife. Has a thick grey beard with a streak of blond left at the lip and a trimmed moustache he says "is finally suitable for eating with."

Eyes: Light, crystal blue eyes. His eyes are wide, and deep set.

Nose: Has a large, bold nose, bent slightly from a break.

Lips: Very plain, usually chapped. Hides them with a moustache and beard.

Skin Color: Is pale, but weathered. Rarely tans, but doesn\'t burn easily as weather and travel have toughened his skin and tightened it. Gives him a very gaunt, rough look to have skin drawn so tightly over his high cheek bones. His arms, cheeks, and nose have a red tinge to them from lingering wind burns.

Height: 6\'3"

Weight: 196 lbs. Has wide shoulders, and is thick with muscle. Has a bit of a large stomach, due to a- as he puts it, "love of eating things, dead or still kicking."

Physical Attractiveness: very few find him attractive. Back home, his deeds in battle would be enough to find him company, or a strong drink after a celebration. He doesn\'t care much for that sort of thing though. Along with his quiet, kind nature, he also finds that people should dedicate themselves to better causes than pursueing love and things of that lustful nature.

Clothing: Wears a simple wool tunic, dark pants and heavy boots lined with fur. Spent several years saving his coins to buy a fur cloak from Magnus, as he refused to take it as a gift. Also has leather gloves lined with fur, and a thick vest of wool. Has never really had the money for decent cloths though, and kind of prefers his cheap, dirty wool.

Weapons: Owns a few, but left them all back at the estate. As he\'s second in command of the Zirat, he\'s needed for command and rarely gets to partake in battle, but he doesn\'t like fighting anyways. He thinks killing is petty and life too precious. He is however, excellent with an axe.

Mother: Sigvald\'s mother, Lilja, was one of the servants hired by Magnus\' father, David. She spent most of her time cooking, or learning to sew from Magnus\' mother, Carina. After Lilja met Sigvald\'s father, she quickly married him and moved onto his nearby farm. She stopped working for Carina and David, but still came by occasionally to visit. Sigvald spent a lot of time with his father, but made sure to be around to help out Lilja as well. When Lilja went to visit Carina, Sigvald would go to study some of the books Magnus borrowed. Lilja died when Sigvald was nearing thirty.

Father: Jonas Haraldur is a simple farmer living near the Gulbrand estate. His father before him owned the farm, and his grandfather was the one who made it. After David settled down into being a merchant and the Gulbrand estate began to expand, Jonas made it his business to be the one they purchased food from. As a close friend, it was David who introduced him to Lilja. Jonas went on a number of David\'s merchant trips, to try and spread his own influence and sales on produce. Now in his late sixties, he\'s nearing his end but has joined his farm as a part of the Gulbrand estate, improving profits for both families by cutting out the middle prices and exchange. Never married again, after Lilja\'s death. Is hoping Sigvald will come back from Oberon someday to take up the farm business, and help out his brothers.

Siblings: Oskar and Sindri. Oskar is 41 and Sindri is 36. Oskar is large like Sigvald, and runs the farm with Jonas. Spends a lot of time hunting and selling pelts and meat to the community around them. Oskar is married, and Sindri was. Sindri\'s wife died from one of the troubling diseases that swept the land, and he hasn\'t remarried since. Jonas continues to chide him and tell him he\'ll only be young once. Nearing fourty, Sindri dissagrees. Sindi is no warrior, or hunter, and is of a very light build. He helps with the accounting and sales for the farm. Sigvald is very fond of his brothers, and wants to return one day to help them with the farm. Oskar has daughters: twins (21): Maria and Anna, and a son: Snorri (23).

Childhood: Was always busy. In his early days spent a lot of time playing, learning how to hunt, and meeting kids in the city. Even then, he had work to do. His chores picked up as he got older, and he lost more and more time for other things. On days where his father wasn\'t off on trips with David (they would take him with them) or his mother wasn\'t visiting Carina (he would usually be able to go along) he would spend the entire day from dawn to dusk working on the farm. Business trips happened once a month, visits to Carina once a month or two. When Lilja died, he simply had more time to work on the farm, until Magnus began his mercenary band and asked Sigvald to help with the organizing.

Education: Worked hard on the farm, learning strong ethics and building his personality and build. Also had an interesting blend of other teachings, on his travels with David as a helper, he learned a lot about people and their nature, and from the books Magnus collected and borrowed, he learned a lot on history so he could get a better understanding of things. Magnus also taught him a lot of the things his tutors had taught Magnus, things about battle, horse riding, etc.

Natural Talents: As far as natural talents goes, he says he has none. He tells everyone that his strengths in life are because of hard work, but that work ethic itself is one of his natural talents. Sigvald is also a natural leader, knowing how to command and organize things to best suit the work that needs to be done.

Hobbies: Likes to grow things, and plan for when he\'ll return to the Haraldur farm. He also likes reading, and Magnus is doing his best to further both their limited studies.

Personality: Is quiet, and withdrawn. When he does speak it is to be polite and kind, never doing anyone harm. Sigvald abhors hurting people. Deep down though, he resents the fact that he had to lose his mother, and doesn\'t understand the suffering in the world. Sigvald was present when David was killed, but was knocked out shortly after the battle began. He still feels guilty about it, thinking that if he had payed better attention he could have helped and perhaps David wouldn\'t have been killed. The was one of the few trips that Jonas didn\'t go, as he was sick and wanted Sigvald to go in his stead to sell more of their produce. Because of his guilt and resentment, he does have an ugly temper towards anyone who means to harm another or cheat someone.